Holy Trinity or Triple Holiness?

Holy Trinity or Triple Holiness?

3 different persons or 3 different attributes

In contemporary Christian circles, there is a growing trend of emerging teachings that question the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. First and foremost, it’s crucial to recognize that their main argument – that the term “Holy Trinity” does not appear in the Holy Scriptures and was deliberately formulated this way within the Roman Church – are entirely accurate and valid. This concept does not find any expression within the Bible in any form.

There is no doubt that there exists some underlying confusion, which necessitates a reevaluation of the concept of the Holy Trinity because…

It presents a deity made up of three distinct individuals, even though it’s not three individuals but rather one: Yahuwah Echad, who reveals Himself in three distinct ways. We have a singular Elohim who manifests Himself and reveals His nature through three separate modes, each fulfilling distinct roles.

Tripling the concept of Elohim presents a major obstacle for Judaism (and Islam) in recognizing Yahushua as the Messiah. To them, it seems inconceivable that the One they have traditionally described as Echad, signifying One, would now be referred to as shalosh, indicating three.

There have never been three distinct individuals, but rather One who embodies three primary characteristics, roles, forms of manifestation, qualities, and so on!

The plural structure of the Hebrew term ELOHIM similarly conveys this triple role rather than indicating three distinct individuals.

One of the most persuasive analogies often used within Christianity to clarify this concept is that of water. Just as water exists in three distinct physical states governed by natural laws: Gas (steam), Solid (ice), and Liquid, while remaining fundamentally water, Elohim also shares similar characteristics. This analogy perhaps best encapsulates the essence of the Eternal and helps individuals come closer to comprehending it.

For those who find the earlier comparison insufficient and are still not scandalized by the example I previously provided (the 3-in-1 Jacob’s coffee cups), consider this: when sipping such coffee, even though the components blend in the cup, we still distinctly sense all three aspects simultaneously. The combined presence of these elements enhances the flavor. It’s indivisible yet perceptible as separate components, and if any element is missing, the taste loses its fullness.

Although someone may prefer coffee without sugar and/or milk, such preferences do not affect the judgment of people.

However, for salvation, all three components of Elohim must function harmoniously within our lives.

However, if we concentrate exclusively on the Redeemer’s nature, we can identify further divisions within Him, as the Messiah himself embodies a form of “holy duality.” Yahushua, in his role as the benevolent high priest, has distinct roles and responsibilities that differ from the reigning Messiah, who is destined to return as a consecrated King to administer judgment upon the world.

Many individuals struggle to comprehend the extraordinary nature of Elohim, as apparent contradictions on this matter surface in the Bible. These contradictions encompass statements made by Yahushua Himself, such as:

“… the Father is greater than me … He sits on the right side of the Father … and talks with the Father …”

Certainly, these statements do exist, but they do not change the fact that He remains one with the Father. People often converse with themselves, not solely due to senility. To be seated at the right hand of the Father signifies being The very Right Hand of Elohim. He embodies the Hand that creates and acts. He is not a separate body, person, or entity.

When He descends among us in human form, He does not cease to exist in the spiritual realm – in the Kingdom of Elohim – as the Father, as Yahuwah. Instead, He humbles Himself (as described in Philippians 2:5-11) and manifests in the world through two distinct forms: one is spiritual and ubiquitous, while the other is physical, emerging in the Holy Land around 2000 years ago, until He eventually returned to His original and ultimate place. Also see Hebrew 2:9 – …Yeshua, who was made lower than the angels for a little while

The prophet Zechariah specifically brings us a story from the Spiritual World, depicting the Anointed King who rebukes the adversary for blaspheming Yahushua the High Priest. In this account as well, we observe that the Angel of Elohim (the Messiah – Christ) is to some degree distinct from who He was in the flesh, when He walked among us as Yahushua, the Lamb of Elohim. He now exists in the Kingdom of Elohim, continuing His ministry toward humanity in a special role as the High Priest of the order of Melchizedek. Additionally, He is poised to return as the Anointed Messiah, to unite with His Bride and bring about the downfall of those who failed to acknowledge Him as the Savior.

Holy Trinity as the three stages of Salvation

We, as beings with minds capable of comprehending only three or at most four dimensions, cannot grasp these concepts unless Ruach HaKodesh reveals them in spirit to some of us to selected indiduals.

What remains undeniable is that to attain Salvation, every individual must undergo three phases:

  1. We must recognize the Son so that our sins can be forgiven
  2. Thus our relationship with the Father is restored through the Blood of the Lamb
  3. Then through the Covenant of water and fire we are finally filled with Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit)

These three steps follow one another, and none of them can be omitted from the sequence. It’s not sufficient to merely recognize the Messiah in Yahushua; we must also obey Him and establish a covenant with Him in the visible world through water immersion, and then by being filled with His Spirit.

And It doesn’t end here; this is only the beginning, as Ruach HaKodesh starts constructing the Temple within us through our sanctification, which involves the Law and, in a broader sense, the Word of Elohim being inscribed in our hearts.

This Trinity is holy and inevitable. Hence, in this context, we can genuinely refer to the Holy Trinity, because all three aspects of Yahuwah must be active in us for us to be redeemed, which means having our names written in the Book of Life. This triple stamp on our lives could also be called Holy Trinity.

Any theories and theologies that attempt to multiply the One Elohim through the concept of the Holy Trinity are indeed false teachings.

Our human perception

The Trinity of Elohim is a mystery that many people spend too much time pondering. When we excessively delve into a topic that is challenging for our human senses to grasp, it can lead to many incorrect and misguided conclusions.

In my childhood, there was a cartoon featuring an extraterrestrial being who was brought to Earth by an astronaut upon his return from a space voyage. This alien came from a planet inhabited solely by two-dimensional life forms. It could hear people’s voices and communicate with them, but it could only perceive its own two-dimensional space with its other senses, including its eyes. The main human character often attempted to explain to the alien what the three- or four-dimensional world was like, but the foreign guest was unable to comprehend it.

Satan’s desire is to incite in humans the compulsion to the extent that they won’t rest until they have meticulously and exhaustively defined and understood the entirety of Elohim.

Humans often experience an innate urge to grasp and comprehend the precise essence of Elohim, fearing that without such understanding, their very salvation could be imperiled.

However, we must not give credence to these deceitful whispers that arise within us. We need to calm down and recognize that our capacities are limited by our human nature. Elohim does not expect us to possess such a high level of spiritual understanding and insight into the minutest details of His Kingdom and Himself. What He genuinely desires from you is to

accept the spiritual vision that He had personally set aside and sanctified for you, and for no one else.

So the initial step for all of us is to undergo this Triple Salvation process mentioned above, which you must traverse with childlike faith and unconditional love. Following that, there comes our obedience, as we serve the Messiah in accordance with the guidance of the Ruach HaKodesh, the Spirit of Elohim who operates within us and communicates with and through us.

We don’t need to comprehend everything; instead, we should embrace what Elohim chooses to reveal to us. We need to accept certain fundamental truths and, at times, even matters that are currently shrouded in mystery. This should be done without leaving room for contentious debates, theological speculation, and other human philosophies. It’s akin to a child who is curious about how babies are conceived and born and, without receiving a more specific understanding of sexuality, has to be content with their parents’ less detailed and tangible explanation.

The issue often lies in our attempts to define, confine, and explain the Father and the Son without seeking discernment from Ruach HaKodesh. It is only by being filled with the Holy Spirit that we can progressively gain a deeper understanding of the essence of the Unity between the Father, the Son, and the Spirit as we progress along the path of sanctification.

The complete knowledge, sight, and understanding of all this will only be realized when we are transformed into glorified beings and come before the Father, Yahuwah (as stated in 1 Corinthians 15:51-52).

In the Book of Revelation, John encounters only ONE Elohim, who is portrayed as the Son of Man, donning a robe with a golden sash, having white hair, eyes like blazing fire, feet like bronze, and a voice like rushing waters. Nowhere in the text can we find a depiction of two white-haired men or an older and a younger character with a white dove in a manner reminiscent of certain Catholic imagery.

The figure below effectively complements the analogy of water in illustrating the question.

Holy trinity 1

Abraham’s encounter with the three “angels” is another instance where this threefold aspect of Elohim is presented. Yahuwah, as the Light of the world, manifests to humanity on Earth, traversing the layer of water, which represents the firmament of the celestial vault

revealing the three main attributes of the Light of the World like the colors of the rainbow, which become distinct when passing through a prism.

Hence, Yahuwah manifested in the form of three “angels” as observed from Earth. It’s noteworthy that even though Abraham, our patriarch, was facing three individuals, he addressed them in the singular, referring to Him as Yahuwah (or Lord, as per the current translation of the Bible). (also see my article on VAYERA, where I talk more about this incredible encounter).

Many engage in debates about a subject that cannot be comprehensively understood by humans. Meanwhile, we may not realize that our focus should be on fostering unity among ourselves. It’s essential to return to the pure Word and remove the human excesses that create divisions among us. The adversary is already constructing his own false ecumenical unity, where all sins, excesses, and human traditions blend together, to the detriment of Elohim.

Judaism needs to rid itself of its Babylonian influences, and Christianity should shed its Roman elements to come together in unity through the blessing of Ruach HaKodesh, with all individuals being filled with the same Spirit of the Messiah. This represents the pivotal moment of gathering, where both communities finally recognize the true Messiah, Yahushua.

Let us return to the Spiritual state of the founding of the Church on Shavuot (Pentecost), to experience this Unity again, and then we will all have the right vision of the person and multifacetedness of Yahuwah.

At that point, all false idols, whether bearded and hanging on a crucifix or portrayed as Yahushua on the screen, will cease to exist. Christianity will finally be in a position to make jealous its older, yet still misled, brother, the Jew. But as long as the false image of the Messiah is presented, reducing Yeshua to the status of an idol and worshipping Him as such, spiritually healthy Jews will never recognize Him as their Messiah. This also applies to our Arab-Muslim cousins, who share a similar perspective and concept of the Most High.

To be holy according to the trinity of Elohim

So there is no Holy Trinity as three different persons, but there is One Elohim who appears to people in 3 main forms having distinct roles and missions.

Humans, who themselves are composed of three main components (body, soul, and spirit), do not act and behave uniformly in different situations and environments. A man will act as a husband with his wife, as a father whit his children, as an employee in the office and will be a son in the eyes of his parents and in the best of cases a disciple before Yahushua.

A human can also express himself and interact with others either in person, by phone, through other intermediary media, or through correspondence, yet they remain the same and singular individual.

Essentially, those who believe in the Holy Trinity are wrong, because they multiply Elohim, while the deniers of the Trinity on the other hand simply mutilate the One Elohim from its individual members, roles and diversity, which is given to us to regain Life.

In short, the problem is bigger than we think.

When he appears in the visible world, physically, that is the role of the Son. Not a separate person or creature, but Yahuwah who saves Yahushua. In that case, He is indeed smaller than the Father, as the Son used to say, since He has emptied himself in order to be able to descend and appear among us. He had to lower himself to our level, take on a human body, so that He can be touched, seen and even sacrificed.

How could anyone imagine that the entirety of Elohim could fit into a cloak of max. 5.5 feet high and 165 pound blood and bones human flesh?

But an even bigger question is how can anyone imagines that the Most High would not have the power to appear in person in such a max. 5.5 feet tall and 165 pound human cloak if He wants to, if it is needed, because of us?

As a sign of His infinite love, He even suffered humiliation and death from the hands of His unworthy creature.

When he takes human form and comes down among us to offer the Atonement Sacrifice, He does not cease to exist up there in the Kingdom of Elohim as Almighty, because then all would collapse, which is impossible. And in the case when people stop at the human form that is the Son, they carve a bearded iesus idol out of it. It is not by chance that Yahushua decided to appear to his disciples in another form following his resurrection (Mark 16:12).

He did not want them to remember him through his facial features after his Resurrection. He intended to signify that He is Spirit and did not want them to remember Him by His imperfect physical form. Indeed, from that point onwards, He returned to the right hand of the Father, effectively becoming the Right Hand of the Father Himself. He ceased to exist physically in the visible world and had transformed back into the Anointed One in Spirit.

And the One who is anointed is anointed to rule, which means to act, just as a right hand is the first to act, to create, to work, to build and also: to restore. If this latter is rejected (restoration), He is also anointed for judging and executing the rebellious ones.

Wishing all my readers to avoid these last two sentences, let Ruach HaKodesh carry out the further needed restorations in us and in the Church. The time is near, the Bridegroom is already at the door.

Let’s get ready to meet Him soon.


