Synagogue of Satan

Synagogue of Satan

I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and bow down before your feet, and they will learn that I have loved you. (Rev 3:9)

Many have tried to explain who may well be these false Jews of whom YHWH is talking to John. This sentence is undoubtably one of the most common tools used by anti-Semites to try to discredit the election of the Jewish people. Many are unsettled by such a visibly violent statement and remain in shock, failing to discern its meaning. Here we will see in a very simple way who will be, or rather who already are, those who fall into this category of false Jews, who are the members of Satan’s synagogue. Like all other matters related to the Holy Scriptures, one should not complicate things that are written very simply. It is useless to philosophize too much on the issue. After all, the revealed Word of YHWH is made for everyone, so that all humans understand it regardless of their level of study and IQ. People who are too intelligent, or who try to appear so, often tend to deflect extremely simple truths by dint of chattering too much about the subjects they are discussing. The Word of the Lord being universal, is also addressed to simple people. So instead of unnecessary explanations, let’s go back to the plain text itself. What does it want to express? Quite simply, there are Jews among us who count as such, but who are not. These ones are serving the devil full stop. Belonging to such a “synagogue” does not in itself mean that they are automatically the children of damnation. For the most part, these are deceived people who will hopefully repent of their mistake in time. It is always the minority that acts by demonic nature and innate depravity, these ones deceive and drag with them many souls whose fate has not yet been decided in order to tear them away in their loss.

Traditional Christian interpretation

The most common view of Christianity is that the synagogue of Satan is simply the Jews of today who, since the rejection of the Messiah in Jesus of Nazareth, just switched to the worship of Satan. This reasoning may seem logical and understandable somewhere, for it is true that by definition anyone who denies Christ is under the rule of Satan. Jesus himself tells the Pharisees that their father is Satan, so what else to think? However, the Pharisees he was addressing were that category of demoniacs I just mentioned who deceived much of the People of the day. This great part of the People who had been deceived by wicked spiritual leaders, as well as their descendants, did not suffer rejection from Elohim, but rather were put into a kind of quarantine until the time of the Nations is fulfilled. The priests of the day were already in this category of Satan’s synagogue, but this was not the case with the average Jew, the people who were deceived by their corrupt spiritual leaders. It is certainly beneficial to be Jewish, as Paul said because, for a time, they enjoy special protection from Satan’s power despite Yeshua’s momentary rejection. YHWH provides every unredeemed and unsaved human with some level of protection for otherwise life could not persist in a world mainly ruled by the evil. But this protection is all the more present in the case of the originally chosen people as the Covenant of mount Sinai is still valid today.

Traditional anti-Semitic interpretation

Unbelieving anti-Semites do mainly have the same vision on the topic as the anti-Semitic Christians. They also defend the thesis of the illegitimacy of the state of Israel by, among other things, advancing the Khazarian thesis and other theories of conspiracies aimed at and accusing the entire Jewish community unilaterally. And although a lot of their criticism is based on undeniable facts, the bad news for them is that their arguments are true only for a very restricted part of the Jewish population. These worldly anti-Semites are typically those who generally refute the Word of the Lord revealed in the Bible as well as the shed blood of the Savior, but who nevertheless allow themselves to refer to the Bible and extract sentences from it out of context when these seem to support their ideas.

The essence of these two forms of anti-Semitism is the desire to take the place of the Jews as the Chosen People. Does not their false election also make them false Jews and thus do they not also fall into the category of Satan’s synagogue? They often claim it themselves : “we are the true Jews, the Jews in heart or in spirit!” Also note that Satan’s Synagogue rhymes with SS.

Interpretation of Christians, friends of Jews

Another extreme is when the Jewish People becomes such an idol that some Christians go so far as to convert to that Judaism which persists in always denying the Messiah in Yeshua. Many go as far as to believe that acquiring Jewish identity is a greater token of salvation than the very Blood shed by Yeshua. They never talk about the subject of Satan’s synagogue, they avoid it because it questions a part of this people they love so much. Many are those among them that can be listed in this category, even if they are not doing it consciously. Indeed, no matter how much they wear the mask of Christ, if they start to serve any kind of antichrist powers, they cannot be part of any other type of synagogue. They do not work for the grafting of Christianity to the original olive tree, but assassinate them even more in spirit by placing them under the yoke of religiosity, of the superficiality of Judaic traditions and folklore, see even under the yoke of laws. They give out the title of Jew to all kinds of people who never had any Jewish ascendent, thus subjecting them to the lie of a false identity. They call themselves Jews, but they are not. It seems obvious that they also fall into this category.

There are even aberrant theories coming from people claiming to be Jews and Messianic at the same time and who go so far as to openly deny more and more facts which fundamentally define the person of Christ and his divine essence. Theories are expressed that refute the fact that the Messiah was born of a virgin and the action of the Holy Spirit, claiming that Joseph was the biological father of Jesus and that his conception was made in a natural way. They also deny that His death on the cross was a sacrifice and that the precious Blood of Christ would not have been shed for the forgiveness of our sins. Unfortunately, such demonic statements are being claimed in these days and here in our country (Hungary). Their hatred of Christianity, their badly lived identity and the inferiority complex that results from it, pushes them to always cry out louder and to say something always bigger in order to shock the spirits, to the point of falling in the trap of denying the very foundations of our faith. Their will to restore Christendom takes on such extreme proportions that they end up denying Christ and thus the Salvation that comes from it. It was of people like them that Paul wrote the following: But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under YHWH’s curse! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under YHWH’s curse! (Gal 1:8-9)

Chosen people

As explained in another teaching (Anti-Semitism and Anti-Christianity), what YHWH chooses is automatically chosen by the enemy as well. Yes, we can say that what our opponents are saying about us is quite true, the Jewish people is Satan’s chosen people. However, the context in which this statement is made is completely wrong. Because the Jewish people will always and above all remain the chosen people of YHWH. Satan elected the people of YHWH because as we know it well, he always tries to seize all that belongs to the Lord. Not only his throne, but also his servants, his subjects, his goods and all his possessions. Satan wants to expropriate all of humanity and within it, he pays special attention to anyone who has made a Covenant with the Eternal. The people he attacks most assiduously are the Jews on the one hand because of the Covenant at Sinai and the Church on the other hand because of the Covenant by the Blood of Christ.

Jews reinforcing conspiracy theories

The synagogue of Satan is also all those Jews of blood and origin who have become financial magnates, immensely rich bankers, people or rather entire dynasties who have abandoned their faith for centuries to serve the spirits of the world. These ones have no desire to return to live in Jerusalem and become full Jews again, but feel perfectly well within the babylo-roman exiles which rules they consider to be the real commandments to be followed and respected. Among them, we find those who go even further as to sell their souls on the altar of political ideologies or even masonic or utterly Satanic precepts. Many of them, despite being of Jewish origin, fight fiercely against all forms of religion and communalism under the pretext of a unique and individualistic global human race based on faith in sciences. So they are not only fighting Christendom, but Jewry and Israel as well. And when they are unable to thwart YHWH’s will to see his people return to the Holy Land, failing to destroy the Jewish state, they try to interfere and keep a grip in its functioning. This is how we can understand the links between zionism and freemasonry. Israel is thus brought to its knees by world powers forcing it to submit through political, military or economic pressure. This is why Israel behaves like a prostitute living at the expense of its clients and pimps.

Religious Jews

We also find individuals who are members of the synagogue of satan within the religious Jewish community who attach themselves more and more than ever to the rejection of Jesus as the messiah. Those who are not satisfied with the study of their rabbinical rubbish and other talmudic traditions – something which at least has the advantage of keeping their Jewish identity alive – but who continue to despise and openly blaspheme the name of Yeshua with a level of rage which is in direct relation with the degree of remorse that their unconscious hides in the depths of themselves.

On the internet, we can hardly find any teachings of “rabbis” who manage to refrain from not mentioning the name of Jesus. Sooner or later they feel compelled to attack him to justify not accepting him as the messiah. If I was a psychologist, I would probably be more enthusiastic about the phenomenon. Indeed, science knows well this psychic mechanism when a fault commited in the past does not leave the sinner’s conscience quiet and the question is constantly on his mind. Although, I am a teacher and not a shrink. While I know there is some truth to this reasoning, unfortunately I have a much more pessimistic view of it.

