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Main topics


Looking at Yeshua and all the apostles from their Jewish point of view. About our relashionship with Elohim and our neighbour.




Jewish questions

About antisemitism, Israel, rabbinical Judaism, the coming 3rd temple, the Lost Tribes and on how the evil is decieving humankind.


Commentary on the Torah following the reading order of the portions (Parashot) as they are read by Jewry in the synagogues every Shabbat.

Learning from jews?

Dangers of the rabbis’ teachings. What kind of Jews should you really turn to? Do we need to know anything about Talmud-Mishna-Guemarra-Midrash?


Their fulfilment in us by Christ as part of the Sanctification process. What function do they have in the age of Mercy?

Biblical Holidays

Their role and importance since their fulfillment through the sacrifice of the Lamb. Should we keep them and how?

Paul's "contradictions"

Let’s place Paul’s words back to their righ place. He never contradicted the Scriptures but still places the Spritual level above all.


Thoughts and visions about prophecies. About the tools the antichrist is using in order to deceive mankind.

Jewish questions

All about Jewry

The 10 lost tribes

How is the gathering taking place? When did it started? Who are the Kazars? Why did anyone convert to Judaism?


About blind hatred and its roots. How do the ennemy discredit what belongs to יֵהְוֶה. Is there any kind of legitimate antisemitism?

the state of israel

Its legitimity according to the prophecies. What is Sionism? Is it in the hands of יֵהְוֶה or of someone else?

Science and faith

When science confirms the Scriptures. About evolutionists and creationists, about the earth, the universe and mandkind in general.


The veil of false laws and traditions. A lifebuoy at least protecting Jewish identity but a poison for non- or assimilated Jews.

the synagogue of satan

Who are these false Jews described in Revelation? Is it the whole People or else? What the 3rd temple will be about?

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