351 Prophecies fulfilled in Yahushua HaMashiah

351 Prophecies fulfilled in Yahushua HaMashiah

1.Genesis 3:15Seed of a woman (virgin birth)Galatians 4:4-5, Matthew 1:18
2.Genesis 3:15He will bruise Satan’s headHebrews 2:14, 1 John 3:8
3.Genesis 5:24The bodily ascension to heaven illustratedMark 16:19
4.Genesis 9:26, 27The Elohim of Shem will be the Son of ShemLuke 3:36
5.Genesis 12:3Seed of Abraham will bless all nationsGalatians 3:8, Acts 3:25, 26
6.Genesis 12:7The Promise made to Abraham’s SeedGalatians 3:16
7.Genesis 14:18A priest after the order of MelchizedekHebrews 6:20
8.Genesis 14:18King of Peace and RighteousnessHebrews 7:2
9.Genesis 14:18The Last Supper foreshadowedMatthew 26:26-29
10.Genesis 17:19Seed of Isaac (Gen. 21:12)Romans 9:7
11.Genesis 22:8The Lamb of Elohim promisedJohn 1:29
12.Genesis 22:18As Isaac’s seed, will bless all nationsGalatians 3:16
13.Genesis 26:2-5The Seed of Isaac promised as the RedeemerHebrews 11:18
14.Genesis 28:12The Bridge to heavenJohn 1:51
15.Genesis 28:14The Seed of JacobLuke 3:34
16.Genesis 49:10The time of His comingLuke 2:1-7; Galatians 4:4
17.Genesis 49:10The Seed of JudahLuke 3:33
18.Genesis 49:10Called Shiloh or One SentJohn 17:3
19.Genesis 49:10Messiah to come before Judah lost identityJohn 11:47-52
20.Genesis 49:10Unto Him shall the obedience of the people beJohn 10:16
21.Exodus 3:13-15The Great “I AM”John 4:26, 8:58
22.Exodus 12:5A Lamb without blemishHebrews 9:14; 1 Peter 1:19
23.Exodus 12:13The blood of the Lamb saves from wrathRomans 5:8
24.Exodus 12:21-27The Messiah is our Passover1 Corinthians 5:7
25.Exodus 12:46Not a bone of the Lamb to be brokenJohn 19:31-36
26.Exodus 15:2His exaltation predicted as YeshuaActs 7:55, 56
27.Exodus 15:11His Character-HolinessLuke 1:35; Acts 4:27
28.Exodus 17:6The Spiritual Rock of Israel1 Corinthians 10:4
29.Exodus 33:19His Character-MercifulLuke 1:72
30.Leviticus 1:2-9His sacrifice a sweet smelling savor unto ElohimEphesians 5:2
31.Leviticus 14:11The leper cleansed-Sign to priesthoodLuke 5:12-14; Acts 6:7
32.Leviticus 16:15-17Prefigures The Messiah’s once-for-all deathHebrews 9:7-14
33.Leviticus 16:27Suffering outside the CampMatthew 27:33; Hebrews 13:11, 12
34.Leviticus 17:11The Blood-the life of the fleshMatthew 26:28; Mark 10:45
35.Leviticus 17:11It is the blood that makes atonementRom. 3:23-24; 1 John 1:7
36.Leviticus 23:36-37The Drink-offering: “If any man thirst”John 7:37
37.Numbers 9:12Not a bone of Him brokenJohn 19:31-36
38.Numbers 21:9The serpent on a poleJohn 3:14-18, 12:32
39.Numbers 24:17Time: “I shall see him, but not now.”John 1:14; Galatians 4:4
40.Deuteronomy 18:15This is of a truth that prophet.John 6:14
41.Deuteronomy 18:16Had ye believed Moses, ye would believe me.John 5:45-47
42.Deuteronomy 18:18Sent by the Father to speak His wordJohn 8:28, 29
43.Deuteronomy 18:19Whoever will not hear must bear his sinActs 3:22-23
44.Deuteronomy 21:23Cursed is he that hangs on a treeGalatians 3:10-13
45.Joshua 5:14-15The Captain of our salvationHebrews 2:10
46.Ruth 4:4-10The Messiah, our kinsman, has redeemed usEphesians 1:3-7
47.1 Samuel 2:35A Faithful PriestHebrews 2:17, 3:1-3, 6, 7:24-25
48.1 Samuel 2:10Shall be an anointed King to the YahuwahMatthew 28:18, John 12:15
49.2 Samuel 7:12David’s SeedMatthew 1:1
50.2 Samuel 7:13His Kingdom is everlasting2 Peter 1:11
51.2 Samuel 7:14aThe Son of ElohimLuke 1:32, Romans 1:3-4
52.2 Samuel 7:16David’s house established foreverLuke 3:31; Revelation 22:16
53.2 Kings 2:11The bodily ascension to heaven illustratedLuke 24:51
54.1 Chronicles 17:11David’s SeedMatthew 1:1, 9:27
55.1 Chronicles 17:12-13To reign on David’s throne foreverLuke 1:32, 33
56.1 Chronicles 17:13I will be His Father, He…my Son.Hebrews 1:5
57.Job 9:32-33Mediator between man and Elohim1 Timothy 2:5
58.Job 19:23-27The Resurrection predictedJohn 5:24-29
59.Psalm 2:1-3The enmity of kings foreordainedActs 4:25-28
60.Psalm 2:2To own the title, Anointed (The Messiah)John 1:41, Acts 2:36
61.Psalm 2:6His Character-HolinessJohn 8:46; Revelation 3:7
62.Psalm 2:6To own the title KingMatthew 2:2
63.Psalm 2:7Declared the Beloved SonMatthew 3:17, Romans 1:4
64.Psalm 2:7, 8The Crucifixion and Resurrection intimatedActs 13:29-33
65.Psalm 2:8, 9Rule the nations with a rod of ironRevelation 2:27, 12:5, 19:15
66.Psalm 2:12Life comes through faith in HimJohn 20:31
67.Psalm 8:2The mouths of babes perfect His praiseMatthew 21:16
68.Psalm 8:5, 6His humiliation and exaltationHebrews 2:5-9
69.Psalm 9:7-10Judge the world in righteousnessActs 17:31
70.Psalm 16:10Was not to see corruptionActs 2:31, 13:35
71.Psalm 16:9-11Was to arise from the deadJohn 20:9
72.Psalm 17:15The resurrection predictedLuke 24:6
73.Psalm 18:2-3The horn of salvationLuke 1:69-71
74.Psalm 22:1Forsaken because of sins of others2 Corinthians 5:21
75.Psalm 22:1My Elohim, my Elohim, why hast thou forsaken me?Matthew 27:46
76.Psalm 22:2Darkness upon Calvary for three hoursMatthew 27:45
77.Psalm 22:7They shoot out the lip and shake the headMatthew 27:39-44
78.Psalm 22:8He trusted in Elohim, let Him deliver HimMatthew 27:43
79.Psalm 22:9-10Born the SaviourLuke 2:7
80.Psalm 22:12-13They seek His deathJohn 19:6
81.Psalm 22:14His blood poured out when they pierced His sideJohn 19:34
82.Psalm 22:14, 15Suffered agony on CalvaryMark 15:34-37
83.Psalm 22:15He thirstedJohn 19:28
84.Psalm 22:16They pierced His hands and His feetJohn 19:34, 37; 20:27
85.Psalm 22:17, 18Stripped Him before the stares of menLuke 23:34, 35
86.Psalm 22:18They parted His garmentsJohn 19:23, 24
87.Psalm 22:20, 21He committed Himself to ElohimLuke 23:46
88.Psalm 22:20, 21Satanic power bruising the Redeemer’s heelHebrews 2:14
89.Psalm 22:22His Resurrection declaredJohn 20:17
90.Psalm 22:27-28He shall be the governor of the nationsColossians 1:16
91.Psalm 22:31It is finishedJohn 19:30, Hebrews 10:10, 12, 14, 18
92.Psalm 23:1I am the Good ShepherdJohn 10:11, 1 Peter 2:25
93.Psalm 24:3His exaltation predictedActs 1:11; Philippians 2:9
94.Psalm 30:3His resurrection predictedActs 2:32
95.Psalm 31:5Into thy hands I commit my spiritLuke 23:46
96.Psalm 31:11His acquaintances fled from HimMark 14:50
97.Psalm 31:13They took counsel to put Him to deathMatthew 27:1, John 11:53
98.Psalm 31:14, 15He trusted in Elohim, let Him deliver himMatthew 27:43
99.Psalm 34:20Not a bone of Him brokenJohn 19:31-36
100.Psalm 35:11False witnesses rose up against HimMatthew 26:59
101.Psalm 35:19He was hated without a causeJohn 15:25
102.Psalm 38:11His friends stood afar offLuke 23:49
103.Psalm 38:12Enemies try to entangle Him by craftMark 14:1, Matthew 22:15
104.Psalm 38:12-13Silent before His accusersMatthew 27:12-14
105.Psalm 38:20He went about doing goodActs 10:38
106.Psalm 40:2-5The joy of His resurrection predictedJohn 20:20
107.Psalm 40:6-8His delight-the will of the FatherJohn 4:34, Hebrews 10:5-10
108.Psalm 40:9He was to preach the Righteousness in IsraelMatthew 4:17
109.Psalm 40:14Confronted by adversaries in the GardenJohn 18:4-6
110.Psalm 41:9Betrayed by a familiar friendJohn 13:18
111.Psalm 45:2Words of Grace come from His lipsJohn 1:17, Luke 4:22
112.Psalm 45:6To own the title, Elohim or ElohimHebrews 1:8
113.Psalm 45:7Special anointing by the Holy Spirit/Ruach HaKodeshMatthew 3:16; Hebrews 1:9
114.Psalm 45:7, 8Called The Messiah (Messiah or Anointed)Luke 2:11
115.Psalm 45:17His name remembered foreverEphesians 1:20-21, Hebrews 1:8
116.Psalm 55:12-14Betrayed by a friend, not an enemyJohn 13:18
117.Psalm 55:15Unrepentant death of the BetrayerMatthew 27:3-5; Acts 1:16-19
118.Psalm 68:18To give gifts to menEphesians 4:7-16
119.Psalm 68:18Ascended into HeavenLuke 24:51
120.Psalm 69:4Hated without a causeJohn 15:25
121.Psalm 69:8A stranger to own brethrenJohn 1:11, 7:5
122.Psalm 69:9Zealous for the Yahuwah’s HouseJohn 2:17
123.Psalm 69:14-20Messiah’s anguish of soul before crucifixionMatthew 26:36-45
124.Psalm 69:20My soul is exceeding sorrowful.Matthew 26:38
125.Psalm 69:21Given vinegar in thirstMatthew 27:34
126.Psalm 69:26The Saviour given and smitten by ElohimJohn 17:4; 18:11
127.Psalm 72:10, 11Great persons were to visit HimMatthew 2:1-11
128.Psalm 72:16The corn of wheat to fall into the GroundJohn 12:24-25
129.Psalm 72:17Belief on His name will produce offspringJohn 1:12, 13
130.Psalm 72:17All nations shall be blessed by HimGalatians 3:8
131.Psalm 72:17All nations shall call Him blessedJohn 12:13, Revelation 5:8-12
132.Psalm 78:1-2He would teach in parablesMatthew 13:34-35
133.Psalm 78:2bTo speak the Wisdom of Elohim with authorityMatthew 7:29
134.Psalm 80:17The Man of Elohim’s right handMark 14:61-62
135.Psalm 88The Suffering and Reproach of CalvaryMatthew 27:26-50
136.Psalm 88:8They stood afar off and watchedLuke 23:49
137.Psalm 89:27FirstbornColossians 1:15, 18
138.Psalm 89:27Emmanuel to be higher than earthly kingsLuke 1:32, 33
139.Psalm 89:35-37David’s Seed, throne, kingdom endure foreverLuke 1:32, 33
140.Psalm 89:36-37His character-FaithfulnessRevelation 1:5, 19:11
141.Psalm 90:2He is from everlasting (Micah 5:2)John 1:1
142.Psalm 91:11, 12Identified as Messianic; used to tempt The MessiahLuke 4:10, 11
143.Psalm 97:9His exaltation predictedActs 1:11; Ephesians 1:20
144.Psalm 100:5His character-GoodnessMatthew 19:16, 17
145.Psalm 102:1-11The Suffering and Reproach of CalvaryJohn 19:16-30
146.Psalm 102:25-27Messiah is the Preexistent SonHebrews 1:10-12
147.Psalm 109:25RidiculedMatthew 27:39
148.Psalm 110:1Son of DavidMatthew 22:42-43
149.Psalm 110:1To ascend to the right-hand of the FatherMark 16:19
150.Psalm 110:1David’s son called YahuwahMatthew 22:44, 45
151.Psalm 110:4A priest after Melchizedek’s orderHebrews 6:20
152.Psalm 112:4His character-Compassionate, Gracious, et alMatthew 9:36
153.Psalm 118:17, 18Messiah’s Resurrection assuredLuke 24:5-7; 1 Cor. 15:20
154.Psalm 118:22, 23The rejected stone is Head of the cornerMatthew 21:42, 43
155.Psalm 118:26aThe Blessed One presented to IsraelMatthew 21:9
156.Psalm 118:26bTo come while Temple standingMatthew 21:12-15
157.Psalm 132:11The Seed of David (the fruit of His Body)Luke 1:32, Act 2:30
158.Psalm 129:3He was scourgedMatthew 27:26
159.Psalm 138:1-6The supremacy of David’s Seed amazes kingsMatthew 2:2-6
160.Psalm 147:3, 6The earthly ministry of The Messiah describedLuke 4:18
161.Proverbs 1:23He will send the Spirit of ElohimJohn 16:7
162.Proverbs 8:23Foreordained from everlastingRevelation 13:8, 1 Peter 1:19-20
163.Song of Solomon 5:16The altogether lovely OneJohn 1:17
164.Isaiah 2:3He shall teach all nationsJohn 4:25
165.Isaiah 2:4He shall judge among the nationsJohn 5:22
166.Isaiah 6:1When Isaiah saw His gloryJohn 12:40-41
167.Isaiah 6:8The One Sent by ElohimJohn 12:38-45
168.Isaiah 6:9-10Parables fall on deaf earsMatthew 13:13-15
169.Isaiah 6:9-12Blinded to The Messiah and deaf to His wordsActs 28:23-29
170.Isaiah 7:14To be born of a virginLuke 1:35
171.Isaiah 7:14To be Emmanuel-Elohim with usMatthew 1:18-23, 1Tim. 3:16
172.Isaiah 8:8Called EmmanuelMatthew 28:20
173.Isaiah 8:14A stone of stumbling, a Rock of offense1 Peter 2:8
174.Isaiah 9:1, 2His ministry to begin in GalileeMatthew 4:12-17
175.Isaiah 9:6A child born-HumanityLuke 1:31
176.Isaiah 9:6A Son given-DeityLuke 1:32, John 1:14, 1Tim. 3:16
177.Isaiah 9:6Declared to be the Son of Elohim with powerRomans 1:3, 4
178.Isaiah 9:6The Wonderful One, PelehLuke 4:22
179.Isaiah 9:6The Counsellor, YaatzMatthew 13:54
180.Isaiah 9:6The Mighty Elohim, El Gibor1 Cor. 1:24, Titus 2:3
181.Isaiah 9:6The Everlasting Father, Avi AdthJohn 8:58, 10:30
182.Isaiah 9:6The Prince of Peace, Sar ShalomJohn 16:33
183.Isaiah 9:7To establish an everlasting kingdomLuke 1:32-33
184.Isaiah 9:7His Character-JustJohn 5:30
185.Isaiah 9:7No end to his Government, Throne, and PeaceLuke 1:32-33
186.Isaiah 11:1Called a Nazarene-the Branch, NetzerMatthew 2:23
187.Isaiah 11:1A rod out of Jesse-Son of JesseLuke 3:23, 32
188.Isaiah 11:2Anointed One by the SpiritMatthew 3:16, 17, Acts 10:38
189.Isaiah 11:2His Character-Wisdom, Knowledge, et alColossians 2:3
190.Isaiah 11:3He would know their thoughtsLuke 6:8, John 2:25
191.Isaiah 11:4Judge in righteousnessActs 17:31
192.Isaiah 11:4Judges with the sword of His mouthRevelation 2:16, 19:11, 15
193.Isaiah 11:5Character: Righteous & FaithfulRevelation 19:11
194.Isaiah 11:10The Gentiles seek HimJohn 12:18-21
195.Isaiah 12:2Called YahushuaMatthew 1:21
196.Isaiah 22:22The One given all authority to governRevelation 3:7
197.Isaiah 25:8The Resurrection predicted1 Corinthians 15:54
198.Isaiah 26:19His power of Resurrection predictedMatthew 27:50-54
199.Isaiah 28:16The Messiah is the precious corner stoneActs 4:11, 12
200.Isaiah 28:16The Sure Foundation1 Corinthians 3:11, Matthew 16:18
201.Isaiah 29:13He indicated hypocritical obedience to His WordMatthew 15:7-9
202.Isaiah 29:14The wise are confounded by the Word1 Corinthians 1:18-31
203.Isaiah 32:2A Refuge-A man shall be a hiding placeMatthew 23:37
204.Isaiah 35:4He will come and save youMatthew 1:21
205.Isaiah 35:5-6To have a ministry of miraclesMatthew 11:2-6
206.Isaiah 40:3, 4Preceded by forerunnerJohn 1:23
207.Isaiah 40:9Behold your Elohim.John 1:36; 19:14
208.Isaiah 40:10.He will come to rewardRevelation 22:12
209.Isaiah 40:11A shepherd-compassionate life-giverJohn 10:10-18
210.Isaiah 42:1-4The Servant-as a faithful, patient redeemerMatthew 12:18-21
211.Isaiah 42:2Meek and lowlyMatthew 11:28-30
212.Isaiah 42:3He brings hope for the hopelessJohn 4
213.Isaiah 42:4The nations shall wait on His teachingsJohn 12:20-26
214.Isaiah 42:6The Light (salvation) of the GentilesLuke 2:32
215.Isaiah 42:1, 6His is a worldwide compassionMatthew 28:19, 20
216.Isaiah 42:7Blind eyes opened.John 9:25-38
217.Isaiah 43:11He is the only Saviour.Acts 4:12
218.Isaiah 44:3He will send the Spirit of ElohimJohn 16:7, 13
219.Isaiah 45:21-25He is Yahuwah and SaviourPhilippians 3:20, Titus 2:13
220.Isaiah 45:23He will be the JudgeJohn 5:22; Romans 14:11
221.Isaiah 46:9, 10Declares things not yet doneJohn 13:19
222.Isaiah 48:12The First and the LastJohn 1:30, Revelation 1:8, 17
223.Isaiah 48:16, 17He came as a TeacherJohn 3:2
224.Isaiah 49:1Called from the womb-His humanityMatthew 1:18
225.Isaiah 49:5A Servant from the womb.Luke 1:31, Philippians 2:7
226.Isaiah 49:6He will restore IsraelActs 3:19-21, 15:16-17
227.Isaiah 49:6He is Salvation for IsraelLuke 2:29-32
228.Isaiah 49:6He is the Light of the GentilesJohn 8:12, Acts 13:47
229.Isaiah 49:6He is Salvation unto the ends of the earthActs 15:7-18
230.Isaiah 49:7He is despised of the NationJohn 1:11, 8:48-49, 19:14-15
231.Isaiah 50:3Heaven is clothed in black at His humiliationLuke 23:44, 45
232.Isaiah 50:4He is a learned counselor for the wearyMatthew 7:29, 11:28, 29
233.Isaiah 50:5The Servant bound willingly to obedienceMatthew 26:39
234.Isaiah 50:6aI gave my back to the smiters.Matthew 27:26
235.Isaiah 50:6bHe was smitten on the cheeksMatthew 26:67
236.Isaiah 50:6cHe was spat uponMatthew 27:30
237.Isaiah 52:7Published good tidings upon mountainsMatthew 5:12,15:29,28:16
238.Isaiah 52:13The Servant exaltedActs 1:8-11; Eph. 1:19-22, Php. 2:5-9
239.Isaiah 52:14The Servant shockingly abusedLuke 18:31-34; Matthew 26:67, 68
240.Isaiah 52:15Nations startled by message of the ServantLuke 18:31-34; Matthew 26:67, 68
241.Isaiah 52:15His blood shed sprinkles nationsHebrews 9:13-14, Revelation 1:5
242.Isaiah 53:1His people would not believe HimJohn 12:37-38
243.Isaiah 53:2Appearance of an ordinary manPhilippians 2:6-8
244.Isaiah 53:3aDespisedLuke 4:28-29
245.Isaiah 53:3bRejectedMatthew 27:21-23
246.Isaiah 53:3cGreat sorrow and griefMat. 26:37-38, Luke 19:41, Heb. 4:15
247.Isaiah 53:3dMen hide from being associated with HimMark 14:50-52
248.Isaiah 53:4aHe would have a healing ministryMatthew 8:16-17
249.Isaiah 53:4bThought to be cursed by ElohimMatthew 26:66, 27:41-43
250.Isaiah 53:5aBears penalty for mankind’s iniquities2 Corinthians 5:21, Hebrews 2:9
251.Isaiah 53:5bHis sacrifice provides peace between man and ElohimColossians 1:20
252.Isaiah 53:5cHis sacrifice would heal man of sin1 Peter 2:24
253.Isaiah 53:6aHe would be the sin-bearer for all mankind1 John 2:2, 4:10
254.Isaiah 53:6bElohim’s will that He bear sin for all mankindGalatians 1:4
255.Isaiah 53:7aOppressed and afflictedMatthew 27:27-31
256.Isaiah 53:7bSilent before his accusersMatthew 27:12-14
257.Isaiah 53:7cSacrificial lambJohn 1:29, 1 Peter 1:18-19
258.Isaiah 53:8aConfined and persecutedMatthew 26:47-27:31
259.Isaiah 53:8bHe would be judgedJohn 18:13-22
260.Isaiah 53:8cKilledMatthew 27:35
261.Isaiah 53:8dDies for the sins of the world1 John 2:2
262.Isaiah 53:9aBuried in a rich man’s graveMatthew 27:57
263.Isaiah 53:9bInnocent and had done no violenceLuke 23:41, John 18:38
264.Isaiah 53:9cNo deceit in his mouth1 Peter 2:22
265.Isaiah 53:10aElohim’s will that He die for mankindJohn 18:11
266.Isaiah 53:10bAn offering for sinMatthew 20:28, Galatians 3:13
267.Isaiah 53:10cResurrected and live foreverRomans 6:9
268.Isaiah 53:10dHe would prosperJohn 17:1-5
269.Isaiah 53:11aElohim fully satisfied with His sufferingJohn 12:27
270.Isaiah 53:11bElohim’s servant would justify manRomans 5:8-9, 18-19
271.Isaiah 53:11cThe sin-bearer for all mankindHebrews 9:28
272.Isaiah 53:12aExalted by Elohim because of his sacrificeMatthew 28:18
273.Isaiah 53:12bHe would give up his life to save mankindLuke 23:46
274.Isaiah 53:12cNumbered with the transgressorsMark 15:27-28
275.Isaiah 53:12dSin-bearer for all mankind1 Peter 2:24
276.Isaiah 53:12eIntercede to Elohim in behalf of mankindLuke 23:34, Rom. 8:34
277.Isaiah 55:3Resurrected by ElohimActs 13:34
278.Isaiah 55:4aA witnessJohn 18:37
279.Isaiah 55:4bHe is a leader and commanderHebrews 2:10
280.Isaiah 55:5Elohim would glorify HimActs 3:13
281.Isaiah 59:16aIntercessor between man and ElohimMatthew 10:32
282.Isaiah 59:16bHe would come to provide salvationJohn 6:40
283.Isaiah 59:20He would come to Zion as their RedeemerLuke 2:38
284.Isaiah 60:1-3He would shew light to the GentilesActs 26:23
285.Isaiah 61:1aThe Spirit of Elohim upon himMatthew 3:16-17
286.Isaiah 61:1bThe Messiah would preach the good newsLuke 4:16-21
287.Isaiah 61:1cProvide freedom from the bondage of sinJohn 8:31-36
288.Isaiah 61:1-2aProclaim a period of graceGalatians 4:4-5
289.Jeremiah 23:5-6Descendant of DavidLuke 3:23-31
290.Jeremiah 23:5-6The Messiah would be both Elohim and ManJohn 13:13, 1Ti 3:16
291.Jeremiah 31:22Born of a virginMatthew 1:18-20
292.Jeremiah 31:31The Messiah would be the new covenantMatthew 26:28
293.Jeremiah 33:14-15Descendant of DavidLuke 3:23-31
294.Eze.34:23-24Descendant of DavidMatthew 1:1
295.Eze.37:24-25Descendant of DavidLuke 1:31-33
296.Daniel 2:44-45The Stone that shall break the kingdomsMatthew 21:44
297.Daniel 7:13-14aHe would ascend into heavenActs 1:9-11
298.Daniel 7:13-14bHighly exaltedEphesians 1:20-22
299.Daniel 7:13-14cHis dominion would be everlastingLuke 1:31-33
300.Daniel 9:24aTo make an end to sinsGalatians 1:3-5
301.Daniel 9:24aTo make reconciliation for iniquityRomans 5:10, 2 Corinthians 5:18-21
302.Daniel 9:24bHe would be holyLuke 1:35
303.Daniel 9:25His announcementJohn 12:12-13
304.Daniel 9:26aCut offMatthew 16:21, 21:38-39
305.Daniel 9:26bDie for the sins of the worldHebrews 2:9
306.Daniel 9:26cKilled before the destruction of the templeMatthew 27:50-51
307.Daniel 10:5-6Messiah in a glorified stateRevelation 1:13-16
308.Hosea 11:1He would be called out of EgyptMatthew 2:15
309.Hosea 13:14He would defeat death1 Corinthians 15:55-57
310.Joel 2:32Offer salvation to all mankindRomans 10:9-13
311.Jonah 1:17Death and resurrection of The MessiahMatthew 12:40, 16:4
312.Micah 5:2aBorn in BethlehemMatthew 2:1-6
313.Micah 5:2bRuler in IsraelLuke 1:33
314.Micah 5:2cFrom everlastingJohn 8:58
315.Haggai 2:6-9He would visit the second TempleLuke 2:27-32
316.Haggai 2:23Descendant of ZerubbabelLuke 2:27-32
317.Zechariah 3:8Elohim’s servantJohn 17:4
318.Zechariah 6:12-13Priest and KingHebrews 8:1
319.Zechariah 9:9aGreeted with rejoicing in JerusalemMatthew 21:8-10
320.Zechariah 9:9bBeheld as KingJohn 12:12-13
321.Zechariah 9:9cThe Messiah would be justJohn 5:30
322.Zechariah 9:9dThe Messiah would bring salvationLuke 19:10
323.Zechariah 9:9eThe Messiah would be humbleMatthew 11:29
324.Zechariah 9:9fPresented to Jerusalem riding on a donkeyMatthew 21:6-9
325.Zechariah 10:4The cornerstoneEphesians 2:20
326.Zechariah 11:4-6aAt His coming, Israel to have unfit leadersMatthew 23:1-4
327.Zechariah 11:4-6bRejection causes Elohim to remove His protectionLuke 19:41-44
328.Zechariah 11:4-6cRejected in favor of another kingJohn 19:13-15
329.Zechariah 11:7Ministry to “poor,” the believing remnantMatthew 9:35-36
330.Zechariah 11:8aUnbelief forces Messiah to reject themMatthew 23:33
331.Zechariah 11:8bDespisedMatthew 27:20
332.Zechariah 11:9Stops ministering to those who rejected HimMatthew 13:10-11
333.Zechariah 11:10-11aRejection causes Elohim to remove protectionLuke 19:41-44
334.Zechariah 11:10-11bThe Messiah would be ElohimJohn 14:7
335.Zechariah 11:12-13aBetrayed for thirty pieces of silverMatthew 26:14-15
336.Zechariah 11:12-13bRejectedMatthew 26:14-15
337.Zechariah 11:12-13c30 pieces of silver cast in Yahuwah’s houseMatthew 27:3-5
338.Zechariah 11:12-13dThe Messiah would be ElohimJohn 12:45
339.Zechariah 12:10aThe Messiah’s body would be piercedJohn 19:34-37
340.Zechariah 12:10bThe Messiah would be both Elohim and manJohn 10:30
341.Zechariah 12:10cThe Messiah would be rejectedJohn 1:11
342.Zechariah 13:7aElohim’s will He die for mankindJohn 18:11
343.Zechariah 13:7bA violent deathMark 14:27
344.Zechariah 13:7cBoth Elohim and manJohn 14:9
345.Zechariah 13:7dIsrael scattered as a result of rejecting HimMatthew 26:31-56
346.Zechariah 14:4He would return to the Mt. of OlivesActs 1:11-12
347.Malachi 3:1aMessenger to prepare the way for MessiahMark 1:1-8
348.Malachi 3:1bSudden appearance at the templeMark 11:15-16
349.Malachi 3:1cMessenger of the new covenantLuke 4:43
350.Malachi 4:5Forerunner in spirit of ElijahMatthew 3:1-3, 11:10-14, 17:11-13
351.Malachi 4:6Forerunner would turn many to righteousnessLuke 1:16-17
prophecies fullfiled in Yahushua, propheices fullfiled by jesus, prophecies of the old testament
Eternal Names

