3 different persons or 3 different attributes

In today’s Christian circles, an increasing number of teachings are arising that challenge the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. To begin, it’s important to acknowledge that their primary arguments – that the term “Holy Trinity” isn’t present anywhere in the Holy Scriptures and was specifically developed in this manner within the Roman Church – are entirely accurate and valid. This concept is absent in any form within the Bible.

It’s beyond dispute that there’s some underlying confusion, prompting a reassessment of the concept of the Holy Trinity because

it portrays a deity composed of three distinct individuals, even though it’s not three individuals, but rather one: Yahuwah Echad, who manifests in three distinct ways. We have a singular Elohim who presents Himself and discloses His nature through three separate modes, fulfilling three distinct roles.

The act of tripling the entity of Elohim poses a significant stumbling block for Judaism (and Islam) to acknowledge Yahushua as the Messiah. For them, it’s inconceivable that the One they’ve historically referred to as Echad, meaning One, would suddenly be referred to as shalosh, signifying three.

There have never existed three individuals, but rather One who embodies three primary characteristics, roles, forms of manifestation, qualities, and so forth!

The plural structure of the Hebrew term ELOHIM similarly conveys this triple role rather than signifying three distinct individuals.

One of the most compelling analogies, commonly employed within Christianity to elucidate this point, is that of water. Just as water exists in three distinct physical states due to natural laws: Gas (steam), Solid (ice), and Liquid, while still fundamentally being water, Elohim shares similar characteristics. This analogy perhaps best captures the essence of the Eternal and brings individuals closer to understanding it.

And for those who find the above comparison insufficient and are still not scandalized by the example I’ve previously offered (the 3-in-1 Jacob’s coffee cups), consider this: when sipping such coffee, despite the components blending in the cup, we still distinctly sense all three aspects simultaneously. The amalgamated presence of these elements completes the flavor. It’s indivisible yet perceivable as separate components, and should any element be absent, the taste loses its entirety.

While one can favor coffee without sugar and/or milk, such preferences will have no impact on the judgment of individuals.

However, for Salvation, all three components of Elohim must harmoniously function within our lives.

However, if we focus solely on the Redeemer’s person, we can discern further divisions within Him, as the Messiah himself exhibits a form of “holy duality.” Yahushua, acting as the benevolent high priest, holds distinct roles and responsibilities from the reigning Messiah, who is set to return as a consecrated King to deliver judgment upon the world.

Numerous individuals fail to grasp the exceptional nature of Elohim, as apparent contradictions on this matter arise in the Bible. These contradictions include statements from Yahushua Himself, such as:

“… the Father is greater than me … He sat on the right side of the Father … and talks with the Father …”

Indeed, these statements exist, yet they don’t alter the fact that He remains One with the Father. People often converse with themselves, not solely in senility. To be seated at the right hand of the Father signifies being The Right Hand of Elohim. He embodies the Hand that creates and acts. He isn’t a distinct body, person, or entity.

And when He descends among us in human form, He doesn’t cease to exist in the spiritual realm – in the Kingdom of Elohim – as the Father, as Yahuwah. Instead, He humbles himself (Philippians 2:5-11) and, for lack of a better term, manifests in the world through two separate forms: one is spiritual, ubiquitous, while the other is physical, emerging in the Holy Land around 2000 years ago, until He eventually returned to His original and ultimate abode. Also see Hebrew 2:9 – …Yeshua, who was made lower than the angels for a little while

The prophet Zechariah specifically brings us a story from the Spiritual World, depicting the Anointed King rebukes the adversary for blaspheming Yahushua the High Priest. In this account as well, we observe that the Angel of Elohim (the Messiah – Christ) is to some degree distinct from who He was in the flesh, when He walked among us as Yahushua, the Lamb of Elohim. He now exists in the Kingdom of Elohim, continuing His ministry toward humanity in a special role as the High Priest of the order of Melchizedek. Additionally, He is poised to return as the Anointed Messiah, to unite with His Bride and bring about the downfall of those who failed to acknowledge Him as the Savior.