Just as our Savior said to the pharisees and chief priests that they were sons of the devil (John 8:44), so I do also think that it is not the common man, whether he is a worldly or an Orthodox Jew who causes problems, but the spiritual leaders, the “rabbis” or “wise men” are always at the root of problems. The devil never allows anyone to fulfill such important positions, but will favor individuals “worthy of his trust,” those he deems sufficiently devoted to false rabbinical Judaism. It is to them that he will entrust the function of teachers of the people. They are thus also part of the synagogue of Satan, because they are responsible for the distorted teaching and the pitiful spiritual condition of the Jewish people. They are the ones who stoke the hatred against Yeshua among those who might not be particularly bothered by him at the base. These are those who lead the Jewish believers further and further away from Christ, and without whom many of the latter might have already recognized the true Messiah in Yeshua long ago. Although these false teachers are probably for the most part mere human souls, themselves deceived and to whom the Grace of Christ is still valid, some of them have their fates sealed in advance and have only appeared in a human body for the sake of sewing trouble, as it was the case with most of the pharisees and sadducees of the day, who knew exactly who they were facing. From our perspective, it doesn’t matter, we’re not the judges of that. Whether they are part of one or the other category, the bottom line is that these people have nothing to teach us and we have nothing to learn from them. Listening to them would bring us nothing, quite the contrary.

To simplify, we can say that are members of the synagogue of satan all the Jews who still continue to shout today as the crowd did before Pilate in the past: “Crucify him!” “, and again:” We want Barabas!

No matter how much Christianity, in the name of Christ and crucifix in hand is responsible for the death and persecution of our ancestors, the Jew who today still continues to consciously rebel against the Yeshua’s messianity can only be considered as still being part of the synagogue of satan.

Among the Jews, however, many prefer to remain silent. Their wisdom compels them to say nothing that they might one day regret if they would turn out to have been wrong. These are like Gamaliel who warned the magistrates to consider carefully the decision they were about to take against the first disciples. For if it turns out that the thing is from YHWH, they would pass for rebels before the Most High, but if the thing is not from Him, sooner or later it will disappear by itself. (Acts 5: 34-39). I dare think that today the vast majority of Jews fall into this category. The one of those who prefer to wait and remain silent. They do not judge Yeshua although they would have every reason to do so in view of what Christendom has made them endure in his name over the centuries. They constitute this famous remnant which will be grafted again into the root of the original olive tree, according to the promise. Until then, they are allowed to stay lukewarm in order to prevent them from falling into the much greater sin of blasphemy and rebellion.

Non-religious Jews

The vast majority of Jews today and especially Israelis believe in Elohim, but did not follow any religious movements. They refuse any form of orthodoxy and practice their faith in a free way, going to synagogues only on major feasts at most. These people respect the rabbinical teachings, because they cannot yet discern right from wrong, but only submit to it to the extent that their common sense allows them. These Jews are like those mentioned above, they do not consciously side with what is against Christ. These Jews are excessively tolerant and therefore do not attack Yeshua, but respect him in the same way as they have respect for any prophets of other religions. They are also part of the lukewarm rest which has the advantage of being already largely purified of rabbinical deviations.

Last temple on earth

The most visible and obvious synagogue of Satan that will appear physically in the world is this temple in Jerusalem, which Jews will soon rebuild. This famous third temple where all the tools and ornaments are yet ready and where the future priests of the antichrist are only waiting for the moment when they will be able to present animal sacrifices again as in the past. The resumption of the sacrifices is unquestionably an act of rebellion against the Lamb of YHWH. For in Golgotha ​​the ultimate and final sacrifice on the Cross was accomplished, thus forever abolishing the temple offerings which until then were only its foreshadowing. YHWH has made sure that his people rebellious against Christ will at least not fall into the sin of perpetuating the order of the sacrifices. So he let the Roman troops destroy the temple of the time, in order to put an end to the practice of the offerings. The Lord did not allow his people to commit this outrage even unconsciously.

There will be Jews who persist in supporting the antichrist even when it becomes evident to those who know the Scriptures that he is not the true Messiah. In the third temple, things will happen that will make it obvious to religious Jews that the antichrist is still not the long-awaited Messiah. He won’t be able to fool everyone. At that precise moment, a great disappointment will overwhelm the rest of the Jewish people, because initially themselves having believed that it was the right one. The enemy does not have absolute power. In this battle, the Lord holds infallible weapons able of protecting and convincing many. Among these weapons, his Word is undoubtedly the best protective shield.

One of these events will be the spiritual mix that will characterize the functioning of the last temple. Indeed, the priests already appointed to take over the order of sacrifices have said from the start that the next temple will not only stand for the Jews, but will be a sanctuary for all and for all religions. They will make their sacrifices in the presence of the pope, the dalai lama and other religious leaders with whom they will pray together for world peace. It will be the site of a true ecumenical circus which may not appeal to everyone. In addition, a statue will be erected there before which all knees will have to bow, according to the prophecy. The time when the faithful will have to leave the city without delay according to the warning. It is obvious that the orthodox puritans will not submit to such rituals and will go through a great spiritual crisis, for they will feel doubly deceived, once at the level of the third temple and once in the person of the Messiah. It will be out of this great confusion that the recognition of the true Messiah will come out.

That’s all, I have no deeper insight beyond what has just been quoted regarding the nature of this false synagogue mentioned in the book of Revelation. Maybe that’s it. But it may be even more complex. What seems certain to me is that the Jews mentioned above and serving foreign spirits under demonic yokes have indeed been with us for a very long time and can undoubtedly be listed into this category. Unmasking them becomes an increasingly urgent priority as the arrival of the false messiah draws near.

So these are Jews who are not. They keep the physical marks of it beneath their underpants at most, but their minds, their hearts and their spirits are far away from it. They are not Jews because according to the true laws of Moses, we consider Jewish only those who are both Jews in flesh and spirit. The two criteria are inseparable, if one is lacking, one cannot really speak of a Jew. The criterion of consanguinity is not sufficient in itself and vice versa. Only the spiritual connection to the divine makes a Jew by blood a true Israelite. Whether someone is simply not Jewish because having no ancestry and whether he wants it or not will never become a Jew in mind or in heart, or another will not become Jewish again until his heart is finally circumcised the same way as his penis.

Be careful not to damn a Jew faithful to YHWH, even if he is in the momentary error of rabbinical Judaism. Let us avoid judging anyone who is temporarily part of this evil synagogue, as this would be seen as a direct attack on the apple of the eyes of the Lord. Whoever curses a Jew will be cursed according to the promise made to Abraham. We must pray and work that as many as possible will escape. Who, as a foreigner or even as a younger son, dares to interfere in the Father’s judgment of his eldest son? If something is not our concern, let us be careful not to interfere lest we end up receiving the spanking that we so wished to see inflicted on the other!

The assembly of Satan

Satan does not only have a synagogue, but also a large number of Christian “churches”. Those who claim to be of Christ, but are not. Those who throw the veil on the true nature of the Savior with their institutional churches and their added laws or theologies in the same way as rabbinical Judaism blinds its followers who are still unable to recognize the Messiah. These are all those who are able to make idols of everything even of Jesus and not just by sculpting or painting his supposed image. Those whose false churches weaken and ruin the functioning of the one and true Church which is the Body of Christ.

Where are we personally?

Finally, the synagogue of Satan is all those who work, consciously or not, to discredit and destroy the people of Elohim. They are Jews, Christians and others alike, all having in common the desire to take the place of the chosen people. We can all fall into this error. The question is, are we going to realize in time how we need to urgently change our thinking, acting and our state of mind before it is too late? Membership in Satan’s synagogue does not automatically imply perdition. There is the possibility of breaking free from it, of getting out of it. But for that to happen, we have to unveil what it means, in order to free the captives. Revealing its nature is also essential so that all Christians who are pure in heart and do want to be grafted to Jewish roots do not fall into the trap of false Jewish teachings, whether traditional or messianic.

Basically, this devil’s synagogue symbolizes and brings together all those who persecute the true followers of Christ while themselves being persuaded to hold the ultimate truth.

What is certain is that there is not much time left before we are definitively fixed on the true nature of this mystery.