Eternal Names

יהוה YaHuWaH / Elohim / YaHuSHuah יהושע

For many it is no longer a question that the time has come when something must be done with the originally revealed names of the Eternal and the Messiah. This is one of the important and essential turning point of the restoration, or let us rather speak of the reform.

Many people also know that Hebrew letters have numerical value. Thus, each word and each letter present in the Holy Scriptures has its place and its very precise weight. It is forbidden to remove or add to them, because they form a perfect unit. This unity is a truly powerful source of life and blessing to all who read and follow it. Thus the slightest modification or retrenchment automatically has harmful spiritual repercussions on the people who act in this way.

It is also obvious that the father of lies, Satan, falsifies everything. Thus, when translating the Holy Scriptures into foreign languages, one of his main objectives was to mistranslate the texts and particularly the names of the Eternal, of His Anointed and sometimes even of His Spirit in order to distort and plunder them of their content and their spiritual power. The enemy is thus trying to infiltrate the very heart of Salvation in order to blow everything up by doing a kind of nuclear fission.

YHWH / יהוה / YaHuWaH

The rejection of the name also dates back to rabbinical Judaism. Judaism emerged during the Babylonian captivity when the so-called oral laws were formulated by men still considered to this day as the wise men of the nation. The second commandment, that we shall not take his name in vain, also did not escape this distorting work and in order to ensure that this commandment will never broken, they decided that YHWH should never be spoken again. The name of our Elohim, Yahuwah, was thus simply erased from the collective consciousness. Other expressions are used as substitutes when reading the Torah. This is how we can hear words like: HaShem (The Name) and Adonai (Lord).

One can find many teachings on the internet on how to pronounce his Name, why it is important to return to it urgently in light of the prophecies and the spiritual impact it has in our lives. Maybe I’ll explain all of this myself in more detail later. Now, however, before we fall into the trap of going back to the letter and developing a new theology or denomination,

we must first and foremost refer the matter to the exclusive guidance of the Holy Spirit/Ruach HaKodesh

May this article be in his hands, from its formulation to its reading. May He guide us to know what to do and how to use his original names, lest we fall into vain human efforts lacking the deep spiritual content of the topic. Let us never restore anything for self-interest, or to make ourselves appear to be better Christians. But let’s restore things in order to walk in obedience on the path to sanctification. We must stop the enemy continuing to ridicule us by twisting/stealing to the very names of the Most High.

Everyone knows very well that the spoken word has its weight in the spiritual world. How could it be otherwise with the names of the Almighty?!

The Hebrew letters also have a numerical value. Even the Jewish sofers – the copyists of the Torah, at the slightest error, they simply destroy the entire sheet or even the entire scroll and start copying from scratch. Each word has a numerical value, which, like a kind of perfect mathematical equation, brings the Scriptures to life.

The names of Elohim are those which contain the most this vivifying power

therefore, if we alter or replace them, we prevent them from bringing their beneficial effects.

See the article: YHWH is genetically coded into us

YaHuSHuah HaMashiah

In the Tanakh (Old Testament) we come across the name Yahushuah several times, which has been transliterated in English as Joshua-Jehoshua. Both names appear as one name in the original translation: יהושע (YHSHWH YaHuSHuah).


He actually received this Name from his earthly mother at the time of his birth, on the instruction of the Archangel Gabriel. Therefore, in this given context, it was intended that He would save His people from their sins, as we read in Matthew 1:21. However, for us who have been born again in the Messiah and received the Ruach HaKodesh, this name should no longer be used in its future form, because the promise has already been fulfilled in us.


It seems incomprehensible to me that anyone could have had the idea of removing this letter ה (hey) from the Name of our Saviour which was later revealed to us! Especially since we know from the case of Abraham that this same letter ה, was precisely the one Abram received in the middle of his name as the sign of his Covenant with Yahuwah. What could have made anyone think that

this same letter ה (hey) can be removed from the name of the SAVIOUR?

This is how YaHuSHuah finally remained simply Yeshua, a name that only appeared once in this form in the whole Old Testament and who’s meaning is He Will Save. I think that those people who does not know Him yet, can indeed call Him this way and we also can use this precise form of His name when talking about him to people we are evangelizing. But for us, who are born again in the Messiah and received Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit, this name shouldn’t be pronounced in its future form since the promise had already been accomplished in us.

