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Jewish roots with no Judaism

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Re-endorsing the Law?

How do they work in the age of Mercy. Knowing them without breaking our Covenant.

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Learning from jews?

Dangers of the rabbis’ teachings. What kind of Jews should you really turn to?

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ELOHIM|YAHUWAH|YAHUSHUA Restauration of the Names and Titles of the Most High

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The commandments

Which are the original ones given by Yahuwah and those invented in Babylon by men?

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Biblical Holidays

Their role and importance since their fulfillment through the sacrifice of the Lamb

What is today's Judaism?

A religious tendency which is based on the Torah, but which since Babylonian times has come to cover the eyes of the chosen people like a veil by the addition of human laws. This prevents them from recognizing the Messiah in Yahushua of Nazareth. A system of doctrine that is not only useless, but also harmful, a spiritual drug capable of altering our vision concerning the Word of Yahuwah.

What are the Jewish roots?

The original root into which everyone must be grafted is none other than the Tanakh/Old Testament burned into our hearts with fire, which is itself the pledge of the New Testament. Our common root, to which we all need to return, is the model of the original Church described in the Acts of the Apostles after Shavuot/Pentecost when the Old Testament was fulfilled and brought to Life by the Ruach HaKodesh/the Holy Spirit. The Body of the Messiah as the only Church followed by signs and miracles.


The ministry of Grafting

Grafting in

The reformation of Christianity from the perversions of Constantine “the Great” began a long time ago, and has developed somewhat since then. Although each new reform led to the creation of new denominations, often instead of spiritual restoration and fulfillment. Today, more and more people feel that the original Jewish root is what everyone should be grafted into. But where is it to be found when both Christians and traditional Jews have long since departed from it? With our ministry, we aim to make seekers aware of the dangers of false doctrines that want to lead them back to keeping the Commandments, Feasts, or even worse, to false Pharisaic laws and traditions.

Grafting back

The Jews must realize that Yahuwah never gave Moses any additional oral law on Mount Sinai. There is only one oral doctrine, that of the Babylonian rabbis, who formulated additional and unnecessary decrees to perfect the observance of the original laws, in order to avoid further exiles. We must bring the Jews back to the original commandments of the Torah, those who became flesh in Yahushua and who they did not recognize because of this pharisaic veil that still covers their eyes. Other scientific, philosophical and ideological veils have also fallen over their eyes since then. These will also have to be taken away so that they could finally recognize the Messiah in Yahushua of Nazareth.

to the Original Root

Our common root, into which we both as the branches must be grafted and grafted back, is when the Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit filled up the first disciples at the peak of the Histroy of Salvation after the Crucifixion, the Resurrection and the Ascension of Yahushua. We do not and cannot have any other roots than the one that worked at the time of the first communities, as we can read in the Acts of the Apostles. This is more than the Torah and the Old Testament in itself, but their fulfillment, their engraving in our hearts and their entry into operation in the visible world.


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The age of Mercy

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And his “contradictions”

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613 Commendents

Their fulfilment in the Messiah

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Commandments in Yahushua HaMashiah?

We have no intention of bringing the People of the Messiah back to the observation of the commandments. However, seeing them as obsolete and unnecessary prevents us from understanding and thus accepting the work of the Holy Spirit in us. The Law reveals sin, without it, Redemption is useless, the process of sanctification stops. Yahushua Himself declares that not a iota will pass from the Law. Through our teachings concerning the topic we explain how Commandments are fulfiled by the Messiah and what role do they play in a born again disciple.

Before diving into our material, please first read our basic teaching showing the essence of how Yahushua HaMashiah fulfils the law:

Jewish Holidays

Another main profile of most messianic teachers is the observation of the original Holidays that Christendom has indeed falsified at the very beginning. However going back to the observation of dates is dangerous (Gal 4:10). These Holidays are all accomplished since the sacrifice of the Lamb they are although eternal. How to do with these contradictions? They are valid but we shouldn’t be observed, how does that really work?

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Jewish questions

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The 10 lost tribes

How is the gathering taking place? When did it started? Who are the Kazars? Why did anyone convert to Judaism?

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the state of israel

Its legitimity according to the prophecies. What is Sionism? Is it in the hands of יהוה or in those of the devil?

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About blind hatred and its roots. How do the ennemy discredit what belongs to יהוהIs there any kind of legitimate antisemitism?

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Science and faith

When science confirms the Scriptures. About evolutionists and creationists, about the earth, the universe and mandkind in general.

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Thoughts and visions about the near future. About the tools the antichrsit is using in order to deceive mankind.

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the synagogue of satan

Who are the false Jews of Revelation? Is it the whole People or only some among us? What the 3rd temple will be about?



Let us finally clarify what Paul did say and mean after centuries of debate and false reading. Let us discover how Paul’s thoughts were directly linked to the spiritual level of his audience. That explains the apparently “contradictory statements” he is often accused of. We must state that Paul never contradicted neither the Old nor the New Testament. He never went against neither the Father’s nor the Son’s Word.

Next Reformation

The main characteristic of our ministry is none other than the perpetual quest for the next reformation. We have often heard it, but few actually live it: The Reform must always go on. Following the creation of the Roman church in the 4th century, the reform is still far to be completed and thus must continue. Reformation is not going to be fulfilled by men, but but Yahushua when He returns. However, we have a duty to accept and submit to whatever the Ruach HaKodesh reveals to us by then.

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