Zeev Shlomo / April 3, 2021

Jewish State and Zionism

Jewish State and Zionism

It has been a long time since Christians should not be taught and told anymore on why the Jewish state is legitimate in the light of the prophecies. Unfortunately, this is still necessary, because the false Christian doctrines which attempt to substitute for Israel in spirit represent such a proportion of the Christian world that one still cannot neglect these groups of people and we must continue to fight for their sake in order to open their eyes.

But among those who accept the prophecies, the question often arises as to what kind of prophecy allows a country visibly as depraved as the modern zionist state to still exist? How can we consider a State, which is one of the most atheistic and the most soiled by all sorts of sins to be the fulfillment of biblical prophecies in accordance with the will of the Almighty?

The question is indeed legitimate, and if we are in the Spirit and we look at Eretz, we quickly realize that no real feeling of spiritual cathartism is gaining our soul, on the contrary.

Who owns the Holy Land?

It is imperative to note that the sole owner of the Holy Land is YHWH himself and not the Jewish people, or more broadly, the Israelites, or any other people. This is the one piece of land where, from the beginning, the Lord of this world, Satan, has no right of disposal. And it pleased YHWH to have reserved this Land for the Chosen People from the beginning until the end of time. When from time to time, against his original will, he is forced to exile his disobedient sons, the country temporarily finds itself in the hands of other nations.


Tivadar Herzl, German-speaking journalist of Hungarian Jewish origin, born in the vicinity of the Great Synagogue on Dohàny Street in Budapest, but living in Vienna and working for a Viennese newspaper, was on assignment in Paris when the famous Dreyfus affair was taking place. He saw the officer Dreyfus, accused of treason, being stripped of his post and rank in public, when his sword was broken. Herzl was shocked when he saw a panting crowd gathered at the scene shouting, “Death to the Jew.” He was amazed that barely a century after the French revolution and the proclamation of the human rights, the French people were still at this level of primitivity. As it later turned out, the culprits were Dreyfus’s senior Christian French officers, and the French army’s secret documents were handed over to German officers through a Hungarian aristocrat, Count Eszterházy. They were the traitors who chose a Jew as their scapegoat. It was the vision of Dreyfus’s humiliation and the rage of the people that gave birth to the concept of the modern Jewish state in the mind of Tivadar Herzl in Paris at this precise moment in history. He realized that we need a country where we enjoy self-determination, where we can defend ourselves with arms and live in peace with one another.

Zionism, from Herzl to this day has always been traditionally atheistic and socialist. This is mainly an initiative coming from mostly assimilated and non-believing Jews who felt in this Europe of before the pogroms and the Holocaust that something very unhealthy was in preparation and that the time had come to leave and return to our ancestral homeland.

This eventually came to fruition a bit late in 1946, when the State of Israel was finally proclaimed.


Many know that the world’s greatest anti-Zionists are often Jews, and those who officially count as Jews by blood are fierce enemies of the Jewish state. (For example György (Georges) Soros (also Hungarian) – proclaimed persona non grata in Israel, undesirable person, being a supporter and declared financier of Arab terrorist groups. He was also used as a “detection dog” during his teenage years by the Nazis in Budapest under the war. He helped his Nazi masters to expropriate the valuables left in the apartments by the Jews who had been deported. See the interview videos on this subject available on youtube where he explains and confesses his past himself almost with pride.

There is another form of Jewish anti-Zionism which is not based on atheism, but on the contrary takes its roots in religious extremism. Here too, it is the Hungarian forms of Jewish orthodoxy that stands out from the crowd and which is the fiercest opponent to zionism. The Orthodox current of Szatmár (from the Hungarian region of the same name) fundamentally refuses to allow anyone to establish a Jewish state in the Holy Land. For them, only the Messiah has the power to bring the state of Israel back to life. Until then, no Jew has the right to do so. However, the return of the Jews to the Holy Land is, also according to them, authorized and even recommended. These ones work in favor of the prophecy of the return as well, but in a different way, completely neglecting the political and administrative side of the issue. They are the ones who enjoy the security system, military protection and social benefits of the zionist state, but who refuse to contribute to it, to work or to serve in the military. Or rather, it is their wives whom they send out to work for them, because a man naturally has to study the texts from morning to night. During this time, they expect their wives to go and earn their common bread, while managing to maintain a clean and decent household and to take care of their 5 to 13 children per family on average.

Szatmar orthodoxy is the most prevalent current in the world. They mainly inhabit the cities of Antwerp, New York and Jerusalem and are one of the main problem for zionists perhaps even more than the Palestinians themselves.

Within this orthodoxy developed the current of “neturei karta”, “defenders of the city” who do not limit themselves to peaceful resistance, but militate violently against the State of Israel. They are the ones who, dressed in Palestinian flags, are burning Israeli flags while themselves funding Arab terrorist groups that shed Jewish blood and often appear alongside the leaders of Israel’s main enemies. They are the ones who indirectly commit fratricide, thus violating a law much more fundamental than the one of the prohibition of establishing a Jewish state in place of the Messiah. These are vulgar murderers who according to our common laws, and their rabbinical ones at the same time, deserve immediate death by stoning. They are naturally all the more blind to this obvious fact, as their extreme talmudic delusions surpasses the average of those from the other religious movements.

An Orthodox worthy of the name and in harmony with himself, if there is one, only allows himself to profess his anti-zionist views in a downward and moderate manner. A Jew worthy of the name will never make a pact with the enemy and criticize his brothers in public or incite his hatred and destruction. And if he feels the urge to burn an Israeli flag, he will do it at home with his family behind the curtains and not in the streets before the eyes of the whole world.

Order / promise of return

This chaotic situation, where it is humanly very difficult to say who is right, must be seen from the point of view of the Lord. Because all of them are touching directly or indirectly fundamental truths coming from YHWH and most of the parties have a good excuse for their devia-zionist behavior.

According to the will of the Lord and following the destruction of the sanctuary, around 70, the Jewish people began the longest exile in its history which lasts to this day. However, according to the prophecies, the people must return to their original homeland before the return of the Messiah.

Here we have to do with a people who have fallen into two extremes. Some have abandoned the practice of their religion and are angry with their Creator for not understanding how He allowed them to suffer so much. They have often chosen to abandon their identity which they consider to be the source and the cause of all their troubles.

On the other hand, we find Jews who follow religious precepts to the letter. These precepts which may be based on the Torah, the revealed Word of YHWH, have been greatly deviated from it by a multitude of superfluous and human teachings. It is precisely these distorted teachings and precepts that constitute the veil which has come to cover their hearts and eyes and that prevents them from recognizing the Messiah in Yeshua. Among them, the persecutions and sufferings endured over the centuries only increased their religious fundamentalism in order to regain the sympathy of Elohim. Here we are talking about this slightly dumb brother who will study like a beast and be the top of the class to prove that he is the opposite. He is the community’s brainy, like the smurf wearing glasses in the Belgian cartoon, the one who even does what is not expected of him in order to please the papa smurf. It is he who will continue to wear a schtreimel and a very black kaftan (fur hat and long black tunic) even after having left his cold Russian steppes and having lived for a long time under the blazing sun of the Middle East. He is persuaded to do the right think by afflicting himself that way because this is what the great “wises” of Israel asked him to do 150 years earlier. And no one could enumerate the many absurdities which are still contained in the rabbinical literature. Nevertheless, his devotion remains touching, for he is so convinced that this is how he pleases the Father.

It is clear that none of the parties are no longer fulfilling the original role, identity and path that Elohim assigned them, especially since the Messiah was not recognized in Yeshua. Yet the promise, the commandment, the prophecy of the return to the Holy Land at some point is still valid, for the rejection of the People has never and will never occur (see Romans 11, if it is still necessary to draw attention to this).

Imagine a father being forced to kick his sons out of the house because they are unable to obey the rules. Then, before letting them go, he orders them to return home before sunset because danger is approaching. The sons may wander all day long, some of them going even further from the precepts of the father and others trying to guard them with increasingly delusional and unnecessary zeal. Neither really comes back to the Word of the Father, but both feel the danger of night coming and hurry to get back home. Which according to his own atheistic or fundamental religious motives and intentions, but the important thing is that they all come back. Even if they do not do so with proper repentance, the main thing is that they remain alive and safe from the dangers of the dark.