At his birth he was given the name Yeshua, and when he appears before the heavenly court after having died on the cross when he is dressed in garments defiled by the sins of the world, in accordance with Zechariah’s vision, he is called Yahushua, because: It is done! Here, we are no longer in the promise, in the future, but in eternal, constant, present time: Yahuwah saves and has saved. Here Salvation takes effect and shifts into eternal mode.

Each Hebrew letter not only has a numerical value, that is, a mathematically calculable weight when it is pronounced, but it also has a meaning of its own. Thus the letter ה means: Behold Sign Covenant. This way His original name was simply shortened from the following meaning:

HERE is the Lamb of Elohim, which is the SIGN, that is to say the seal, of the COVENANT.


Another important and interesting letter that appears in the name YHWH to form the name of the Saviour is the letter ש (SHin). Among other things, the meaning of this letter is “destruction”. The necessity of the death of the Son is indicated by ש so that the ה – the Covenant – could take effect. But ש does also serve as an abbreviation for one of Yahuwah‘s names: El Shaddai (The Almighty), as it is often found on mezuzot at Jewish homes.

How much more expressive and complete is YaHuSHuah‘s name than when we simply utter his name as the promise of a future saviour. Because indeed, He is the Saviour, but he is also the Sign of the Covenant by the Blood of the immolated Lamb and moreover, HE is also ONE with the Father, being El Shaddai himself.

YaHuShuah, the name of the Lamb of Elohim must necessarily merge with the name YHWH, because its meaning is: YaHuWaH Saves.

But to go a bit further and beyond Yeshua which is a correct form although incomplete in some cases. A further big question is: How can anyone think that the names He gave us to name himself can be translated into all kinds of languages, that is to say distorted and replaced by expressions often derived from the names of pagan spiritual principalities such as Zeus for example? Where the names of (Theos/Dios/Deus Je-Sus/HeilZeus) are all coming from. And we’ll soon see how problematic is also the word God used by the English and German speaking world.

Nobody translates people’s name when they go abroad. This would be considered as a lack of respect of the other and a source of vexation. If we are able to understand how important is to be respectful toward’s our neighbour’s name, why do we still not see how much more this is important in the case of Yahuwah our Elohim!?

However, there are two instances in the Bible where foreigners erased Jewish names with their own seals:

  1. The first was Joseph, one of the main precursors of Yahushua who received the name of Zaphnath-Paaneah from a pharaoh who, although being very friendly towards the Jews, only knew Elohim in a very superficial way.
  2. The other was the later Babylonian power, which after having taken the Jews captive – following the destruction of the Temple and the taking away of its vessels by dedicating them to their own pagan gods – changed the names of Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah to Belteshaszar, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego.

The same imperial spirit, let us call it Egyptian or Babylonian, but who is essentially the Roman daughter of these latter ones, simply replaced Elohim by Theos (God) and Yahushua by iesus, in order to continue to honor their former main idols through them.

It is interesting to note that the work of falsification did not stop there. For the worship of their other lesser idols also continues, but in their case it is perpetuated through the use of Jewish names after which they have been renamed. This is how Aphrodite and Venus became the Virgin Mary, Mars, Saturn, Hermes and the other Greco-Roman divinities were canonized as “saints” and thus inherited the Jewish names of the main characters of the Bible: (Saint Paul, Peter, John and the others).

Here we can see the process where the righteous ones are paganized and where the pagan idols are “hebraized.”


It was a real shock to me and I was almost discouraged from continuing the ministry when I discovered that even this widely use form of the name of the Saviour contained the seal of the antichrist from the time of the first translations of the Gospel.

Because you may be familiar with this theory that the translation of YaHuSHuah‘s name in Greek is nothing more than the greeting “heil zeus“. At first sight, this seems a bit forced to me, especially since those who promote this theory base their explanations on the Spanish pronunciation of Jesus (with the Spanish strongly pronounced Jota). However, when the Greeks invented the term Jesus, the Spanish language did not even exist. But anyway the phenomenon is indeed suspicious enough to give a serious chance that this is not a coincidence, and knowing the style of deceptions the enemy often uses, I can easily imagine that he is also hiding behind this as well.

This good human intention which tries to bring the name of the Saviour closer to the lips, that is to say to the mother tongue of the new converts, is used by the devil to defile and blaspheme by his own names the Name above all names. As the saying goes:

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

Satan, among others, has mastered the art of using human goodwill and pure intentions to hinder the plan of YaHuWaH, of Redempting humankind by becoming YaHuSHuah.

Greeks did not keep the -wah ending of Yahushuah, since the -a ending is the sign of the feminine form. Greek and also Latin language words ending with -a are generally feminine. Thus they could really feel having a good reason to make some change in it, since they did not want to associate Yeshua to feminity, but the problem was that the masculine ending form added -us, is directly coming from the name of Zeus, who was the quintessential male being the father of all gods, the first male of the world according to their former beliefs. This resulted in the birth of a name whose sound fully includes the name of their zeus when pronounced: iesus. Something that should have seemed just as problematic to them as the original form and its feminine connotation. But this little detail did not really bother them quite obviously.

Moreover, the matter does not end here. Because when the Greek translation, iesus, was later adopted by the Latin speakers of the Roman Empire, they simply kept it without any modification. Here the question arises as to how a Latin-speaking believer could have had the guts to keep this name in this form and pronounce it when speaking of the Messiah, since the word sus in Latin was an existing and common expression which meaning is none other than pig or swine!?

And if all this wasn’t convincing enough why it is problematic to refer to the Messiah with this Greek word and all the names derived from it, it is also worth mentioning that

according to the Greek gematria, the numerical value of the letters that make up the root of the word Iesus is nothing but 666.

More precisely, the name Jesus is articulated arround the three Greek consonants which result in this number. It was precisely these three consonants that John used in the book of revelations when announcing the number of the beast: χξϛ (chi xi and stigma). Later on, vowels had been aded to these three letters and also the graphism of greek letters had been modified through time in order to reach the final result Ἰησοῦς, as you can see it in the greek texts. It is thus very hard to see the resemblance with the original satanic root.

A separate study could be written about how the antichrist appropriated the role and person of our Savior to endow Him with his own false name? It can also be expected that when the Antichrist finally reveals himself within a few weeks or at most a few little years, he will argue with this well-prepared phenomenon in order to deceive many into saying that the real Messiah, Yahushua of Nazareth who walked the earth 2000 years ago and who was renamed “Jesus”, was actually the prophesied “antichrist” since having the number of the beast included in his name, and from now on he is of course the “real” one. We can eventually also prepare for this kind of deceptive propaganda as well.

I know it is shocking to read such things and that it is almost unacceptable. We would almost start to get angry with the Almighty for having let the enemy steal even His names from us! Why did He let the devil go so far in falsification?

But we could also turn against ourselves. Let us not fall into the temptation of accusing or even condemning ourselves for having been using impure names so far, let us instead recognize once again that we must look forward, not backward. There is a time of ignorance and there is a deception into which we have all fallen in spite of ourselves.

Certainly we have been deceived, but we were not aware of it and our devotion was pure and that is why it worked anyway.

Many of us have been baptized in the name of Jesus. Yet, we are indeed born again and have received the Holy Spirit and all the gifts resulting from it together with the promise of the Eternal Life. We even healed people many times in the name of Jesus and it perfectly worked! But why then, if the name would really be false? Because we called him so out of ignorance, but in the bottom of our hearts He is the true Messiah to whom we said “yes” and whom we invoked and thus who we truly met.

It is important to emphasize this fact, because the time of Grace is still ongoing. And I am sorry to see once again, that those who preach the return to the original names of the Eternal do often fall into the other extreme. They do fall in the trap of accusing, or at least insinuating, that those who use the names derived from Zeus: Theos and Jesus are the sons of perdition. This condemnation is a serious sin and even a worse attack on His Name than the use of the falsifications against which these people raise their voices. We must preach the truth with love and not execute the dying ones before time.

Of course, in the other hand, if following the recognition of the need to restore the original names, someone persists in the use of the fake ones, then a new era will open for such rebels which will gradually shorten the time of grace granted to them. Thus, we must draw everyone’s attention to this danger.

Let us rejoice that the time of Grace still lasts. Let’s be happy that Ruach HaKodesh goes on guiding us. Let us give thanks for always having the possibility of asking to have an increasingly humble and obedient heart so that we can accept even what may still seem unacceptable today. Let us be happy of still having the true names available to us so that we can live with and by them.

And now let’s ask the question in our hearts to the Holy Spirit: Does the Eternal really want us to come back to His original names again? Because if He is inviting us from within to do so and if we still do not make the right decision, then very different and less glorious times will be opened up in our lives.

Elohim / אלוהים

Instead of ELOHIM, the names of false elohim(s) are used in every language.

Let’s take a look at a few languages of the world, in which billions of people to this day address the Almighty using totally different expressions to the one He first revealed to us: Elohim.

Theos / Zeus

Among the epistles included in the New Testament that were actually originally written in Greek, we can find today the term Theos instead of Elohim. This is very likely a later transcription of the original term or title. When the texts began to be copied, the term Theos, easier to interpret for the Greeks, came in as a substitute the original word used by Paul. It is not necessary to have in-depth theological, historical or linguistic knowledge to recognize the origin of this term: TheosZeus.

From here comes the later Latin form Deus which by transliteration has become Dios/Dieu, etc. in languages derived from Latin, including French and Spanish.

The origins of the two following names are not really clear and are much more difficult to figure out. However, whether either theory turns out to be the correct one, that would make their use quite problematic.

ǥuđán / God

The English and German word God/Got could come from two different places: First we have the Babylonian deity called Gad who was also worshiped by some Jews during the captivity and which is mentioned in the book of Isaiah in chapter 65.

But according to some opinions, God may simply come from the Germanic people of the same name, the Goths. For in the Germanic world, where the concept of übermensch (superior race) was always prominent long before the Nazis, the Gothic tribes were considered superior among the all the other Germanic tribes. Indeed, the Goths were the Germanic superheroes, the strongest warriors considered invincible and therefore endowed with a practically divine reputation. In a strongly anthropocentric English-speaking world where people are mostly descending from Anglo-Saxon/Danish-Viking thus Germanic tribes, it can easily happen that God is quite simply the expression of the man who elevates himself to the rank of Elohim. At the time of the adoption of Christianity, this term designating the supreme spiritual authority, was adopted to name Elohim, the Almighty.

Isten / Ishtar

The Hungarian word Isten (pronounced ichten, equivalent of God) is perhaps the most interesting and also the most dramatic of all at the same time. Here again, the origin of the word is not very clear. According to some linguists, the word comes from the Persian language, others say that it is Finno-Ugric and still others claim that it is of Sumerian origin, and means “ancestral“, “one“, or “unique“. So far, it wouldn’t be such a big deal, since we are really talking about the Elohim who is Ancestral, One and Unique.

However, the sound of this term is surprisingly close to another phenomenon also of Persian and Sumerian origin, which is none other than Ishtar.

She was considered the goddess of love, fertility, sometimes also of war, identified with Venus, the morning star. Among the Canaanites and Mesopotamians, she is better known as Astarte. Its symbol is the eight-pointed star. She is a deity who was held in such reverence even in Babylonia that the very gate through which the Jewish people entered the city during the captivity bore her name. The remains of this gate are still kept in a museum in Berlin, right next to Satan‘s throne by the way.

Unfortunately, this vecinity with the devil is not only limited to the berliner museum. Another disturbing phenomenon can be observed if we write this word in Hebrew: אישטן, form almost identical not only in its sonority, but also in its spelling with the name of שָׂטָן (STN).

Even if the situation was not as serious as just described, and the resemblance to Satan’s name would just be a mere coincidence, the almost identical sounding of the words isten and isthar raises the question of whether is it wise to use this term when talking about the Creator?

Moreover, it is not surprising to observe such a phenomenon in the case of a people whose first decisions when their State has been founded more than 1000 years ago, was precisely to offer the country to the Virgin Mary. From here on, giving Elohim the name of a female deity is not surprising. After all, Ishtar was not only a female deity, but was also called the queen of heaven. According to historians she was also named Astarte by other peoples, but she is also a direct predecessor of Aphrodite in Greece and then of Venus in Rome, herself later renamed Virgin Mary by the Christianized Romans (coming form the original name Miriam, the Jewish mother of YahuShuah).

Allah / Elah

It is interesting to note that in the case of Allah, quite the opposite happens. Because it comes directly from Elah the contracted hebrew form of Elohim taken over by Arabic which, as we know, is also a Semitic language. This name had been adopted by the arabs in times where neighter Islam nor Christianity existed yet. But the Arabs indeed already existed and many worshiped the true and only Elohim, as we can see in the case of Jethro (Yitro) father-in-law of Moses. To this day, Arab or Coptic Christians use Allah, this abbreviated and Arabized version of Elohim as a word to designate God. It is therefore not the name of a foreign deity who would have been slammed on Elohim, but quite the contrary. Here, it is the original name which is taken over by a foreign spirit. Thus Baal reveals himself to a false prophet by usurping the abbreviated version Elah and simply calls himself Elohim by billions of people.


All these cases show that there are still basic things that still need to be restored in the Church. Whether we accept it or not, even if it is shocking, we must face the fact that:

the Bride uses the names of her exes to call upon her Bridegroom!

And I expressed myself with great restraint. Because the former idols are not just ex-boyfriends, but pure pimps. What name should be given to a wife who names her husband after his old macks in your opinion? Can we still speak of Wife? Or is she still a prostitute or at least in a mixed spiritual state, in adultary? Could this fundamental phenomenon explain the reason for the pitiful state of Christendom? Could this not be the root of all deviations from the straight path? Because the Latin word curba means deviation/curve. This word has been taken up in the Slavic languages as well as in Hungarian in the form kurva which means prostitute in its more vulgar version. This refers to many biblical prophecies where Israel and Judah were referred to by similar adjectives by their Husband Elohim. Today, there is a third woman, the Bride (Ephraim or the Nations) who, let’s face it, is not much better than the two others.

In the interest of real and effective reform, we should perhaps go back to basics so drastically:

In what terms do we speak of the Creator, the Almighty, the Eternal, our Savior and even somtimes of his Spirit?

We are not talking about Jewish roots here. Still not. Much more serious and important things still need to be restored, which go far beyond the Jewish roots and compared to which these are practically insignificant.

Because there was not yet a single Jew on earth when mankind had already been calling on the names of Yahuwah and Elohim for a long time. Then the Jew came with all his self-righteousness and man-made artificial laws and veiled the name of YHWH. And this false tradition has been endorsed and perpetuated by Christianity until today.

And now, as a Jew believing in the Messiah YaHuSHuah of Nazareth, should I also have to teach Jewish roots in the name of our Savior by continuing to use distorted or alienated terms such HaShem/Adonai and even God, Dieu or Ishtar as many others do? No thanks, I do not want to take part in that kind of circus anymore!

What would you say if your wife/partner/girlfriend called you by the name of one of her ex-boyfriends? How long would you endure such an offence before sending her back where she came from? This is where we see how incredibly patient Yahuwah is compared to us.

On our part, however, let us recognize the problem and do not grieve His Spirit any further by behaving like harlots and not like a worthy and obedient Bride.

For the Bridegroom is at the door. Is there any oil in your lamp? If so what kind of oil is it? With what names have you anointed the Son and the Father? Because the names we give are anointings and carry deep meanings. And the Spirit of Yahuwah/Elohim/Yahushuah did not authorize anyone to point to Him with these profane words. Realize that there are still some wise virgins who can still give you real oil today in case you happen to still be part of the camp of the foolish ones.

For when the Day comes, it is the one you have called on the name who will appear to take you. (Romans 10:13). May no one have any bad surprise at that moment!