Holy Trinity as the three stages of Salvation

We, as beings with minds capable of comprehending only three or at most four dimensions, cannot grasp these concepts unless Ruach HaKodesh reveals them to select individuals in the spiritual realm.

What remains undeniable is that to attain Salvation, every individual must undergo three phases:

  1. We must recognize the Son so that our sins can be forgiven
  2. Thus our relationship with the Father is restored through the Blood of the Lamb
  3. Then through the Covenant of water and fire we are finally filled with Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit)

These three steps follow each other and none of them can be left out of the sequence. It is not enough to recognize the Messiah in Yahushua, we must also obey him and make a covenant with him in the visible world by immersion in water and then by being filled with His Spirit.

And it doesn’t stop here, but this is only the beginning since Ruach HaKodesh begins to build the Temple in us, by our sanctification, in other words, by the Law and in a broader sense the Word of Elohim being engraved in our hearts.

This Trinity is Holy and inevitable. Thus, in this context we can truly speak of the Holy Trinity, because all three essences of Yahuwah must be active in us in order to be Redeemed, that is, to have our names written in the Book of Life. This triple stamp over our lives could also be called the Holy Trinity.

Any theories and theologies that seek to multiply the One Elohim through the concept of the Holy Trinity are truly false teachings.

Our human perception

The Trinity of Elohim is a mystery on which many people waste too much time pondering. If we over-discuss an issue that is difficult to perceive with our human senses, many wrong and stupid conclusions can be drawn from it.

During my childhood, there was a cartoon featuring an extraterrestrial being brought to Earth by an astronaut upon his return from a space voyage. This alien hailed from a planet inhabited solely by two-dimensional life forms. It was possible to communicate with it, since it could hear people’s voices, but it could only perceive its own two-dimensional space with its other senses, including its eyes. The main human character often tried to explain to it what the three-/four-dimensional world was like, but the foreign guest was unable to conceive it.

It is Satan’s will to awaken in man that kind of compulsion, so that he will not rest until he has very precisely and exhaustively defined and understood what the fullness of Elohim is.

Man often experiences an innate urge to grasp and comprehend the precise essence of Elohim, fearing that without such understanding, his salvation could be imperiled.

Yet, don’t lend credence to these deceitful whispers that arise within. We must calm down and acknowledge that our capacities are confined by our human nature. Elohim does not expect us to have this level of spiritual understanding and vision about the least details of His Kingdom and Himself. What He truly desires from you is to

accept the spiritual vision that He personally set aside, i.e. sanctified for you and for no one else.

So the first step for us all is to go through this Triple Salvation process mentioned above, which you must pass through with childlike faith and unconditional love. After that comes our obedience, when we serve the Messiah according to the guidance of the Ruach HaKodesh, the Spirit of Elohim who works within us and speaks to and through us.

We do not have to comprehend everything, but rather to embrace what Elohim chooses to unveil to us. We need to accept certain fundamental truths and occasionally even matters that, in the present, remain veiled in mystery. This must be done without permitting room for contentious debates, theological speculation, and other human philosophies. Such as a child who wants to know how babies are conceived and born and without any more specific knowledge and understanding about sexuality, he has to be satisfied with his parents’ less detailed and palpable explanation.

The problem is always that we try to define, delimit, and explain the Father and the Son while omitting to ask discernment from Ruach HaKodesh. Although it is only by being filled with the Holy Spirit that we will understand more and more in depth the essence of the Unity between the Father, the Son and the Spirt as we move along the path of Sanctification.

All of this will be fully known, seen and understood only when we are changed into glorified beings and face the Father, Yahuwah. (1Cor 15:51-52)

In the Book of Revelation, John met only ONE Elohim, who is depicted as the Son of Man having a robe with a golden sash, white hair, eyes like blazing fire, feet like bronze and a voice like rushing waters. Nowhere can we read about a double figure of two white haired men or an older and a younger character overflown by a white dove in a “catholicistic” way.