Israel, as a secular state, which in many ways is also influenced by antichrist forces, at least has the advantage of reuniting the flock before it gets lost for ever. Thus, the Eternal allows this gathering to take place temporarily under foreign flags, such as the socialist and atheist Zionism. So those who criticize the secularism of Israel rightly do so, but they simply have no vision that the return to Eretz could not happen otherwise in the case of many Jews. And instead of criticizing, you should rejoice, for lack of anything else, to at least see this law fulfilled, that of returning to the Promised Land. Those who accept Israel, on the other hand, often fall into the other extreme. These many times fall into the sin of idolatry of the Jew or that of the fulfillment of the prophecies. And even if they do not consciously accept the sins, they still tolerate them by casting the veil on the sins of Israel. Instead of remedying them by exposing sins, and by announcing the path of healing which is Christ, they simply remain silent. So this ostrich-like approach of the issue only makes the situation worse.

And the religious Jewish community will one day have to realize that most of their secular brethren did not give up their faith simply because of anti-Semitism. Many have been dissuaded from remaining in the faith because of the visibly human talmudic doctrines and laws which are inherently very foreign to the original Jewish mentality. A sober and reasonable Jew will never fall into orthodoxy and this is not a question of faith. Anyone who has any idea of ​​the things of the Lord will soon realize that rabbinical Judaism is filled with both intellectually and spiritually unacceptable doctrines, laws and demands! And since there is no other alternative to remaining Jewish, many prefer to go out into the wilderness of the world and use their talents to succeed in life and survive the best they can. Their goal will be to ensure the best possible education for their children so that they too can survive in a world which is completely alien and hostile to them. Money does not buy happiness, but is often a great help and a means of survival. This view is humanly understandable, and the leaders of the current Zionist state operate on this principle. As long as there is enough money and weapons, everything is fine. These are their idols, for now.

The Palestinian question

According to some, it seems that there are no Palestinian people today. But that is not the question. They might very well exist, better be the direct descendants of the ancient Philistines, than they would remain just as alien to the Holy Land as they were originally. The Philistines, their alleged ancestors, have themselves always been intruders and usurpers whose presence in the Holy Land and hostility to the Jews was a direct consequence of the sins of Israel. So I don’t really understand the debate and above all I don’t understand why no one preaches this fundamental truth instead of discussing and explaining historical things unnecessarily?

Or rather yes, the Palestinians have indeed existed since Roman times, when the desire of Rome of Israel to de-Judaize went so far as to rename the Holy Land, Palestine and the Jews who lived there, Palestinians. The 1930s encyclopedias defined Jewish settlers as Palestinians, and the accompanying flag of Palestine was essentially the same as today’s Israeli flag, white background with the blue Star of David in the middle. So, if you wish, the Palestinians still exist, that has been one of our nicknames for over 2,000 years.

But from the perspective of Arabs called Palestinians, it is the story of the Canaanites, not that of the Philistines, that is much more interesting. As it is clear from the story of Rahab at the time of the first conquest, that the former tenants of the Promised Land were also not very happy to see the Israelite people arrive . However, from Rahab’s words, we know that the Israelites’ arrival and intention to take possession of the land did not come upon them unexpectedly. The people heard of the arrival of the Jews and were afraid, as we read in Joshua 2: 9 : “I know that the LORD has given you this land and that a great fear of you has fallen on us, so that all who live in this country are melting in fear because of you.”

Many people still invest in real estate today. They buy flats in city centers while their children are still minors to allow them later to have a place to live and start their adult life. Until then, they rent their apartments to amortize their investment but also so that the property is maintained and does not lie fallow. The same sort of thing happens with the Holy Land.

Then the Lord spoke. He put on the hearts of the Canaanites that the time had come. They certainly did not get the message just when the time came, when the Jews were already surrounding Jericho, but their ancestors must have already been told deep down in their souls. Certainly all generations of Canaanites have always felt that this land was not theirs, but that they could use it for some time. They must have felt like foreigners from the start. Then, when the time came for the landlord to hand over the property to his own grown child, the tenants reacted in different ways and many of them rebelled.

Nothing has changed since. The Lord does not reject the Arabs. The promise of Hagar and Ishmael, to the extent that today’s Arabs are their descendants, is just as valid as the promises made to Israel. Remember that we are not a privileged people, but simply a chosen one. We have been selected, set aside for service, for the service of others, not the other way around. However, we also have the right to housing, the right to have a country somewhere in the world.

In a broader sense and in Christ, we also look forward to Arabs in the extended family, especially since we are also blood relatives. The Lord does not cruelly throw people into the streets. Most Canaanites must have settled further afield, where, having merged with the local population, their present descendants are part of the Arab world. They live, only elsewhere, differently, maybe better. In a place where they can truly feel at home. Perhaps today’s wealthy arabs living from petrol are precisely the descendants of these obedient ancient Canaanites who accepted to leave the country. Who knows?

The Arab group known as Palestinian from the 1940s to the present day, having inhabited the Holy Land for the past few centuries, would also certainly have received a new home, if they had obeyed. But ultimately even those who left to settle in Jordan continue to claim their rights in the Holy Land and are only waiting for the green light from the states of the world to regain possession of what they believe to be theirs.

Thus, they put themselves under a terrible curse and are in great danger because of their perseverance not to return what is not theirs. The feelings of forgiveness and resignation must be sown in them, and the conviction that if YHWH takes something away, he always gives something else instead, something much better.

There is no doubt that the Spirit of YHWH has walked before Jewish settlers from the late 19th century until the founding of the state in 1946 and to the present day. Thus, the ethnic groups who lives there, like the Canaanites of the time, were given the ultimatum to return the country and pass it, not to the Jews, but to its sole rightful owner, YHWH who wanted it to serve as a home for the Jewish people.

Elohim has no intention of throwing, sweeping up anyone. He could have blessed this people who cause so much troubles in the world and given them a new homeland. If they had obeyed, they would have recovered abundantly elsewhere what they have lost here. The time has come and the Jew must return home for the prophecies of the gathering to be fulfilled in preparation for Christ’s return. Anyone who fights against this project puts himself in danger of death.

The Israeli army, on the other hand, did not seize the opportunity 40 or 50 years ago, when it would not have bothered anyone in the world, except the Arabs themselves, to expel all Arabs from the territory of Israel while there was still time. Today, the world expects us to ask their forgiveness for everything, almost even when we happen to manage avoiding their stabs. Taking up arms against them after years of provocation and missiles fired against the Jews has become a sacrilege that most nations condemn. Those nations that have become so insanely blind. This is where we are today!

However, I do not deny that some Arabs are sometimes subjected to inappropriate treatment. After all, in a situation of war, anyone can go wild any time and an Israeli soldier can behave in inhuman ways too. However, this does not excuse the illegitimate presence and rebellious attitude of the Arabs in the territory, so that the subsequent excesses of the Jewish soldiers, while often reprehensible, do not justify their alleged rights.

Furthermore, one who incessantly provokes should not be surprised at a defensive response in return. Pointing fingers after lighting the fire is a particularly vile and cynical behavior. Moreover, a humanity whose mind is based on an excessive and disproportionate humanism, will never understand how the one who is visibly stronger can be right in the face of the one who seems utterly helpless.

Elohim would have blessed them in abundance elsewhere, where the Arabs already live somewhere in the millions of square kilometers that represent the Arab world. If my sentence makes you smile, check for yourself: 13,150,000 km² (8,171,000 sq mi), area of ​​the Arab world from Morocco to the Iranian border, from the Mediterranean coasts to the border of black Africa. Some would say that much of this land is uninhabitable desert? Whose fault is it? The Holy Land was also dust bowl before the Jews arrived. They almost miraculously turned much of the region into a thriving oasis. With an appropriate lifestyle and a willingness to work and not just go out to graze the goats and sheeps which will eventually digest until the last blade of grass, man is able to restore and maintain a healthy and green environment.

I think it is useless to discuss the petty and greedy character of this spirit which stubbornly refuses this small parcel of land of insignificant size to a people who have nowhere to go for 2000 years and who stupidly protects a so-called disadvantaged minority. The present land area of Israel is 21,000 km². Here live 6 million Jews and 3 million Arabs. Knowing that the number of official Jews still dispersed in the world is 12 million additional souls, not counting the descendants of the lost tribes not yet gathered or the lost members of the tribe of Judah who are assimilated and whose gathering is also ongoing, when a large-scale reunification according to biblical promises will finally occur, we risk feeling more like sardines in a can than Jews on a Promised Land. In such a case, the Arabs who still insist on staying will finally flee if only because of the smell.