Did Paul also use Theos?

The question may immediately arise for many: why would the term Theos instead of Elohim appear in the original Greek New Testament if there were actually problems with this term on a spiritual level? This expression appears throughout the epistles! So if Paul didn’t have any conscience issues as a result of using this term, why should we have them today?

Could this phenomenon indicate that the New Testament was ultimately not written in Greek, that the documents presented until now as original are only later translations? Several biblical scholars have emerged in recent years who claim that the original text was written in Hebrew or Aramaic and that the Greek is only a later translation. This would explain why Elohim could transform into Theos.

For my part, I am convinced that some parts of the New Testament were indeed written in Hebrew, but others were really written from the start in Greek. Just as the promise of Salvation was transferred for a time from the original Hebrew people to the Greeks, that is, to other Nations.

I am convinced that the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and John could not have been originally written in any language other than Hebrew.

After all, the Gospel was addressed first and primarily to the Jews. It was therefore necessary that it was published for the first time in the world in the language of the Jews. Furthermore, these people were not known for their knowledge of Greek. They were simple fishermen who probably did not know the language of the oppressive power to such a level that they would have been able to write such far-reaching stories in a language alien to them. This is true even if Matthew and Mark came to some extent from Hellenized Jewish families, as their first names attest.

Luke, on the other hand, was Greek, a converted proselyte. His Gospel could very well have been written in Greek from the outset, since it was not only his mother tongue, but at that time, due to the rejection of the Messiah by a large part of the Jews, Elohim had already begun to transfer the relay of the History of Salvation in the hands of the “Greeks”, that is to say the Gentiles, for a certain time until their number is reached. Thus, and in a symbolic way, by formulating one of the Gospels in Greek, Elohim was able to send a strong signal to humanity, indicating that from now on the door will also be open to non-Jews.

Paul, unlike his evangelist predecessors, was a very educated and cultured person. Not only was he a Roman citizen, but he also spoke the language of the eastern part of the empire, namely Greek, perfectly well. Let’s just think rationally for a moment: When such a man begins to write letters to assemblies whose members are mostly non-Jewish and whose mother tongue is Greek, there is no doubt that he is not going to start writing to them in Hebrew, thinking that the brothers and sisters will manage with online translation software or someone else interpreting on site to decode his messages. Adherents of the theory that the New Testament was written exclusively in Hebrew should think a little about these few small details. It is obvious that he will use as a mediator the language that they all speak and understand in common.

Therefore, the two theories that the New Testament was written only in Greek or only in Hebrew are two extremes that must be rejected. The truth again lies somewhere in between.

Thus, I believe that most of the New Testament was originally written in Greek, but not only in Greek.

However, the manuscripts where we find the term Theos instead of Elohim in the original Greek must necessarily be later transcriptions.

Let us remember how Paul reacted when, after entering Lycaonia with Barabbas, where the inhabitants, as soon as they experienced the miracles and signs performed by the two apostles, called them gods and identified Paul with Hermes and Barabbas to Zeus, and prepared to sacrifice animals in their honor. Paul then tore his clothes in front of them as a sign of mourning. He destroyed his only possession, his only means of protection, which protected him from the sun, rain, wind, sandstorms and evening frosts, because pagans, therefore young children in spirit, through ignorance and in good faith, instinctively wanted to elevate to the divine rank the people who did them good.

How could a man so zealous and disgusted by anything related to paganism replace Elohim with a term that is clearly derived from Zeus?

It is completely stupid and irrational to imagine that such a righteous and faithful servant of the Messiah as Paul would ever allow the primary title of the Almighty to be degraded to such a level, just in order to please new converts.

From the moment you recognize the true Creator and Redeemer, you have the duty and obligation to use the names that He Himself was willing to reveal to you from the start. Man has never been given the power to decide for himself what titles and names he can afford to use regarding the Creator. The animals were the ones that Adam was allowed to name and baptize according to his choices and certainly not the Father.

A spiritual child can name the Father according to the purity of his heart whatever he wants as long as he does it out of love and especially out of ignorance. But as we grow in spirit, we must gradually abandon all our childish babblings and behave as responsible and obedient adults as a sign of respect to our Father.

Therefore, everyone should know how old they are in spirit. This message is a call to those who are spiritually mature and stable enough to understand the meaning of the original names so that they can use them truthfully while abandoning the false ones they have been using so far. I would like to encourage you to openly and courageously accept what you feel from within, even if you know that the countercurrent is very powerful, that very few people will congratulate you, and that brothers may even begin to persecute or reject you for reverting to the original names.

I do not condemn those who use God and other such terms, if they do so out of ignorance and with a child’s heart. But like all other laws, the time must come when, on the orders of Ruach HaKodesh , the use of the original names must also be restored.


In conclusion and as further encouragement, it is worth mentioning that a process has emerged over the years whereby millions of believers across the world are returning to the use of the name Yahweh.

Although I think there is no doubt that the original pronunciation is Yahuwah, we are still saying the same thing, since the 4 consonants, those that have a numerical value and thus weight in the spiritual realm, are pronounced in both cases. Yahuweh, Yahuwah, the difference is really just one final vowel. Above all, let’s not make a fuss of it in a stubborn and Pharisaical way. I am happy when I hear them pronounce the Name in this way.

Thanks to Elohim, not only are we not alone, but for the majority of African and American Christians, the original name has been in constant use for decades, and perhaps there is hardly anyone among them who is still scandalized at hearing this name. It unfortunately seems to me that on the European continent, there is still a long way to go in this direction.

See also: YHWH is genetically coded into us


Synagogue of Satan

Synagogue of Satan

I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and bow down before your feet, and they will learn that I have loved you. Revelation 3:9

Many have tried to explain who these false Jews could be, that Yahuwah/Yeshua speaks to John about. This sentence is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used tools by anti-Semites to try to discredit the election of the Jewish people. Many are confused by such a visibly violent statement and remain in shock, unable to discern its meaning. Here we will see in a very simple way who will be, or rather who already are, those who fall into this category of false Jews who are members of the synagogue of Satan.

Like all other questions related to the Holy Scriptures, we must not complicate things and there is no point in over-philosophizing on the issue.

After all, the declared Word of Elohim is made for all, so that all humans understand it without distinction of level of study and IQ. People who are too intelligent, or who try to appear so, often tend to distort extremely simple truths by dint of chattering too much about the subjects they discuss. The word being universal, is also addressed to simple people. So instead of unnecessary explanations, let’s go back to the plain text itself.

What does it want to express? Quite simply,

that there are Jews among us who count as such, but who are not. These serve Satan, that’s all.

But the fact of belonging to such a “synagogue” does not in itself mean that they are automatically the sons of damnation. For most of them, they are deceived people who will hopefully repent of their mistake in time. It is always the minority who act by demonic nature and innate and visceral depravity. These are the ones who deceive and drag with them many souls whose fate is not yet decided, in order to tear them away with them in their doom.

Traditional Christian interpretation

The most common view of Christianity is that the synagogue of Satan are simply the Jews of today who since the rejection of the Messiah in Yeshua of Nazareth have thus and automatically moved to the worship of Satan.

This reasoning may seem logical and understandable somewhere, because it is true that, by definition, anyone who denies the Messiah is under the dominion of Satan. Yeshua himself tells the Pharisees that their father is Satan, so it is quite difficult for them to think of anything else (let’s understand these poor anti-Semitic Christians a little). However, the Pharisees to whom Yeshua spoke were part of this category of demoniacs that I have just mentioned and who deceived a large part of the People of the time. This large part of the People, as well as their descendants, did not suffer rejection from Elohim,

but were rather put in a sort of quarantine, until the time of the Nations was fulfilled.

The priests of the time were already members of this synagogue of Satan, but this was not the case for the average Jew, the people who were simply deceived by their corrupt spiritual leaders.

It is certainly beneficial to be Jewish, as Paul stated also because, for a time, they enjoy special protection against the power of Satan from Yahuwah, despite Yeshua’s momentary rejection. Of course every human being enjoys a certain degree of protection from Elohim, even in the case of those who are not saved, redeemed and in submission before Him, for life could not even persist in the world otherwise. But this protection is all the more present in the case of the originally chosen people as the ancient Covenant of Mount Sinai is still valid today.

Traditional anti-Semitic interpretation

Non-believing anti-Semites are of the same opinion as Christian anti-Semites. They defend the thesis of the illegitimacy of the state of Israel by putting forward, among other things, the Khazarian thesis and other conspiracy theories targeting and accusing the entire Jewish community in a unilateral manner. And although much of their criticism is based on real and correct facts, the bad news for them is that their arguments are only true for a very thin layer of the Jewish population. Thus, the justice and judgment that they await with so much enthusiasm will only strike this particular and very narrow layer of the Jewish community, as well as all those who have blindly hated the rest of the Jews because of these ones, which means precisely themselves, those who await the judgment of the Jews.

These anti-Semites of the world are typically those who generally refute the Word of Elohim revealed in the Bible as well as the shed blood of the Savior Yeshua, but who nevertheless allow themselves to refer to the Bible and extract sentences out of context, when these verses seem to support their perverted ideas.

The essence of these two forms of anti-Semitism is the desire to replace the Jews as the Chosen People. Doesn’t their false election also make them false Jews and do they not thus also fall into the category of synagogue of Satan? They often declare it with their own mouths, claiming to be true Jews, Jews of heart or spirit!
And do also note that Synagogue of Satan rhymes with SS.

Interpretation of Christian Friends of Jews

Another extreme is when the Jew becomes such an idol for some Christians that among them some are going even so far as to convert to Judaism which persists in always denying the Messiah in Yeshua. Many go so far as to imagine that acquiring Jewish identity is a greater guarantee of Salvation than the very Blood shed by Yeshua.
There are also well-known christian false teachers that claim that Jews just need the Old Covenant in order to be saved. That’s definitely a statement that could only come out from the mouth of a priest of Satan.
(J. Hagee and other pigs of the sort)

Generally speaking, Philosemite Christians never talk about the subject of the synagogue of Satan. They avoid it, because it questions a part of this people that they love so much. Among them, there are many who can be listed in this category, even if what they do, they do not do consciously. Indeed, even if they wear the mask of the Messiah, they simply serve the power of the antichrist. Thus they cannot be part of any other type of synagogue than the one we are talking about here. They are not working on the grafting of Christianity into the cultivated olive tree,

but they kill them even deeper in spirit by placing them under the yoke of religiosity, the superficiality of Judaic traditions and folklore, or even under the law itself.

They distribute the title of Jew to all kinds of people who never had anything to do with Jewry, thus subjecting them to the lie of claiming a false identity. Many so-called messianic Jewish communities, or simply Christian friends of Israel, simply hand out Jewish identity to whoever wants it and disguise poor people in identity crisis as Jews, dressing them in all kinds of talliths and other kippas before their worship, like when the clowns put on makeup before the show at the circus. In fact, they are doing the same thing as those who hate Jews, but out of love in their case. Because they too constantly declare that they feel Jewish in heart, soul and spirit. They call themselves Jews, but they are not. It seems obvious to me that they also fall into the category we are dealing with. This is also replacement theology, only that it is not done out of hate, but out of love!

There are even aberrant theories coming from people claiming to be Jewish and messianic at the same time and who go so far as to openly and increasingly deny facts fundamentally defining the person of the Messiah and his divine origin. Theories are expressed refuting the fact that the Messiah was born of a virgin and by the action of the Holy Spirit, affirming that Joseph was the biological father of Yeshua and that his conception occurred naturally. They also deny that the death on the cross was a sacrifice and that the precious Blood of the Messiah would not have been shed for the forgiveness of our sins. Unfortunately, such demonic statements are being heard in these days and here in our regions. Their hatred of Christianity, their wrongly experienced Jewish identity as well as the inferiority complex that results from it, pushes them to always shout louder and to say something ever bigger in order to shock people’s minds, to the point of falling into the trap of denying the very foundations of our faith. Their desire to restore Christianity takes on such extreme proportions that they go so far as to deny the Messiah and thus the Salvation that results from Him. It was of people like them that Paul wrote the following:

But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under Elohim’s curse! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under Elohim’s curse! Galatians 1:8-9

Chosen people

As explained in another teaching (Anti-Semitism and anti-Christianity), what Elohim chooses is automatically chosen by the enemy as well. Yes, we can say what our opponents are wont to say about us is true, the Jewish people are Satan’s chosen people. However, the context in which this statement is made is completely erroneous.

Because the Jewish people will always and above all remain the chosen people of Elohim.

Satan has chosen Elohim’s people, because as we know, he always tries to take everything that belongs to Yahuwah. Not only his throne, but also his servants, his subjects, his goods, his possessions. Satan wants to expropriate all of humanity and within it, he pays particular attention to anyone who has made a Covenant with Elohim. The people he attacks most assiduously are the Jewish people on the one hand because of the Covenant at Sinai and the Church on the other hand, the Body of Christ, because of its Covenant through the Blood of the Messiah.

Jews reinforcing conspiracy theories

The synagogue of Satan is also all those Jews of blood and origin who have become financial magnates, immensely rich bankers or traders, people or rather dynasties and entire generations having abandoned their faith for centuries to serve the mammon and the idols of the world.

These ones have no desire to return to live in Jerusalem and become fully Jews again, but feel perfectly well in their Babylonian-Roman exile whose rules they consider to be the true laws to follow and respect.

Among them, we find those who go so far as to sell their souls on the altar of political ideologies, or even masonic or downright satanic precepts. Many of them, despite being of Jewish origin, fight fiercely against all forms of religion and communitarianism under the pretext of fighting racism by developing a single, homogeneous and individualistic global human race based on faith in science. Thus they fight not only against Christianity, but against the Jewish community and Israel in particular. And since they are unable of thwarting Elohim’s will to see his people return to the Holy Land, failing to be able to destroy the Jewish State, they attempt to interfere in its functioning. In other words, they allow the Jewish state to exist, but they try to keep it under their control to the extent that they have the power to do so. This is how we can understand the links that connect Zionism to Freemasonry. Israel is thus brought to its knees by world powers forcing it to submit through political, military or economic pressure. This is why Israel behaves like a prostitute living at the expense of its clients and pimps.

Indeed, today, Israel has put its trusts in its American boyfriend and well as in its own physical attributes and strenght, that is to say in its army, more than in Elohim. But this confidence gradually begins to move in the direction of Elohim. And the final tipping point will occur at Armageddon (Har Meggido), when even the United States will stand against Israel, as it has been promised for long.

Religious Jews

We also find individuals who are members of the synagogue of Satan within the religious Jewish community who are increasingly, more than ever, attached to the rejection of Yeshua as messiah. Those who are not satisfied with the study of their futile rabbinic and other talmudic traditions – something which at least has the advantage of keeping their Jewish identity alive – but who continue to openly despise and blaspheme the name of Yeshua with a rage

which measure is in direct relation to the degree of remorse that is unconsciously hidden deep within them.

On the internet, we hardly find any teachings from “rabbis” who manage to refrain from mentioning the name of Yeshua. Sooner or later, they feel compelled to attack him in order to justify why they do not accept him as the Messiah. If I were a psychologist, I would undoubtedly be more enthusiastic about this phenomenon. Indeed, science knows this psychological mechanism well, when a fault from the past emerges and does not leave the person who committed it with a clear conscience and the question is constantly haunting him. But unfortunately the fact is that I am a teacher and not a psychologist. Although I know there is some truth to this reasoning, I unfortunately have a much more pessimistic view of the matter.