In addition to the analogy of water, the figure below also illustrates the question very well.

Holy trinity 1

Many argue about a topic that cannot be fully understood by humans. In the meantime, we don’t realize that we should rather work on the Unity between us. To return to the pure Word and pull off the human excesses that cause friction between us. Because in the meantime, the enemy is already building his own and false ecumenical unity, where all sins, excesses and human traditions fit together, to the dishonor of Elohim.

Judaism must finally be cleansed of its Babylonian roots, and Christianity must be cleansed of its Roman roots, in order to merge in unity through the gift of Ruach HaKodesh by all being filled with the Messiah’s Spirit. This is the unique point of gathering when both peoples finally recognize the true Messiah, Yahushua.

Let us return to the Spiritual state of the founding of the Church on Shavuot (Pentecost), to experience this Unity again, and then we will all have the right vision of the person and multifacetedness of Yahuwah.

Then all false idols – may he be bearded and hanging on a crucifix or not or just playing the character of Yahushua on the screen – will cease and Christianity will finally be able to make jealous its older and still misguided brother, the Jew.. But as long as you go on bringing him a false image of the Messiah lowering Yeshua to the level of an idol and worship Him as such, no spiritually healthy Jew will ever recognize Him to be his Messiah. And this does also apply to our arabo-muslim cousins, who do have a similar vision and concept of the Most High.

To be holy according to the trinity of Elohim

So there is no Holy Trinity as three different persons, but there is One Elohim who appears to people in 3 main forms having distinct roles, missions.

Humans themselves who are made up of three main components (body-soul and spirit) do not act and behave in the same way according to the different situations and environments in which they find themselves. Man will be husband with his wife, father whit his children, employee in the office, son in the eyes of his parents and in the best of cases a disciple before Yahushua.

A human can also manifest and communicate with the others either in person, or by phone or other media interposed, or by correspondence, it still remains the same and unique individual.

Essentially, those who believe in the Holy Trinity are wrong, because they multiply Elohim, while the deniers of the Trinity on the other hand simply mutilate the One Elohim from its individual members, roles and diversity, which is given to us to regain Life.

In short, the problem is bigger than we think.

When he appears in the visible world, physically, that is the role of the Son. Not a separate person or creature, but Yahuwah who saves Yahushua. In such cases, He is indeed smaller than the Father, as the Son used to say, since He has emptied himself in order to be able to descend and appear among us. He had to lower himself to our level, take on a human body, so that He can be touched, seen and even sacrificed.

How could anyone imagine that the entirety of Elohim could fit into a cloak of max. 5.5 feet high and 165 pound blood and bones human flesh?

But an even bigger question is how can anyone imagines that the Most High would not have the power to appear in person in such a max. 5.5 feet tall and 165 pound human cloak if He wants to, if it is needed, because of us?

As a sign of His infinite love, He even suffered humiliation and death at the hands of His unworthy creature.

When he takes human form and comes down among us to offer the Atonement Sacrifice, He does not cease to exist up there in the Kingdom of Elohim as Almighty, because then all would collapse which is impossible. And in the case when people stop at the human form that is the Son, they carve a bearded iesus idol out of it. It is not by chance that Yahushua decided to appear to his disciples in another form following his resurrection (Marc 16:12).

He did not want them to remember him through his facial features after his Resurrection. He also wanted to indicate that He is Spirit and did not want them to remember him by his imperfect form of appearance. Indeed, from then on, He went back at the right hand of the Father, i.e. being the Right Hand of the Father himself. He ceased to exist physically in the visible world and had been transformed back into the Anointed One in Spirit.

And the One who is anointed is anointed to rule, i.e. to act, just as a right hand is the first to act, to create, to work, to build and also: to restore. If this latter is rejected (restoration), He is also anointed for judging and executing the rebellious ones.

Wishing all my readers to avoid these last two sentences, let Ruach HaKodesh carry out the further needed restorations in us and in the Church. The time is near, the Bridegroom is already at the door.

Let’s get ready to meet Him soon.

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