False Jews and real Khazars or vice versa

Our basic right to the Land stems from the fact that we consider ourselves to be the descendants of Jacob, primarily his sons Judah and Benjamin. However, according to some theories, the Jewish mass of central Europe is not from Jacob, but descends from the Khazars who converted to Judaism. In another article, I will expand on this topic in a little more detail. But very briefly, there are three possibilities, none of which can be excluded. The first is that the theory is wrong and that we all come from Jacob. The other is that only the ruling Khazar class converted to Judaism, as many Jewish and non-Jewish historians claim.

The third case, often accepted by Jews themselves – historians and geneticists, is that the theory is absolutely correct and that the Jews of Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, right up to the Urals mountains are largely the descendants of these proselyte Khazars.

And here, generally we stop reasoning. Suddenly, the challenged Jews remain silent and prefer to turn the page and not to examine this delicate subject in more depth.

However, the territory of the ancient Khazars lies a few hundred kilometers northeast of the Kingdom of Israel. What a coincidence! This is indeed the exact direction in which the 10 tribes were deported. It is always very suspicious when someone feels such a deep attraction to the Jewish people that they have an overwhelming urge to convert to Judaism. This is not what happens in the vast majority of cases! Contact with Jews usually generates something other than attraction. Hatred, contempt and hostility are the feelings that our presence generates in the hearts of nations and certainly not any form of sympathy or appeal. The relationship of the Nations with the Jews does not generally reflect the attitude of the Khazars, but rather that of the Kozaks. In many cases, attraction begins when similar genes come into contact with each other. This is a bit what John the Baptist must have felt in his mother’s womb when Mary visited Elizabeth with Yeshua in her own womb.

This thing was not revealed to me, it is not a prophetic vision, but a simple human reasoning almost mathematical, but I have a strong feeling that if the Khazar theory turns out to be true, it would also turn out that the Khazars, at least a large part of them, were none other than the descendants of the 10 deported tribes. This is how the prophecy of the gathering would be fulfilled, not in the last days as it is understood today, but in the last days as presented by Jesus as having already begun during his life on Earth. The gathering of the lost tribes would therefore have been going on for almost 2000 years.

Today’s Ashkenazi Jews would only have to be revealed which tribe they really come from. Until now we thought we were descending from Judah, Benjamin, Simeon, or even Levi, since these four remained, but it may soon turn out that many of us who wish we were Rachel’s sons will have to accept that we are not even descending from Leah, but possibly from one of the latters’ two maids.

The functioning of El Shadai in the territory of present-day Israel

Anyone who still has doubts that the present state of Israel has anything to do with long-standing written biblical prophecies, just go and see the media and the accounts of the people living there. How many true miracles the Jews of Israel have witnessed since the founding of the state. Let us take only the most common case: rockets fired from Gaza. An unimaginable amount of rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel since the early 2000s. These should have claimed huge numbers of lives. However, the number of injuries and deaths and even property damage is so low compared to the number of shells that to attribute it to chance would not even sound like a bad joke.

Despite the appearance and the will of the majority, wanting to portray the modern Philistines as little Davids against the great Goliath that the Israeli army is supposed to represent, the story however remains the same as it was during Saul’s reign. Israel may have a huge strike force, be the most formidable army in the world, the giant is not the less the so-called Philistine with his billions of Muslim brothers behind to support him, without counting the formerly Christian nations having renounced their faith and increasingly rallying behind the enemies of the Jewish nation.

The modern David still manages to defend himself by his own power against Goliath, his enemies. But soon, the time will come when, like the original David, he will defeat the enemy once and for all by only trusting in the Lord of Hosts.

The role of Israel in the last days

This is the gathering place of the Jews, where the true identity of the Messiah will be collectively revealed to them where they are going to mourn him as one mourns a firstborn.

The state of Israel will also be the headquarters of the Antichrist. For there will be built the last temple, which will become the throne of the antichrist. There, the religions of the world will be unified while Jerusalem the indivisible city according to YHWH, will be divided into three parts. This is where the image of the beast will be erected and before which almost all knees will be forced to bow, as in Daniel’s time.

Israel is also the place where Gog and Magog meet at the end of the millennium.

Jerusalem is also the city where the Two Witnesses are to be put to death before they resurrect and return to heaven.

It would take far too long to list all the events that could not come about without the return of the Jewish people to the Holy Land. But let no one imagine that the return of the Jewish people to the Holy Land must take place in the greatest harmony and understanding between peoples having regard for all the religious traditions of the region. The prophecies do not announce or promise any such thing. What is written is that we must return and take back possession of the Land whether some people like it or not, just like during the time of the first conquest with Joshua. Whoever does not manage to disregard his humanistic feelings and human justice falls into the trap set by the enemy: to make him rebel against the will and plan of YHWH. Such a mistake acts like a poison blocking Christendom and preventing it from fulfilling its essential role alongside the Jews in the fulfillment of the prophecies of the end times.

Regarding the pro-Jewish Christian minority, these words should also urge caution. Because each trap has its double, its antithesis, its other extreme which is often even more dangerous than the first because it works in the name of love and tolerance. Do not defend everything on the pretext that the thing bears the stamp of Jew. The poison is just as present there and can paralyze you in your calling as it is in the case of your Judeo-skeptical brothers.

ZeevShlomo / RichardSipos / 30/04/2021



The Tabernacle

The pattern that Moses was given to see, on the basis of which the Tabernacle was to be built, was nothing more than the Body of Christ. All the symbols of the Tabernacle refer to Christ, his person, his characteristics, his ministry, his splendor and his glory.

“I will meet with you from between the two cherubim”, says the Lord

The Eternal said to Moses that henceforth he will speak to him and reveal his commandments from between the cherubim.

The Ark of the Covenant was covered by the wings of two archangels. Two archangels protecting the Commandments, two pillars on the foundation of which the Lord speaks. (Ex 25:22)
The Temple of the Lord rests on the two pillars or foundation of the apostles and prophets Jesus Christ himself being the cornerstone. (Ef 2: 19-20)
When Jesus was transfigured and Moses appeared as Law – the essence of apostolic ministry – on the other side Elijah appeared as the ultimate representative of the prophetic mission, we witness the reunification of an angelic trinity that was shattered by the fall of Lucifer – bearer of the Light – that became Satan – enemy, accuser (Mt 17 – Mk 9 – Lk 9)
The Lord himself, as the Messiah (Christ) comes to take the empty place left by the fallen archangel and speaks, which means that he spreads the gleam of his glory by his own Word relying on the Law and the Prophets. Although Moses at that time as a human being was only an external witness to the building of the Tabernacle, the cherubim are none other than the representations of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel who adorn the Ark of the Covenant. There, as on the Mount of Olives during the transfiguration, He appears between and only in the presence of the two cherubim. It is by the complementary ministry of those Cherubims (Apostolic and Prophetic) that the Lord speaks. There His voice rises to tell the Word that became flesh in Yeshua, the one who as an anointed Messiah. This marks the restoration this way the perfect ministry of the Heavenly Temple.
“Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with Elohim’s people and also members of his household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone. In him the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord. And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which Elohim lives by his Spirit.. (Eph 2: 19-22)

Moses being Michael, Elijah being Gabriel
We read in Zechariah 3, the trial of Joshua the high priest. Satan accuses him and the Lord said to him, “The Lord rebuke you.” In the English translation, it is the Lord himself that is mentioned, which is correct. In Hebrew, however, it is the angel of the Lord who appears in the text.
The Angel of the Lord appears on several occasions and it is generally agreed that Christ reveals himself this way before the time of Redemption. For example, when he appears to Samson’s parents and cannot reveal his name to them, because it is wonderful.
So we see in Zechariah, that Christ is defending the High Priest Joshua who is clothed in a filthy garment and standing before the Lord. Joshua or Yeshua appears here following the Sacrifice on the cross, when he took the sins of the world upon himself. He defiled himself for others, as the high priest did earlier during the sacrifice of the red cow.
Christ – the anointed King – defends Yeshua (Jesus) – the High Priest. We see here the Messiah manifesting himself in a dualistic form. It is divided into two characters, two distinct functions before the Supreme Court: Christ (as Anointed King) and Jesus (as the Cohen HaGadol, the High Priest and Savior).
In Jude, we find the same story with different characters. In the place of Christ, we find the Archangel Michael who defends Moses against the accusations of the same Satan.
“But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not himself dare to condemn him for slander but said, “The Lord rebuke you!” (Jude 1: 9)
Joshua is the human manifestation of Christ. Moses is the human manifestation of Michel.
The tow apostles escorting Jesus at the moment of His transfiguration, recognized at the first sight both Moses and Eliyah centuries after the death of these prophets. At a time when neither painting and even less photography existed and was allowed, how could they know they were seing Moses and Elijah? What they saw was the spirit of the two main Prophets and thus recognized them as such. They had the spiritual vision making them able to recognize the bodily incarnation those two Angels endorsed during their visit in our world.