Just as our Savior declared to the Pharisees and chief priests that they were sons of the devil (John 8:44), so

it has never been the ordinary man, whether worldly Jew or Orthodox, who causes problems,

but it’s their spiritual leaders, the “rabbis” or “wise men” of Israel, as they are wont to call them.

The devil never allows just anyone to serve in such important positions, but will favor individuals “worthy of his trust,” those he deems dedicated enough to false rabbinic Judaism. It is to them that he will entrust the function of teachers of the people. Having, as we know, the right to power over the world, the priestly and rabbinical seats naturally do not escape its control. They are thus also part of the synagogue of Satan, because they are responsible for the distorted teaching and the lamentable spiritual condition of the people. They are the ones who stir up hatred against Yeshua among those who might not be particularly bothered by him in the first place. They are the ones who deviate Jewish believers further and further from the Messiah, and without whom many of the latter would perhaps have already recognized the true Messiah in Yeshua a long time ago.
Although these false teachers are probably for the most part simple human souls, themselves deceived and in case of whom the Messiah’s Grace is still valid and offered, some among them have their destiny sealed in advance and have only appeared in a human body to sow trouble. Just as was the case with most of the Pharisees and Sadducees of the time, who knew exactly who they were up against, and who were probably already there at the time of the ancient rebellion, when alongside with Hellel (thus becoming Satan) they said directly in the eyes of Yahuwah that they do not want Him anymore. And now they also appear in human form among us, in order to destroy humanity in spirit and among them, the Jews in particular.

From our perspective, it doesn’t matter who is who, whether the rabbi in question is deluded or downright a demonic incarnation, we are not the ones to judge. Whether it is one or the other, the bottom line is that these people have nothing to teach us and we have nothing to learn from them. Listening to them brings us absolutely nothing, quite the contrary.
If we are born again, we are thought from the inside directly from the Holy Spirit!

To simplify, we can affirm that all Jews are members of the synagogue of Satan who still today continue to scream as the crowd once did before Pilate: “Crucify him!” “, and also: “We want Barabas!”. No matter to what extent false Christianity in the name of a distorted messiah transformed into a vulgar idol called Jesus and the crucifix in their hand is responsible for the death and persecution of our ancestors, the Jew who even today still continues to consciously rebel against the messiahship of Yeshua can only be considered as part of the synagogue of satan.

But I declare it once again: They are not its members intrinsically, but its prisoners who are trapped in it like in a cage as captive pigeons.

Among Jews, however, many prefer to remain silent. The wisdom of the latter pushes them not to say anything that they might one day regret if it turns out that they were wrong.

These are like Gamaliel who warned the magistrates

to carefully consider the decision they were about to make against the first disciples. For if it turns out that the thing comes from Elohim, they would be considered rebels before the Most High, but if the thing is not from Him, it will disappear by itself sooner or later. (Acts 5:34-39).

I dare to think that today, the vast majority of Jews are like Gamaliel.
Those who prefer to wait in silence and say nothing. They do not judge Yeshua although they would have every reason to do so in view of what Christianity has made them endure in his name over the centuries. They constitute this famous remnant which will be grafted again into the root of the olive tree, according to the promise. Until then, they are allowed to remain lukewarm, in order to avoid falling into the much greater sin of blasphemy and rebellion.

Although it is very likely that the proportion of unsaved Jews is much higher than I think and we have long known the exact number from ancient prophecies. It is well known that within a few years, a third of the Jewish population will be destroyed again. Perhaps Elohim will thus purify His people, so that a little later another prophecy could be fulfilled, according to which all Israel will be saved? I can’t say it for sure, I do not yet have clear vision in this, but it seems like a big indication to me.

Non-religious Jews

The vast majority of Jews today and particularly Israelis believe in Elohim, but do not adhere to any religious movement. They refuse any form of orthodoxy and practice their faith freely, only going to synagogues on major holidays at most. These people respect rabbinical teachings, because they cannot yet discern truth from falsehood, but only submit to it to the extent that their common sense allows them. These Jews are like those mentioned above, they do not consciously side against the person of the Messiah. These Jews are excessively tolerant and therefore do not attack Yeshua, but respect him in the same way as the prophets of other religions. They are also part of this lukewarm remnant which has the advantage of already being largely purified of rabbinical excesses.

The Third Temple

The most apparent and obvious synagogue of Satan that will appear in the world in physical form is this temple in Jerusalem that the Jews will soon rebuild. This famous third temple of which all the utensils and ornaments (and even the red cows) are ready for some time and where the future priests of the antichrist are only waiting for the moment when they can once again present the animal sacrifices as before. The resumption of sacrifices is undoubtedly an act of rebellion against the Lamb of Elohim, because at Golgotha the ultimate and definitive Sacrifice on the Cross was accomplished, thus abolishing forever the offerings of the temple which until then were only its foreshadowing. Yahuwah also ensured that his rebellious people against the Messiah, would at least not fall into the sin of preserving the order of sacrifices. So he let the Roman troops destroy the Temple of the time, in order to put an end to the practice of offerings.

Yahuwah did not allow his people to commit this outrage, even unconsciously.

Few know it, but rabbinical literature and Jewish historians tell us about all these strange phenomena which appeared at the time of the last sanctuary, during the period which extended from the death of Yeshua on the cross until the destruction of the temple. We all know the first sign which is none other than the tearing of the veil in the Holy of Holies at the moment when our Savior placed his soul in the hands of the Father. However, few people know this, but approx. from 30 to 70 of the Gregorian era, the door of the Sanctuary opened “by itself” every night. Also, during Yom Kippur, the lot fell, in each case and for forty years, on the goat which stood on the left side of the priest, this goat which was to be released towards Azazel in the desert according to the law of the Torah. Also, on this day of Yom Kippur, a crimson rope, smeared with blood, never again turned white, as Yahuwah had given before, as confirmation that the sacrifice offered for the sins of the people was accepted by Him. And finally, the lamps of the Menorah also went out every day for forty years, despite the Levites’ best efforts to prevent this. Elohim thus constantly pointed out to the people the error of rejecting Yeshua in such a spectacular and clear manner that it is still recorded in rabbinic literature today. So they have no excuse.
At the time, Yahuwah still gave 40 years filled with signs and wonder in order to reason them, to give them a second chance. But they refused to make tshuva and thus they had to see their temple destroyed and they had to flee away from the Homeland starting the longest exile of our history ever.

Coming back to our end times, there will indeed be Jews who persist in supporting the antichrist, even when it becomes obvious to those who know the Word that he is not the real messiah. In the third temple, things will happen that will make it clear to religious Jews that the antichrist is still not the long-awaited messiah. He won’t be able to fool everyone. At this precise moment, a great disappointment will overwhelm the rest of the Jewish people, because they themselves initially believed that it was the right one. The enemy does not have absolute power.
In this battle, Yahuwah has infallible weapons able of protecting and convincing many. Among these weapons, his Word is undoubtedly the best protective shield.

One of these events to which I refer will be the spiritual mixture which will characterize the functioning of the last temple. Indeed, the priests already designated to take over the order of sacrifices have declared from the start that the next temple will not only be that of the Jews, but will be a sanctuary for all people and religions. They will make their sacrifices in the presence of the Pope, the Dalai Lama and other religious leaders with whom they will pray together for world peace. It will be the site of a real ecumenical circus which may not please everyone. In addition, a statue will be erected there before which all knees must bow, according to the prophecy. The time when the faithful should leave the city without delay according to the warning.

When you see ‘the abomination that causes desolation standing where it does not belong—let the reader understand—then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains.

Mark 13:14

It is obvious that the orthodox Jewish puritans will not submit to such rituals and will go through a great spiritual crisis, because they will feel doubly deceived, once by the third temple and once by the person of the false messiah.

It will be from this great confusion that the recognition of the true Messiah will arise.

That’s all, I have no deeper vision beyond what has just been cited concerning the nature of this false synagogue mentioned in the book of Revelation. Maybe that’s all. But it may be even more complex. What seems certain to me is that the Jews mentioned above and serving foreign spirits under demonic yokes have indeed been among us for a very long time and can undoubtedly be placed in this category. Unmasking them becomes an increasingly urgent priority as the arrival of the false messiah approaches.

So these are Jews who are not. They keep the physical marks of Jewishness at most in their underwear, but their minds, their hearts are very far from it. They are not Jewish because according to the true laws of Moses, we consider Jewish only those who are both it by blood and by spirit. The two criteria are inseparable, if one is missing, we cannot really speak of a Jew. The criterion of consanguinity is not sufficient in itself and vice versa.

Only spiritual connection to the divine makes a Jew by blood a true Israelite.

A person is not a Jew who is one only outwardly, nor is circumcision merely outward and physical.

Roman 2:28

Either someone is simply not Jewish because they have no jewish ancestors and whether they like it or not they will never become Jewish either in spirit or in heart, or someone else who has Jewish blood will only become truly Jewish again when his heart is finally circumcised in the same way as his penis.

Let us be careful not to damn a Jewish faithful to Elohim, even if he is in the momentary error of rabbinic Judaism. Let us avoid judging anyone who is momentarily part of this evil synagogue, for this would be considered a direct attack on the apple of Elohim’s eye. Whoever curses the Jew will be cursed in turn, according to the promise made to Abraham. We must pray and work for as many people as possible escape from it.
Who, as a stranger or even as a younger son, dares to interfere in the Father’s judgment of his eldest son? If something doesn’t concern you, be careful not to get involved for fear that it will ultimately be you who receives the spanking that you would have so much wanted to see inflicted on the other!

The Church of Satan

But Satan not only has a synagogue, he also has Christian “churches” in large quantity. Those who claim to be from the Messiah, but are not. Those who with their institutional churches and their added laws or theologies cast the veil on the true nature of the Savior in the same way that rabbinic Judaism blinds its followers who are still unable of recognizing the Messiah. It is about all those who are capable of making idols of everything, even of Yeshua and not simply by sculpting or painting his supposed image, but by always persisting in trampling on the Commandments which were made flesh, thus incarnated and fulfilled in Him. They thus weaken and sabotage the functioning of the one true Church which is the Body of the Messiah.

But there are also movies like Christian midrash, where poor bearded guys with esoteric faces and fans of the Pope will play out for you on the screen what Jesus allegedly did and declared between two verses of the Gospel. The Midrash being that part of Jewish literature which fills in the gaps in the Torah and invents all kinds of extra-biblical stories concerning the lives and actions of the characters of the Old Testament. What their lives were like beyond what the Word reveals about them, etc. “Chosen” as they call their this soap opera! Indeed, this is nothing less than one of the main chosen tool of deception of Satan to make mess in your head and in your spirit, so that you can no longer discern the Word of the Gospel from what has been shown to you on screen through this infamous series. I haven’t seen a more satanic plot against the Body of the Messiah than this film since the founding of the Roman church by the so called Constantine “the great”. Any representation of the Savior by a common human actor is immensely problematic in itself, but this damned series goes beyond all limits!

Much more could be said about Satan’s false christianity: the various false doctrines and sects, the violation of the law and the arbitrary and illegitimate use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. But a very important part of our ministry is precisely targeted to these problems and I do not think it is necessary to address them further here.

Where are we personally?

Finally, the synagogue of Satan is all those who work conscientiously or not to discredit and destroy the People of Elohim. These include Jews, Christians and others, all having in common the desire to replace the chosen people. We can all fall into this trap. The question that arises is: are we going to realize in time how we need to change our way of thinking, acting and our state of mind before it is too late? Membership in the synagogue of Satan does not automatically imply perdition. There is a possibility of freeing yourself from it, of getting out of it. But for this, we must reveal what this means, in order to free its captives, after having reconginsed them. But revealing its nature is also essential, so that all pure-hearted Christians wishing to attach themselves to the original roots do not fall into the trap of false Jewish teachings, whether traditional or messianic.

Fundamentally, this synagogue of the devil symbolizes and brings together all those who persecute the true disciples of the Messiah while themselves being convinced of holding the ultimate truth.

What is certain is that there is not much time left before we are definitively fixed on the true nature of this mystery.


Jewish State and Zionism

Jewish State and Zionism

It has been a long time since Christians should not be taught and told anymore on why the Jewish state is legitimate in the light of the prophecies. Unfortunately, this is still necessary, because the false Christian doctrines which attempt to substitute for Israel in spirit represent such a proportion of the Christian world that one still cannot neglect these groups of people and we must continue to fight for their sake in order to open their eyes.

But among those who accept the prophecies, the question often arises as to what kind of prophecy allows a country visibly as depraved as the modern zionist state to still exist?

How can we consider a State, which is one of the most atheistic and the most soiled by all sorts of sins to be the fulfillment of biblical prophecies in accordance with the will of the Almighty?

The question is indeed legitimate, and if we are in the Spirit and we look at Eretz, we quickly realize that no real feeling of spiritual cathartism is gaining our soul, on the contrary.

Who owns the Holy Land?

It is crucial to note that

the exclusive owner of the Holy Land is Yahuwah himself

and not the Jewish people, or more broadly, the Israelites, or any other people. This is the only piece of land where, from the beginning, the lord of this world, Satan, has no right of disposal. And it pleased Yahuwah to have reserved this Land for the Chosen People from the beginning until the end of time. When from time to time, against his original will, he is forced to exile his disobedient sons, the country temporarily finds itself in the hands of other nations.


Tivadar Herzl, German-speaking journalist of Hungarian Jewish origin, born in the vicinity of the Great Synagogue on Dohàny Street in Budapest, but living in Vienna and working for a Viennese newspaper, was on assignment in Paris when the famous Dreyfus affair was taking place. He saw the officer Dreyfus, accused of treason, being stripped of his post and rank in public, when his sword was broken. Herzl was shocked when he saw a panting crowd gathered at the scene shouting, “Death to the Jew.”

Hertzl was amazed that barely a century after the French revolution and the proclamation of the human rights, the French people were still at this level of primitivism.

As it later turned out, the culprits were Dreyfus’s senior Christian French officers, and the French army’s secret documents were handed over to German officers through a Hungarian aristocrat, Count Eszterházy. They were the traitors who chose a Jew as their scapegoat. It was the vision of Dreyfus’s humiliation and the rage of the people that gave birth to the concept of the modern Jewish state in the mind of Tivadar Herzl in Paris at this precise moment in history. He realized that we need a country where we enjoy self-determination, where we can defend ourselves with arms and live in peace with one another.

Zionism, from Herzl to this day has always been traditionally atheistic and socialist. This is mainly an initiative coming from mostly assimilated and non-believing Jews who felt in this Europe of before the pogroms and the Holocaust that something very unhealthy was in preparation and that the time had come to leave and return to our ancestral homeland.

This eventually came to fruition a bit late in 19461, when the State of Israel was finally proclaimed.


Many know that the world’s greatest anti-Zionists are often Jews, and those who officially count as Jews by blood are fierce enemies of the Jewish state. (For example György (Georges) Soros (also Hungarian) – proclaimed persona non grata in Israel, undesirable person, being a supporter and declared financier of Arab terrorist groups. He was also used as a “detection dog” during his teenage years by the Nazis in Budapest under the war. He helped his Nazi masters to expropriate the valuables left in the apartments by the Jews who had been deported. See the interview videos on this subject available on youtube where he explains and confesses his past himself almost with pride.

