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Jewish roots with no Judaism

Re-endorsing the Law?

How do they work in the age of Mercy. Knowing them without breaking our Covenant.

Learning from jews?

Dangers of the rabbis’ teachings. What kind of Jews should you really turn to?

The commandments

Which are the original ones given by יֵהְוֶה and those invented in Babylon by men?

Biblical Holidays

Their role and importance since their fulfillment through the sacrifice of the Lamb

What are the Jewish roots?

The original root everyone should be grafted in in order to accomplish the profecy described in Romans 11. These roots are no other that the teaching of the Tanakh: Old Testament from which the New Testament grew. However, we should be able to discern what has been given by the Lord and what had been added by men, should they be Jews, Christians or even Messianic Jews.

What is today's Judaism?

A religious movement born in the babylonian exile and based on the Torah covering the eyes of the chosen people as a veil with plenty of surplus and unnecessary laws. This prevents them from recognizing the Messiah in Yeshua of Nazareth. While searching for the lost original Jewish roots, we must be careful who do we accept teaching, guidance, and vision from.


The ministry of Grafting

Grafting in

Reformation of Christianity started long ago and had evolved long since its beginning. Although every new reformation led to the creation of new denominations instead of spiritual fulfilment. Today many know that the original Jewish root is the one everyone should be grafted in. But where to find it, when both Christians and traditional Jews went far from it? By our ministry we strive to open the eyes of Christian seekers to the dangers of false doctrines that wants to lead them back to the observation of the Commandments and Holidays, or even worse to the observation of false pharisaic laws and traditions.

Grafting back

The Jews must realize that no oral law was ever given to Moses on mount Sinai. The only oral law that exists are those of the babylonian rabbis who, out of good will, formulated additional and unnecessary decrees to ensure the perfect observance of the original Laws. All this happened in order to ensure that the people will never have to suffer any exile again. We must lead traditional Jew back to the original Commandments. Those of the Torah, those that became flesh in Yeshua and who they did not recognized because of this veil of pharisaic judaism they are still wearing upon their eyes.

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and anti-Christianity

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70 x 7 times? What does that mean?

Peace and safety

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Science-fiction or Reality?

Who are we?

Unfold the strips in order to read

Jewish family

We are not a community nor a church. We are a simple family living in Yeshua HaMashiach, in the Holy Trinity as Jews. 

We would like to share everything that the Almighty has already shown and unveiled to us together with the work He did in our life.

Our aim is not to gather people around us but to take part in the spiritual edification of others. If the Lord concedes, we pray for brotherly links to come up through this ministry.

Our Goal

Through our website, we would like to share all the testimonies of the Eternal in our lives together with the knowledge we have about His Word. 

We don’t have the intention of linking anyone to new dogmas or traditions, we just want to point the only Redeemer who is able to replace everyone at the right place and work among the people he or she belongs to. 

Unity of the Testaments

We are trying to present the Holy Scriptures (Old and New Testaments) as a whole and from the original jewish point of view to all the believers who already feel the need to get back to these roots. We are doing this the way we are shown by the Holy Spirit.

In a word, our aim is to show how Christ fulfills and  embodies the Word of Elohim (laws and prophecies) that has been given to Jews many thousand years ago.


Main topics


The age of Mercy

Jewish questions

All other topics

613 Commendents

Their fulfilment in Christ


Where Jewish roots can be found

before reading any teaching

Commandments in Christ?

We have no intention of bringing the People of Christ back to the observation of the commandments. However, seeing them as obsolete and unnecessary prevents us from understanding and thus accepting the work of the Holy Spirit in us. The Law reveals sin, without it, Redemption is useless, the process of sanctification stops. Yeshua Himself declares that not a iota will pass from the Law. Through our teachings concerning the topic we explain how Commandments are fulfiled by Christ and what role do they play in a born again disciple.

Before diving into our material, please first read our basic teaching showing the essence of how Chrsit fulfils the law:

Jewish Holidays


Another main profile of most messianic teachers is the observation of the original Holidays that Christendom has indeed falsified at the very beginning. However going back to the observation of dates is dangerous (Gal 4:10). These Holidays are all accomplished since the sacrifice of the Lamb they are although eternal. How to do with these contradictions? They are valid but we shouldn’t be observed, how does that really work?

Online teachings

Youtube channel

Most of our teachings are also available in the form of videos you can watch and listen to on our youtube channel.

Live teachings

Meet with us live. Contact us to get an online appointment for your community and let us meet and share the Word together. These meetins are free.

Jewish questions

Further topics

The 10 lost tribes

How is the gathering taking place? When did it started? Who are the Kazars? Why did anyone convert to Judaism?

the state of israel

Its legitimity according to the prophecies. What is Sionism? Is it in the hands of יֵהְוֶה or in those of the devil?


About blind hatred and its roots. How do the ennemy discredit what belongs to יֵהְוֶה. Is there any kind of legitimate antisemitism?

Science and faith

When science confirms the Scriptures. About evolutionists and creationists, about the earth, the universe and mandkind in general.


Thoughts and visions about the near future. About the tools the antichrsit is using in order to deceive mankind.

the synagogue of satan

Who are the false Jews of Revelation? Is it the whole People or only some among us? What the 3rd temple will be about?


Let us finally clarify what Paul did say and mean after centuries of debate and false reading. Let us discover how Paul’s thoughts were directly linked to the spiritual level of his audience. That explains the apparently “contradictory statements” he is often accused of. We must state that Paul never contradicted neither the Old nor the New Testament. He never went against neither the Father’s nor the Son’s Word.

Messianic Judaism

Many messianic movements are blindly teaching those pharisaic rabbinical extra laws that killed John the baptist and Yeshua himself. They put emphasis on keeping dates, laws, feasts and traditions superficially while distributing false Jewish identity to people that does not belong to the Jewish community. Returning to the Jewish roots are crucial but absolutely not the way we see it widely spread around the world.

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