When the morning star fell, a third of the stars in the sky fell with him. Satan, as an archangel, was undoubtedly followed by the army of angels who were originally under his command. Isaiah 14:12, Ezekiel 28: 11-19
Contrary to any Jewish, Christian or other fanciful idea, according to which there are four, seven, ten or even more archangels, even if it is mentioned in the book of Enoch to which the Bible itself refers, but which was never integrated into the sacred (or canonized) books, there are actually only three archangels, or rather two, because one of them lost his place. The Bible only mentions two Authorities, they are Michael and Gabriel. All other Raphael, Uriel and other fanciful names are only human inventions, or rather through man, the invention of even worse spirits. If there were other main spiritual authorities, the Scriptures would have surely mentioned them.

The story of Yeshua’s transfiguration on the Mount of Olives and where he met Moses and Elijah is testimony to this. Of the three archangels, one fell carrying his own soldiers into perdition. The other two, Moses and Elijah, remained. Elohim, in his capacity as Messiah, takes himself the place left vacant by the Light-bringer who became Satan (accuser/adversary). As Yeshua says: I am the Light of the world …
With full knowledge of these facts, we can perhaps even go as far as to find the answer the most ancestral and visceral question that humanity has ever asked: Why did Elohim create man ?

zeev shlomo 2016

Peace & Safety: Science-fiction or Reality ?

Peace & Safety: Science-fiction or Reality ?

Today, you shouldn’t have any prophetic vision in order to realize the direction humanity is taking through technical progress and what changes we will witness in the near future.
Man is working on many developments in various fields in order to put his life and his future under absolute supervision and control, thus ensuring the realization of all his dreams and desires according to his own will. Beyond the search for a sense of security and psycho- physical balance and self-fulfillment one of the major aspirations of humanity is the extension and improvement of earthly life.

Nowadays, the concept of science fiction does no longer make much sense. We have reached such a degree of progress that man is capable of carrying out all that he imagines and undertakes.
In this study, I will try to bring together some thoughts and visions that I think are coming to fruition. What you will read below is not the result of the literary fantasy of insane utopians, but are indeed the reports of the results of scientific research already reached particularly by physicists and computer scientists.

Quantum computers

When we talk about the installation of surveillance cameras in the streets and all other public places, it is difficult to imagine that effective controls could occur when this system needs countless observers posted behind their screens in order to be effective and avoid crime. Those who have already heard about the concept of a quantum computer that is officially still at the experimentation level today, may already have some idea of how this little problem can be solved. There may not even be any human presence behind the cameras to ensure absolutely effective surveillance over the entire face of the world.

This new generation of computers differs from our familiar ones in that information is no longer stored in the form of bits (on the basis of the combination of numbers 0 and 1), but in the form of qubits, when the 0 and the 1 combine and overlap.
In simple words, the difference is that a single quantum computer is able of performing an incredibly greater number of computations than all the conventional computers existing in the world put together. Some sources argue that it will be possible to construct supercomputers that can handle more information at the same time than there are atoms in the whole universe.

If only one millionth of this prediction was realized, total control of humanity would become a child’s play. The different methods of biometric identifications, such as facial recognition and many others, may suggest that virtually no human intervention in the control process will really be needed. When other even more effective identification methods will emerge, for example by means of electronic chips grafted under the skin, the use of surveillance cameras will be simply useless, since mankind will become controllable from within his body and soul. It will no longer be really interesting to spy from the outside.

Public transportation

Here we are not talking about urban or national transportation networks such as British Railways or American Airlines, but rather the road network controlled by robotics where cars will no longer have steering wheels built in.
We will stop being the drivers of our own vehicles, because the well-known GPS system will also supervise the movements of our cars. In order to ensure efficient circulation in such a complex network, the quantum computer will also be a basic tool. An absolutely perfect circulation system will be developed, governed by satellite and quantum calculations, so that no user breaks the rules of the highway code. Thus, we can go from one point to another without any risk of accident, even in the case of pedestrians since they too will have their own chips inside of them that will make them visible to the eyes of the system to also ensure them a perfect security. Road signs will be a bad memory. No chance either that a child pops up and throws himself in front of a moving car, as the chip installed under his skin will send information to the computer brain of the vehicle operating the brake system in time in order to avoid any collision. But it is possible that the child himself will never jump on the road, because the micro-chip will send a cerebral impulse forcing him to stay on the sidewalk.


A fundamental question when we talk about total control is the hold on the human brain. Although having influence on brains implies its perfect knowledge. It is hard to believe what can be seen on the internet regarding the advanced experimental level in the field. The results of the experiments made public are revealing a great mastery of the key organ of the human body. We already know exactly how to influence the thinking, the acts and even the physical condition of people by acting on their brains. The goal of transhumanists is no longer a secret. They want to increase the brain capacity of people by connecting their brains to computers and the internet. In addition to the advantage of having an extensive and profound knowledge of all things without having to study anything, it will be possible to manipulate the thought of the individuals. In addition, we can find the discoveries and breakthroughs in the field of genetic manipulation that allow humans to increase their physical potential by grafting genes or DNA of animals in order to get some characteristics and abilities that only the animals had until now (sight and hearing of dogs, muscular power of bears, etc.). Man as we know him and as he was conceived by the Creator will be substituted by a new humanoid species, a super-human reworked by the human himself.

The control of the world population will no longer occur from the outside, but from the inside, from within the soul itself. The solution to all the problems lies in this. The regime will not only be able to observe absolutely everything that goes on in people’s minds, but will also be able to intervene to change the course of things. Indeed, if a bad or even criminal thought arises in the brain of an individual, the information will instantly appear in the central computer system that will simply send back an impulse in the given brain to block and correct the deviant thought and bring back the ideas of the person in the order of laws defined and established by the central rule.
If we push the reasoning a little further, we can realize that even diseases can be cured even before they show up. There will be no more psychical illnesses, no more mental illnesses, no more depressed people, no more bitterness pushing men to consume excessive quantities of alcohol, drug, cigarettes, coffee or chocolate! All these will be avoided by electromagnetic waves of bioresonance, the harm will be nipped in this bud we call the human brain. Men subjected to the system will be assured of maintaining this psychic balance so coveted for thousands of years. A false harmony will settle in the human relations where no violence nor any other divergence of ideas will have place. Different peoples, states, religions will cease all forms of rivalry, if not sporting rivalry, and not only because of the idolatry of ideologies such as ecumenism or globalization but also because of scientific progress.

Fruit from the second tree – everlasting health and “life”

There are theories that scientists will one day be able to download to a computer all the data contained in people’s brain in order to make them live beyond their corporal longevity. Thus, they claim, the human soul will be able to survive its body and will no longer follow it in death. The human soul once downloaded would be able to think, reason and communicate with the visible world after the disappearance of its bodily envelope. This is one of the scientific theories of eternal life that would take place in a virtual world and that is advanced by quite serious and renowned physicists.

For my part, I am convinced that this ridiculous theory is, among other things, impossible, because the Creator will never let man go so far as to succeed in safeguarding his own mind independently of his body. On the other hand, knowing human nature, I can not imagine that man would content himself in being “mindly” downloaded to a machine giving up all the pleasures that the body can offer him. Certainly not! Man will not be content with an eternal life that is virtual and devoid of carnal pleasures. The body has always been considered by man as the most precious of treasures. Vice-thirsty humanity will never agree to continue living by giving up on feasts, drinking, sex, money and power.