There is another form of Jewish anti-Zionism which is not based on atheism, but on the contrary takes its roots in religious extremism. Here too, it is the Hungarian forms of Jewish orthodoxy that stands out from the crowd and which is the fiercest opponent to zionism. The Orthodox current of Szatmár (from the Hungarian region of the same name) fundamentally refuses to allow anyone to establish a Jewish state in the Holy Land. For them, only the Messiah has the power to bring the state of Israel back to life. Until then, no Jew has the right to do so. However, the return of the Jews to the Holy Land is, also according to them, authorized and even recommended. These ones work in favor of the prophecy of the return as well, but in a different way, completely neglecting the political and administrative side of the issue.

They are the ones who enjoy the security system, military protection and social benefits of the zionist state, but who refuse to contribute to it, to work or to serve in the military. Or rather, it is their wives whom they send out to work for them, because a man naturally has to study the texts from morning to night. During this time, they expect their wives to go and earn their common bread, while managing to maintain a clean and decent household and to take care of their 5 to 13 children per family on average.

That said, this illegitimate and infamous way of life is widespread among all currents of Jewish orthodoxy, not only among the Szatmár!

Szatmar orthodoxy is the most prevalent current in the world. They mainly inhabit the cities of Antwerp, New York and Jerusalem.

Within this orthodoxy developed the current of “neturei karta”, “defenders of the city” who do not limit themselves to peaceful resistance, but militate violently against the State of Israel. They are the ones who, dressed in Palestinian flags, are burning Israeli flags while themselves funding Arab terrorist groups that shed Jewish blood and often appear alongside the leaders of Israel’s main enemies. They are the ones who indirectly commit fratricide, thus violating a law much more fundamental than the one of the prohibition of establishing a Jewish state in place of the Messiah. These are vulgar murderers who according to our common laws, and their rabbinical ones at the same time, deserve immediate death by stoning. They are naturally all the more blind to this obvious fact, as their extreme talmudic delusions surpasses the average of those from the other religious movements.

An Orthodox worthy of the name and in harmony with himself, if there is one, only allows himself to profess his anti-zionist views in a downward and moderate manner. A Jew worthy of the name will never make a pact with the enemy and criticize his brothers in public or incite his hatred and destruction. And if he feels the urge to burn an Israeli flag, he will do it at home with his family behind the curtains and not in the streets before the eyes of the whole world.

Order / promise of return

This chaotic situation, where it is humanly very difficult to say who is right, must be seen from the point of view of Yahuwah. Because all of them are touching directly or indirectly fundamental truths coming from Yahuwah and most of the parties have a good excuse for their devia-zionist behavior.

According to the will of Yahuwah and following the destruction of the sanctuary, around 70, the Jewish people began the longest exile in its history which lasts to this day. However,

according to the prophecies, the people must return to their original homeland before the return of the Messiah.

Here we have to do with a people who have fallen into two extremes. Some have abandoned the practice of their religion and are angry with their Creator for not understanding how He allowed them to suffer so much. They have often chosen to abandon their identity which they consider to be the source and the cause of all their troubles.

On the other hand, we find Jews who follow religious precepts to the letter. These precepts which may be based on the Torah, the revealed Word of Yahuwah, have been greatly deviated from it by a multitude of superfluous and human teachings. It is precisely these distorted teachings and precepts that constitute the veil which has come to cover their hearts and eyes and that prevents them from recognizing the Messiah in Yahushua. Among them, the persecutions and sufferings endured over the centuries only increased their religious fundamentalism in order to regain the sympathy of Elohim. He is the community’s brainy, like the smurf wearing glasses in the Belgian cartoon, the one who even does what is not expected of him in order to please the papa smurf. It is he who will continue to wear a schtreimel and a very black kaftan (fur hat and long black tunic) even after having left his cold Russian steppes and having lived for a long time under the blazing sun of the Middle East. He is persuaded to do the right think by afflicting himself that way because this is what the great “wises” of Israel asked him to do 150 years earlier and no one has yet seen fit to modify the decrees to adapt them to the current situation. And we could enumerate the many absurdities which are still contained in the rabbinical literature.

Nevertheless, his devotion remains touching, for he is so convinced that this is how he pleases the Father.

It is clear that none of the parties are no longer fulfilling the original role, identity and path that Elohim assigned them, especially since the Messiah was not recognized in Yahushua. Yet the promise, the commandment, the prophecy of the return to the Holy Land at some point is still valid,

for the rejection of the People has never and will never occur

(see Romans 11, if it is still necessary to draw your attention to this).

Imagine a father being forced to kick his sons out of the house because they are unable to obey the rules. Then, before letting them go, he orders them to return home before sunset because danger is approaching. The sons may wander all day long, some of them going even further from the precepts of the father and others trying to guard them with increasingly delusional and unnecessary zeal. Neither really comes back to the Word of the Father, but both feel the danger of night coming and hurry to get back home.

Which according to his own atheistic or fundamental religious motives and intentions, but the important thing is that they all come back. Even if they do not do so with proper repentance, the main thing is that they remain alive and safe from the dangers of the dark.

Israel, as a secular state, which in many ways is also influenced by antichrist forces, at least has the advantage of reuniting the flock before it gets lost for ever. Thus,

Yahuwah allows this gathering to take place temporarily under foreign flags, such as the socialist and atheist Zionism.

So those who criticize the secularism of Israel rightly do so, but they simply have no vision that the return to Eretz could not happen otherwise in the case of many Jews. And instead of criticizing, you should rejoice, for lack of anything else, to at least see this law fulfilled, that of returning to the Promised Land.

But those who accept Israel, on the other hand, often fall into the other extreme. These many times fall into the sin of idolatry of the Jew or that of the fulfillment of the prophecies. And even if they do not consciously accept the sins, they still tolerate them by casting the veil on the sins of Israel. Instead of remedying them by exposing sins, and by announcing the path of healing which is Christ, they simply remain silent. So this ostrich-like approach of the issue only makes the situation worse.

And the religious Jewish community will one day have to realize that most of their secular brethren did not give up their faith simply because of anti-Semitism.

Many have been dissuaded from remaining in the faith because of the visibly human talmudic doctrines and laws which are inherently very foreign to the original Jewish mentality.

A sober and reasonable Jew will never fall into orthodoxy and this is not a question of faith. He would rather go and win Nobel Prizes or, in the worst case, found banks. Anyone who has any idea of ​​the things of Yahuwah will soon realize that rabbinical Judaism is filled with both intellectually and spiritually unacceptable doctrines, laws and demands! And since there is no other alternative to remaining Jewish, many prefer to go out into the wilderness of the world and use their talents to succeed in life and survive the best they can. Their goal will be to ensure the best possible education for their children so that they too can survive in a world which is completely alien and hostile to them. Money does not buy happiness, but is often a great help and a means of survival. This view is humanly understandable, and the leaders of the current Zionist state operate on this principle. As long as there is enough money and weapons, everything is fine. These are their idols, for now.

The Palestinian question

According to some, it seems that there are no Palestinian people today. But that is not the question. They might very well exist, better be the direct descendants of the ancient Philistines, than they would remain just as alien to the Holy Land as they were originally. The Philistines, their alleged ancestors, have themselves always been intruders and usurpers whose presence in the Holy Land and hostility to the Jews was a direct consequence of the sins of Israel. So I don’t really understand the debate and above all I don’t understand why no one preaches this fundamental truth instead of discussing and explaining historical things unnecessarily?

Or rather yes, the Palestinians have indeed existed since Roman times, when the desire of Rome of Israel to de-Judaize went so far as to rename the Holy Land, Palestine and the Jews who lived there, Palestinians. The 1930s encyclopedias defined Jewish settlers as Palestinians, and the accompanying flag of Palestine was essentially the same as today’s Israeli flag, white background with the blue Star of David in the middle.

So, if you wish, the Palestinians still exist,

that has been one of our nicknames for over 2,000 years.

But from the perspective of Arabs called Palestinians, it is the story of the Canaanites, not that of the Philistines, that is much more interesting. As it is clear from the story of Rahab at the time of the first conquest, that the former tenants of the Promised Land were also not very happy to see the Israelite people arrive . However, from Rahab’s words, we know that the Israelites’ arrival and intention to take possession of the land did not come upon them unexpectedly.

The people heard of the arrival of the Jews and were afraid, as we read in Joshua 2: 9 : “I know that Yahuwah has given you this land and that a great fear of you has fallen on us, so that all who live in this country are melting in fear because of you.”

Many people still invest in real estate today. They buy flats in city centers while their children are still minors to allow them later to have a place to live and start their adult life. Until then, they rent their apartments to amortize their investment but also so that the property is maintained and does not lie fallow. The same sort of thing happens with the Holy Land.

Then Yahuwah spoke. He put on the hearts of the Canaanites that the time had come. They certainly did not get the message just when the time came, when the Jews were already surrounding Jericho, but their ancestors must have already been told deep down in their souls. Certainly all generations of Canaanites have always felt that this land was not theirs, but that they could use it for some time. They must have felt like foreigners from the start. Then, when the time came for the landlord to hand over the property to his own grown child, the tenants reacted in different ways and many of them rebelled.

Nothing has changed since. Yahuwah does not reject the Arabs. The promise of Hagar and Ishmael, to the extent that today’s Arabs are their descendants, is just as valid as the promises made to Israel.

Remember that we are not a privileged people, but simply a chosen one.

We have been selected, set aside or sanctified for service, for the service of others, not the other way around.

However, we also have the right to housing, the right to have a country somewhere in the world.

In a broader sense and in Christ, we also look forward to Arabs in the extended family, especially since we are also blood relatives. Yahuwah does not cruelly throw people into the streets. Most Canaanites must have settled further afield, where, having merged with the local population, their present descendants are part of the Arab world. They live, only elsewhere, differently, maybe better. In a place where they can truly feel at home. Perhaps today’s wealthy arabs living from petrol are precisely the descendants of these obedient ancient Canaanites who accepted to leave the country. Who knows?

The Arab group known as Palestinian from the 1940s to the present day, having inhabited the Holy Land for the past few centuries, would also certainly have received a new home, if they had obeyed. But ultimately even those who left to settle in Jordan continue to claim their rights in the Holy Land and are only waiting for the green light from the states of the world to regain possession of what they believe to be theirs.

Thus, they put themselves under a terrible curse and are in great danger because of their perseverance not to return what is not theirs.

The feelings of forgiveness and resignation must be sown in them, and the conviction that if Yahuwah takes something away, he always gives something else instead, something much better.

There is no doubt that the Spirit of Yahuwah has walked before Jewish settlers from the late 19th century until the founding of the state in 19462 and to the present day. Thus, the ethnic groups who lives there, like the Canaanites of the time, were given the ultimatum to return the country and pass it, not to the Jews, but to its sole rightful owner, Yahuwah who wanted it to serve as a home for the Jewish people.

Elohim has no intention of throwing, sweeping up anyone. He could have blessed this people who cause so much troubles in the world and give them a new homeland. If they had obeyed, they would have recovered abundantly elsewhere what they have lost here.

The time has come and the Jew must return home

for the prophecies of the gathering to be fulfilled in preparation for Christ’s return.

Anyone who fights against this project puts himself in danger of death.

The Israeli army, on the other hand, did not seize the opportunity 40 or 50 years ago, when it would not have bothered anyone in the world, except the Arabs themselves, to expel all Arabs from the territory of Israel while there was still time. And this is precisely what represents this thorn which makes us suffer a little more every day. Today, the world expects us to ask their forgiveness for everything, almost even when we happen to manage avoiding their stabs. Taking up arms against them after years of provocation and missiles fired against the Jews has become a sacrilege that most nations condemn. Those nations that have become so insanely blind. This is where we are today!

However, I do not deny that some Arabs are sometimes subjected to inappropriate treatment. After all, in a situation of war, anyone can go wild any time and an Israeli soldier can behave in inhuman ways too. However, this does not excuse the illegitimate presence and rebellious attitude of the Arabs in the territory, so that the subsequent excesses of the Jewish soldiers, while often reprehensible, do not justify their alleged rights.

Furthermore, one who incessantly provokes should not be surprised at a defensive response in return.

Pointing fingers after lighting the fire is a particularly vile and cynical behavior. Especially coming from people who deliberately position their bases and weapons under hospitals and schools and then accuse the Israeli army of killing innocent children and old people when it comes to destroy in order to defend itself and prevent future atrocities.

Moreover, a humanity whose mind is based on an excessive and disproportionate humanism, will never understand how the one who is visibly stronger can be right in the face of the one who seems utterly helpless.

Elohim would have blessed them in abundance elsewhere, where the Arabs already live somewhere in the millions of square kilometers that represent the Arab world. If my sentence makes you smile, check for yourself: 13,150,000 km² (8,171,000 sq mi), area of ​​the Arab world from Morocco to the Iranian border, from the Mediterranean coasts to the border of black Africa. Some would say that much of this land is an uninhabitable desert? Whose fault is it? The Holy Land was also a dust bowl before the Jews arrived.

Jews have almost miraculously turned much of the region into a thriving oasis.

With an appropriate lifestyle and a willingness to work and not just go out to graze the goats and sheeps which will eventually digest until the last blade of grass, man is able to restore and maintain a healthy and green environment.

I think it is useless to discuss the petty and greedy character of this spirit which stubbornly refuses this small parcel of land of insignificant size to a people who have nowhere to go for 2000 years and who stupidly protects a so-called disadvantaged minority. The present land area of Israel is (21.000 km²) 13,050 sq miles. Here live 6 million Jews and 3 million Arabs. And should we still share such a tiny territory?

Knowing that the number of official Jews still dispersed in the world is 12 million additional souls, not counting the descendants of the lost tribes not yet gathered or the lost members of the tribe of Judah who are assimilated and whose gathering is also ongoing, when a large-scale reunification according to biblical promises will finally occur, we risk feeling more like sardines in a can than Jews on a Promised Land. In such a case, the Arabs who still insist on staying will finally flee if only because of the smell.

False Jews and real Khazars or vice versa

Our basic right to the Land stems from the fact that we consider ourselves to be the descendants of Jacob, primarily his sons Judah and Benjamin. However, according to some theories, the Jewish mass of central Europe is not from Jacob, but descends from the Khazars who converted to Judaism. In another article, I will expand on this topic in a little more detail. But very briefly, there are three possibilities, none of which can be excluded. The first is that the theory is wrong and that we all come from Jacob. The other is that only the ruling Khazar class converted to Judaism, as many Jewish and non-Jewish historians claim.

The third case, often accepted by Jews themselves – historians and geneticists, is that the theory is absolutely correct and that the Jews of Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, right up to the Urals mountains are largely the descendants of these proselyte Khazars.

And here, generally we stop reasoning. Suddenly, the challenged Jews remain silent and prefer to turn the page and not to examine this delicate subject in more depth.

However, the territory of the ancient Khazars lies a few hundred kilometers northeast of the Kingdom of Israel. What a coincidence! This is indeed the exact direction in which the 10 tribes were deported. It is always very suspicious when someone feels such a deep attraction to the Jewish people that they have an overwhelming urge to convert to Judaism.

This is not what happens in the vast majority of cases! Contact with Jews usually generates something other than attraction. Hatred, contempt and hostility are the feelings that our presence generates in the hearts of nations and certainly not any form of sympathy or appeal.

The relationship of the Nations with the Jews does not generally reflect the attitude of the Khazars, but rather that of the Kozaks.

In many cases, attraction begins when similar genes come into contact with each other.

This is a bit what John the Baptist (Johanan) must have felt in his mother’s womb when Myriam or Mary visited Elizabeth with Yahushua in her own womb, when he started to jump for joy.