The ultimate covetousness of man is precisely to reach eternal life in their carnal body while preserving good health and relative youth to enjoy the pleasure of the senses. How could man give up all this, while the foundation of human nature has always been the flesh itself.
After having eaten from the fruit of the tree of knowledge, human knowledge is now approaching its culminating point. What once began in the lost garden is getting fulfilled before our eyes. History has reached the limit of the ultimate human knowledge symbolized by the famous 666. In the Garden of Eden, however, there was another tree whose fruit was also forbidden. The tree of life remained untouched because the Lord expelled Adam and Eve before they could reach it. (Genesis 3:24)

Man cannot consume the fruit of the tree of life because Elohim has blocked his way. The man on his side is clever enough to find an alternative and reproduce the effect that this second untouchable fruit would have had. To do this, he uses all the knowledge gained during the consumption of first fruit and naturally benefits from the help of the devil. The counterfeit of the second fruit is almost ready, and in my opinion, it is already active, although for the moment it has not yet been revealed to the general public.

Eternel life in the human’s way

There are methods, such as bioresonance capable of locating and correcting diseased or defective cells. In fact, the atoms of defective cells vibrate differently than those of the healthy ones. It is thus possible to detect them by means of sensors and rectify them with counter-wave emissions able of restoring the original vibration. So we can not only cure ill cells, but we can also slow down, even stop, or perhaps even reverse the aging process of cells. Bioresonance is not yet accepted by the medical profession as a scientific method. I do not say either that it is the absolute weapon against death, I quote it as an example to illustrate, that the descendants of Adam will use their scientific knowledge to recover what they lost in the beginning. The goal of medicine is to cure diseases and to increase life expectancy. How could one believe that it would stop in such a good way? Those who will have money or privileges to pay for such a cure, will profit from a body immune to aging and disease. If, in addition, the outside world provides protection as we have explained above, in theory some people will really have every chance to experience eternal life on earth.

Of course, they will not benefit indefinitely, although conditions have been reached. For it is at this moment that the Lord will intervene to say: Enough!
While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. (1Thess 5:3)

Why will they submit themselves ?

Some may wonder why so many people will submit to the power of the antichrist. Are we going to force them under the rule of terror and totalitarianism, like Orwell wrote? A kind of dictatorial antichrist will yell at them proposing either the microchip or the electric chair? Absolutely not! It will not terrorize and threaten anyone, at least not in this form.

History has repeatedly shown that lasting power can not be set by force. The people always end up revolting. The enemy has forged more and more subtle tools to win humanity. All this began in ancient Greece, in the cradle of democracy and then continued by the French revolution “a little” later to finally lead to this form of political power that has been in place since the end of World War 2 and that we call globalization. Man is at the base equipped with a very effective immune system, and besides the Commandments of the Lord which are engraved in the heart of every human being, man has the spark of life implanted in his soul that keeps him alive. He always struggles to preserve his freedom. Freedom in the positive and negative sense too. Man does not sell himself at any price. This is the reason why it is necessary to break him down so that he gives up his individual freedom.

It is enough to generate constant and collective anxiety through the media. We keep talking about diseases, crimes of all kinds, terrorism and we end up feeling concerned even if it does not affect us directly. The seed of fear is installed through media in our hearth and starts growing. To establish chaos, we generate terrorist acts, wars, epidemics, famines, mass migration movements in order to sow confusion between people and, most importantly, we talk about it as much as possible so that people are obsess.

The time is coming when crowds of people will rush headlong into any solution that can solve all these problems that are increasingly unbearable. They will submit body and soul to any ideology or political system offering a way out of this global hell. This solution, or rather this “savior”, we are a number to know who he is. And he will unfortunately deceive many even among the elected ones.

I think, however, that the spread of terror and anguish would not be enough to convince the masses. Another sensitive point that it is useful to target in humans is their deep egoism and hedonism. Indeed, the major motivation of mankind is it own physical and psychical well-being. Contemporary man only thinks of one thing: to have fun and consume. The question of selling their soul to the devil no longer arises since they will enjoy all the benefits described above in the text. Look around you, you can see almost nothing but people completely absorbed by their mobile phones on which they play, watch movies, buy products and plan their trips abroad, or their rendez-vous. Even young couples sitting on the buses, holding hands are each taping their smart phones with their free hands. (Maybe this is how they communicate with each other, even when they are side-by-side!). The prototype of the tool of their loss is already in their hands. Nobody forced them to get it. On the contrary, they go so far as to spend huge sums to acquire it, despite being aware that they are already under a very strong control through their phones. All their movements, conversations, interests are recorded in a centralized database. Even unplugged, a phone is naturally a highly efficient listening device. People know that, it bothers them at first, then they get used to it and they finally end up demanding to be spied to feel safe because this is the only way to keep dangerous people under control too.

They become more and more willing to give up their individual freedom if it helps to soothe their fear. They do it furthermore because the desire to have fun and have everything at hand is stronger than anything. Because the concept freedom is precisely mixed up with the feeling of well-being and satisfaction. It is obvious that the greater part of the world will sell itself without any regret to the least power assuring them their favorite little pastimes, as well as the deliverance from the dangers overwhelming them. There is no question about that! (see Noam Chomsky’s 10 mass manipulation techniques).

Depending on the financial means of the user, the connection of the human brain to computers will allow him to download a given amount of information without having to open a book or enroll in any school. It is increasingly difficult to follow the flood of information beating down on us every day. A constantly changing world needs people who can constantly train and retrain themselves in order to keep pace with progress. This task is however more and more complex and even the most talented ones are beginning to get lost in this incredible maze. The solution is therefore: knowledge implants.

It will be enough to think of a subject to see scrolling down all the information about it in our head in the form of codes that we can directly transpose in our own language. No need to go to Wikipedia or other online databases because the brain will be directly connected to the network.

What will happen with us, Christ’s followers ?

It’s hard to imagine. One thing is certain, life will not be easy for us. For it will be precisely those who do not wear the seal of the antichrist on the hand or on the forehead who will be stigmatized by those who are wearing it. In view of all this technical progress, the question must be to know, where is the limit that we must not cross in any case. A few decades ago, our predecessors thought that the bank card was already the sign of the antichrist, while it is not yet. It is obvious that the bank card is a prefiguration of the famous evil seal that we will have to refuse and without which it will not be possible to sell or buy.

The boundary is where we will be proposed to implant a system in our body that is able to influence our thoughts and actions. It is at this precise point that we will have to say no.


What you have just read is unfortunately not the whimsical delirium of a paranoid and extravagant sectarian, but the story of a reality that is not to come, but which is already at hand.
I do not intend to fan any Orwellian paranoia and write a pseudo-prophetic Christian text to make noise. We could still describe at length the appearance of the world at the end of times, but I prefer not to disgust the reader and myself even more because this is not the most important and we must absolutely avoid getting lost in the details.

Whatever form the system takes, we must be able to recognize its antichrist root:
Satan’s evil plan is to accomplish exactly what Christ promised to all who would offer their lives to Him which is the fulfillment of the Commandments in the faithfuls heart.

But in the place of Christ and through technology, it is Satan who enters the hearts of people to offer them perfect peace and security for a time. Chose instead the Commandments of the Lord that also assure peace and security but for eternity. In both cases, the price is exactly the same, the individual himself (body, soul and spirit). Who do you sell your soul to? That’s the question. We must acknowledge that our spirit can never belong to us. But we have the choice to put it back in the hands of Christ or to let it remain under the other power. To whom did we entrust our mind and our person in general?

In the hands of the lord of this world for an ephemeral welfare with death as outcome, or in the hands of Christ for true eternal life?

Written by zeev shlomo 2015


Question of Life and Death

Question of Life and Death

Since the original sin, humanity is all perfectly aware that it lost its life when leaving the Garden of Eden. Even atheists can realize with their eyes that death reigns absolutely everywhere, down to the smallest details of the created world. Since the Lord has repudiated Adam and Eve in the visible world that we know, all the efforts of humanity converging on a specific point: overcoming death. This is confirmed to us by the statement of the Lord himself, when he says: And the LORD said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” So the LORD banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken. (Genesis 3: 22-23)

The major objective of humanity is thus the annihilation of death or at least the delay of its coming. In the meantime, man is trying to make his life sweeter, more pleasant, more lively. To achieve this, he invents all sorts of methods: he replaces work with amusement – music, drugs, the satisfaction of his psychical and carnal desires, feasts and orgies.

In short, we can say that what governs the world is the quest for the well-being of body and soul, longevity together with the reconquest of eternal life. In a word, the most inherent characteristic of mankind is the pursuit of his own redemption.
Our life on earth is nothing more than a state of death in which man has exiled himself by his own fault. For his part, the Lord has shown unimaginable clemency. Instead of immediately executing the judgment that man deserved, namely the sentence of true and final death, He offered us an opportunity to redeem ourselves. It is not our own task to do so, but He redeems us by his own sacrifice. The Almighty has given us the exile of the Garden of Eden in this mixed state that we call life on earth. This state between life and physical death includes the possibility of recovering the salvation of our spirit by accepting the only possible path to eternal life, to the lost Eden and even more through the Grace of Christ. What some christian denominations call the purgatory is nothing else than our earthly “life”.

It is this great return that the Lord offers us when He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
Most people, on the other hand, accuse the Lord of having shown incredible cruelty for having inflicted such a severe sentence on all humanity for a single bite of “apple”. They cannot understand the reason why יהוה allows so much suffering, injustice, and crime. These questions rise up sooner or later in the consciousness of all, whether they are believers or not.

However, we forget one thing, the fault committed by the first man deserved immediate death, instant and definitive annihilation. The fact that the Lord granted us a certain delay before the execution of the sentence seems so natural to us that we have long since forgotten that we absolutely do not deserve it. This divine grace that is still in force today, we consider it as it was dued to us.

The breath of death is still well perceivable. The death’s existence is often not regarded as the consequence of our sin, but as the severity of the Lord. Thus, the majority of men turn away from him and pursue their own paths in order to defeat their destiny. Fior this purpose, mankind is continually seeking for pleasure, hedonism, lust, libertinism. Medicine and various cures also seem to be the most appropriate tools to reach their objective. As the Word of יהוה reveals man’s individual responsibility for his mortal state, the most common reaction is rebellion. Instead of accepting judgment and ask for Grace, people rather chose a gentler and easier way to revitalize and make themselves happy. They choose the glory and the provisional and ephemeral redemption offered by the silver and the gold of which their idols are clothed instead of the power of the Redemption of Christ.

Man makes the Almighty responsible for the loss of his eternal life. He turns away from the Lord with anger and bitterness to turn to human solutions. This man who invents innumerable schemes and whose degree of progress had almost reached its peak, the highest number that man can reach, which is the number of men and which is deeply incomplete. (read the text below: Vision of the Future 666: Peace and Safety, Science fiction or Reality?)

We can observe similarities in the father-child relationship. Remembering our childhood, how many times have we rebelled against the will of our physical father and transgressed his commands causing a lot of damage around us. When our father rebuked us. Weren’t we angry against him instead of assuming our responsibilities and recognizing our fault? Have we not blamed him for being too harsh, forgetting that we would have deserved a good spanking or other punishment that we did not always received? We have often escaped punishment for a variety of reasons. It’s usually much later that we realize that our father was right and that we should have been grateful to him for being so kind with us.

Our childhood memories can be of great help in making the right decisions concerning the Eternal, while we are still alive. For example, the question of what solution do we adopt to recover our lost life: the human solution that ends in death, or the solution of Christ that leads to eternal life?

Zeev Shlomo 2014.08.14


Why Erev Shabbat ?

Why Erev Shabbat ?

In Hebrew, the word EREV means evening. According to the lunar calendar used by the Jews, days are beginning the evening before, as we can read in the book of Genesis during the creation of the world. The evening before is a moment of retrospection and reorganization as well as the reception and the preparation of the next day.

Originally, this ministry was created to put on line audible sermons of Friday evening during the reception of Shabbat. Since then, in a slightly different form and not just to spread the Friday night teaching, we have decided to keep this name EREV Shabbat as the symbol of our ministry, because we really think that the world’s history has entered into its last phase.

The return of the Messiah is imminent, darkness is still growing and we have visibly entered the period before the Shabbat HaGadol (Great Shabbat). People around the world are running around like frantic ants sensing the arrival of the storm. Meanwhile, there is a people who do not go to pubs, discos or any other places of leisure to decompress and forget the pressure of a hard week of work, but on the contrary, it goes in silence to meet the Lord.

The Jewish people are preparing in advance. While nothing is yet visible, and one might even believe that the Almighty has left this world, since wickedness is the only reigning entity we can perceive, the Jewish people keeps its faith and hope. We know very well that if the sky gets dark it’s because the sun must inevitably rise soon. …and there was evening, and there was morning… Every day starts with the night before. This is why the Shabbat begins on Friday at the sunset. We light the candles when the sun does down on the horizon. As soon as the sun disappears, the world bursts into debauchery and collective hysteria in order to get away from the stress accumulated during the week. Meanwhile, a minority does exactly the opposite. It goes before the Eternal in humility and holiness, closing the door of its Ark behind this flood of disbelief and iniquity in order to go before the Lord.

We are not doing it because we are brilliant and originally perfect beings, but because we have once met יחוח and accepted his commandments. We accepted it on the one hand because we wanted our good, but also in order to become a sign in the eyes of other peoples, in the eyes of all those who pursue chimeras as fools. They are the ones who must realize that there is a place where the light of life is lit in the dark world that is surrounding us.

Just as Noah built his ark according to the Lord’s instructions, while his contemporaries continued to live their lives, they ate, drank, gathered for fun, and made fun of Noah and his family. Noah knew that the ark had to be ready before the judgment arrived. He knew that the building could not wait for the first drop of rain, but it had to be done in the time of drought, in the middle of the wilderness when everything was dry and arid.

Likewise, on the evening of Seder before coming out of Egypt, when outside, the angel of death took away its victims, the Jewish people were preparing to leave the country. There they either did not wake up early in the morning, but had already prepared everything the night before according to the instructions of Moses. After the sacrifice of the lamb, the doorframes had to be covered with its blood and after having closed it, the dinner was to be consumed. This meal was none other than the prefiguration of the Lord’s Last Supper. When the sun rose, everyone had to have a full stomach to face the great journey that awaited them. Everyone had to arm himself with all the defense and the spiritual food they needed to survive on the road towards the ultimate destination.

Outside, the sky is darkening, we are on the eve of the Great Shabbat. We cannot survive this dark time without the Light. We must also build our Noah’s ark as long as there is time left. We must consume the Seder Plate, the Last Supper, as a sign of our covenant and belonging to the Body of Christ so that the angel of death has no right to pass through our doorstep and take us away with him.

We light candles on Friday night to preserve clarity and to be in union with the Light of the world. As in the first day of creation, before the appearance of heaven and earth, when the tohu and bohu (emptiness, disorder, chaos) reigned, the Light was the Creator’s first gift to the world. According to Jewish tradition, the first candle commemorates the divine act of creation. We light the first candle as the Creator introduced Light into the world. The second candle recalls the Deliverance and the exit from Egypt.

The chosen people do not know because they can not yet know that the long-awaited Messiah has already come. However, we are some among the Jewish People who already recognized Him. We’re proclaiming Him as the unique Light, as the way that was given to the Gentiles so that they could also become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Jews are testimonies in many ways, so it is worth keeping an eye on them. The way to the Eternal, however, does not pass through them anymore. Christ is the only way for the other nations. The Jews are in the hands of the Lord, but their way is different and they have been set aside until their time comes. This time is coming by leaps and bounds, but it has not happened yet. Traditional Jews are signs that are important to observe and respect. But the panel is not the goal. Let’s keep an eye on them, but let’s not take our eyes away from the Path which is Yeshua.

We do not intend to spread panic by proclaiming end-time prophecies. It is, however, more and more obvious, even to unbelievers, that the signs of the times are everywhere. We hear them talking about it all the time. Our goal is not to focus our attention on the darkness, but to bring out the solution to the problem, to reveal the Redemption.

May this modest initiative of our ministry be a candlelight unveiling to others the Path of Salvation: Yeshua HaMashiah.

zeev shlomo 01.11.2013


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