This thing was not revealed to me, it is not a prophetic vision, but a simple human reasoning almost mathematical, but I have a strong feeling that if the Khazar theory turns out to be true, it would also turn out that the Khazars, at least a large part of them, were none other than the descendants of the 10 deported tribes. This is how the prophecy of the gathering would be fulfilled, not in the last days as it is understood today, but in the last days as presented by Yahushua as having already begun during his life on Earth. The gathering of the lost tribes would therefore have been going on for almost 2000 years. Also see my article named: The Gathering of the Tribes of Israel

Today’s Ashkenazi Jews would only have to be revealed which tribe they really come from. Until now we thought we were descending from Judah, Benjamin, Simeon, or even Levi, since these four remained, but it may soon turn out that many of us who wish we were Rachel’s sons will have to accept that we are not even descending from Leah, but possibly from one of the latters’ two maids.

The functioning of El Shadai in the territory of present-day Israel

Anyone who still has doubts that the present state of Israel has anything to do with long-standing written biblical prophecies, just go and see the media and the accounts of the people living there. How many true miracles the Jews of Israel have witnessed since the founding of the state. Let us take only the most common case: rockets fired from Gaza. An unimaginable amount of rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel since the early 2000s. These should have claimed huge numbers of lives. However, the number of injuries and deaths and even property damage is so low compared to the number of shells that to attribute it to chance would not even sound like a bad joke.

Despite the appearance and the will of the majority, wanting to portray the modern Philistines as little Davids against the great Goliath that the Israeli army is supposed to represent,

the story however remains the same as it was during Saul’s reign.

Israel may have a huge strike force, be the most formidable army in the world, the giant is not the less the so-called Philistine with his billions of Muslim brothers behind to support him, without counting the formerly Christian nations having renounced their faith and increasingly rallying behind the enemies of the Jewish nation.

The modern David still manages to defend himself by his own power against Goliath, his enemies. But soon, the time will come when, like the original David, he will defeat the enemy once and for all by only trusting in Yahuwah of Hosts.

The role of Israel in the last days

This is the gathering place of the Jews, where the true identity of the Messiah will be collectively revealed to them where they are going to mourn him as one mourns a firstborn. On the final Yom Kippur.

The state of Israel will also be the headquarters of the Antichrist. For there will be built the last temple, which will become the throne of the antichrist. This temple perhaps already exists, perhaps it is this underground synagogue already present under the Temple Mount. There, the religions of the world will be unified while Jerusalem the indivisible city according to Yahuwah, will be divided into three parts. This is where the image of the beast will be erected and before which almost all knees will be forced to bow, as in Daniel’s time.

Israel is also the place where the nations of the world will come together to try to eliminate the Jewish people at Har Meggido or Armageddon and where Gog and Magog will do the same 1000 years later at the end of the Millennium.

Jerusalem is also the city where the Two Witnesses are to be put to death before they resurrect and return to heaven.

It would take far too long to list all the events that could not come about without the return of the Jewish people to the Holy Land.

But let no one imagine that the return of the Jewish people to the Holy Land must take place in the greatest harmony and understanding between peoples having regard for all the religious traditions of the region.

Because all childbirth is accompanied by pain.

The prophecies do not announce or promise any such thing. What is written is that we must return and take back possession of the Land whether some people like it or not, just like during the time of the first conquest with Joshua. Whoever does not manage to disregard his humanistic feelings and human justice falls into the trap set by the enemy: to make him rebel against the will and plan of Yahuwah. Such a mistake acts like a poison blocking Christendom and preventing it from fulfilling its essential role alongside the Jews in the fulfillment of the prophecies of the end times. In which they should have played one of the main roles.

Regarding the pro-Jewish Christian minority, these words should also urge caution. Because each trap has its double, its antithesis, its other extreme which is often even more dangerous than the first because it works in the name of love and tolerance. Do not defend everything on the pretext that the thing bears the stamp of Jew. The poison is just as present there and can paralyze you in your calling as it is in the case of your Judeo-skeptical brothers.

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The Gathering of the Tribes of Israel

The Gathering of the Tribes of Israel

In Israel, various Jewish religious factions actively work towards fulfilling and expediting the realization of prophecies. Their diligent research has led to the identification of communities across the globe who claim descent from the Israelite tribes. Furthermore, these groups exhibit shared customs and traditions that closely parallel key tenets of the Jewish faith, including the observance of the Sabbath commencing on Friday evening and the practice of segregating women during their menstrual cycles, among other notable examples.

This gathering possesses undeniable authenticity and credibility, bolstered by the very field of genetic science, which substantiates the Israelite heritage of these communities. Consequently, there remains no room for doubt that these prophecies are also being fulfilled this way.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge that our current understanding merely scratches the surface of this complex situation. The culmination of this process hinges on the identification of even the most remote individuals within these groups. The unification of the entire Israelite community is a journey that commenced long ago, notably marked by the devastation of the sanctuary at the hands of Roman forces and the commencement of the ultimate exile of the remaining Judean tribes.

Who comprised the Jewish population that was expelled 2,000 years ago?

Indeed, it’s unusual for individuals to become aware of, and even rarer for them to acknowledge, the fact that during the period of the Sanctuary’s destruction and the subsequent expulsion, not just two, but four tribes still resided in Judea. This historical detail is frequently omitted in discussions.

Simeon did not entirely vanish; but rather merged with the tribe of Judah.

Simeon may have lost its distinct tribal identity, but its members continue to be an integral part of the Jewish people.

Likewise, a similar transformation took place later with the tribe of Benjamin. Starting with the expulsion, its tribal identity slowly faded in the collective consciousness and gradually merged with the collective group comprising Judah (including Simeon), the remainder of the Levi tribe, and Benjamin itself. This process ultimately led to the emergence of the ethnoreligious group known as Jews today.

The members of the tribe of Levi were dispersed among the other tribes following the conquest, aligning with the prophecy and promise made by Jacob. They established themselves in numerous cities, often referred to as “cities of refuge.” Consequently, the Levites dwelled within the territories of Simeon, Judah, and Benjamin. It is conceivable that during the deportation of the other tribes, a significant number of Levites opted to migrate southward to avoid exile, primarily settling in the territory of Benjamin, which encompassed the city of Jerusalem.

It is indeed possible that only a limited number of Levi tribe members were deported along with the ten tribes, as evidenced by the substantial presence of Kohanim (members of the priestly lineage) among today’s Jewish population. Notably, there appears to be a relatively high proportion of Kohanim within the Jewish community in Hungary, identifiable by the initial letter “k-,” “c-,” or “cs-” in their last names. It has been a longstanding tradition for Levites, particularly Kohanim, to retain the initial letter of their priestly status when adopting foreign names during their exile (with the letter “L” signifying simple Levites).

Furthermore, it is plausible to consider that Kohanim, being a priestly lineage, received a special blessing from the Lord regarding their descendants, which could have contributed to a more pronounced increase in their numbers over the past 2,000 years compared to other tribes. While I lack direct knowledge or insight into this matter, I have personally observed these trends as well.

10 tribes have however disappeared!

As we observe, at least three tribes have endured to the present day, albeit with a blending of their identities, making it challenging for individuals within the Jewish community to definitively trace their lineage to Benjamin or Simeon. However, if there are indeed four tribes still in existence – the fourth being the remnants of Levi, encompassing the Cohanim as mentioned earlier – then why does Yahuwah himself refer to the “lost” ten tribes through the prophets?

Additionally, as we mentioned before, the tribe of Joseph divided into two, giving rise to the two descendant tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh.

Hence, we now speak not of 12, but 13 tribes

Additionally, Manasseh itself experienced a division on the banks of the Jordan. A portion of the tribe remained on the eastern bank of the river alongside the tribes of Gad and Reuben, while the other part crossed the Jordan to take their rightful place in the Holy Land.

Consequently, out of the original 12 tribes, one split into two, and one of those two further subdivided, resulting in a total of 14 distinct groups.

Therefore, within the contemporary Jewish community, which encompasses the entirety of Benjamin and Judah, along with Simeon and the remaining Levi tribe, there are indeed 10 tribes scattered across the globe, awaiting reunification. To be precise, this reunification process has been underway for an extended period, albeit quietly. It’s worth noting that the fulfillment of these prophecies was not initiated by present-day rabbis, but has been unfolding over the course of 2000 years!

Indeed, a process spanning 2000 years!

It’s an intriguing perspective that the groups assimilating into the Jewish people over centuries, originally composed of Judah, Simeon, Benjamin, and Levi, could potentially include descendants of the ten tribes deported by the Persians to the northeast of the Kingdom of Israel.

It is interesting to note that according to the teachings of the “wise men” of Israel that after the People’s return to the Holy Land, every Jew will personally discover their tribal lineage. While this prophecy originates from the Talmud rather than the Tanach (the Old Testament), it carries a prophetic dimension and may manifest in the tangible world in the future.

Israelite lineage, like any other heritage, seems to possess the ability to foster a spiritual connection among those who share this common ancestry. Many individuals have experienced the instinctive recognition of those who share their origins, even without uttering a word, particularly when abroad. This often leads to a natural affinity and a sense of community or family spirit, rather than chauvinism. It’s important to emphasize that this feeling need not result in the rejection or disdain of other ethnic or cultural groups. When encountering a fellow countryman or compatriot abroad, there’s frequently a special enthusiasm, surpassing what one might feel when meeting in their home country.

Blood can act like a magnet, drawing people together

In a manner akin to how a magnet attracts objects composed of similar materials,

the Israelites were drawn toward the moving force represented by Judah throughout their extensive wandering spanning over 2000 years.

These re-assimilated individuals have since seamlessly integrated into the broader ethnic group recognized today as Jews. Yet, we lack knowledge about their exact original tribal affiliations. It appears that what we commonly refer to as Jews in contemporary times may encompass not only the descendants of the tribe of Judah (including Benjamin, Levi, and Simeon) but also those of all the other tribes, extending beyond the confines of Judah’s lineage.

Khazar theory

It’s essential to emphasize that the Khazarian theory is often promoted by anti-Semites. According to this theory, Jewish communities in Central and Eastern Europe are not descendants of the Israelite tribes of Judea, but rather the offspring of the Khazarian people who adopted Judaism during the ancient Khazar Empire, a group of Scythian descent.

Genetic research conducted since then has not definitively settled this question. Even among Jewish geneticists, there is a division of opinion on whether the genetic components found in the DNA of Jews from regions such as Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, and Lithuania truly demonstrate and prove Israelite origins.

The Khazar theory suggests that this Scythian ethnic group converted to Judaism at some point, potentially during the decline of the Roman Empire. However, it is widely believed that this conversion mainly affected the Khazar ruling class and nobility, without significantly impacting the general population.

However, it is not excluded that

the anti-Semites are right and that my own Jewish ancestors may have stronger ties to the Khazar people rather than the tribe of Judah.

The Khazar conversion might not be a mere coincidence. Let’s delve into the identity of the Khazars and the location of their empire. They were situated in the region between Turkey and Israel, specifically to the northeast of Israel. This happens to be the very area where the Persians exiled the tribes.

It’s possible that the present-day name of the modern Jewish state, Israel, which was predominantly chosen by European Ashkenazi Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, might unconsciously hold a prophetic connection to its Israelite origins. Although renaming the region to Judea, which was its historical name before the exile of the remnants of the chosen people, could have been considered, the decision to retain the name Israel reflects a deeper resonance with Jewish identity and the aspiration to reclaim their homeland.

There is a strong possibility that the region subsequently known as Khazaria served as a gathering place for the Israelite tribes during their exile by the Persians.

Subsequently, certain groups continued their exile, leading to the emergence of small communities of Israelite origin across Asia and Africa in recent decades.

Other “tribes”

I also have serious suspicions about certain peoples and ethnic groups who still live today in the Caucasus and North Arabia region, because of their situation and the degree of persecution they suffer.

Why do Turks hate Armenians so much that they committed genocide against them, and even today a neighborhood in Jerusalem is called the Armenian Quarter, named after Christian Armenian settlers who fled Turkish violence.

But we could also mention the Kurds, who cannot be classified and do not find their place anywhere. Despite their Muslim faith and religion, they have very good relations with the modern Jewish state. Certainly not only because they obtain their weapons there to defend themselves against the Turks mentioned above, although the latter fact obviously strengthens their sympathy.

The Middle Eastern Arabs, often referred to as Palestinians, might hold some surprises. On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself mistakenly confusing a Palestinian Arab with a Jew, or vice versa. According to certain historians, there’s a theory suggesting that some Palestinians could have ancestral ties to repatriated Israelites who later assimilated into Islam, leading to a loss of their original identity. It’s important to note that this theory doesn’t encompass the entire population but pertains to a specific segment of individuals collectively identified as Palestinian.

We can also consider the cases of the Druze and the Samaritans, both of whom claim an Israelite origin.

Additionally, there’s the Afghan Pashtun ethnic group, traditionally believing themselves to be descendants of the Israelite tribes, at least a majority of them. Among the Taliban, many fighters are of Pashtun origin and carry a dual identity, embracing both their Israelite heritage and an adherence to extremist Islamism. While they may not openly disclose their Israelite ancestry to their non-Pashtun compatriots, most are aware of it, whether they acknowledge it or not.

The Lost Tribe of Judah

It’s important not to overlook the fact that while the tribe of Judah has maintained its identity over the ages, there have been individuals and even entire groups from this tribe who temporarily lost their connection with their people, leading to a period where their identity was forgotten.

This is likely the case for the Sabeans/Mandeans, an ethno-religious group consisting of approximately 200,000 to 300,000 members, primarily residing in Iraq but now forced into exile. The Sabeans originally comprised a group of Judahites who chose to remain in Babylon, not only resisting the return to the Holy Land but also expressing a desire to alter their religion and identity. Subsequently, they were joined by the disciples of John the Baptist, who curiously disappeared from the New Testament after John’s execution. According to Sabean tradition, John’s disciples integrated with their people and assimilated into their culture. (I received this information from a Sabean acquaintance).

On the opposite side of Europe, genetic research has unveiled that nearly one-fifth of the current population in the Iberian Peninsula can trace their ancestry back to Jews who were compelled to convert to Catholicism during the Inquisition.

But we could also mention all those assimilated Jews who might be unaware of their heritage or choose to deny it. For these individuals, the revelation of their Israelite lineage can sometimes evoke feelings of resistance, shame, or even open hostility towards Jews.

The Gathering is underway in the State of Israel

The gathering I mentioned is taking place at a different and more official level. There are Israeli religious groups actively conducting research worldwide to locate descendants of the lost tribes, relying on both historical records and genetic data. For instance, there have been reports of dozens of Benei Menasses (sons of Menasses) discovered in Central Asia, who were brought back from China to the Land of Israel. Members of other tribes have also been found in regions like black Africa, including Sudan, Ivory Coast, and South Africa. These groups have lived on the fringes of society for centuries, adhering to Talmudic Jewish customs alongside original Mosaic decrees. Interestingly, they have incorporated post-Babylonian Judaic elements, the origins of which remain somewhat unclear. Traditional Jews interpret this as evidence that the oral doctrine did not originate in Babylon but was part of the revelation received by Moses directly from Yahuwah on Mount Sinai. In my opinion, it’s evident that over the centuries, these groups came into contact with traveling Jews who transmitted these “reforms” to them, which does not necessarily prove the “divine” inspiration of the Talmudic literature added to the Torah. However, this topic is not the focus of this article.

It’s interesting to observe that the lineage of these Israelites in Asia and Africa can be traced back to Jacob, and within each ethnic group, there are even descendants of Aaron, the Cohanim. Genetics has confirmed this connection.

This leads us to encounter individuals who, although not previously considered part of our community, are indeed Israelites and may appear as perfect black Africans, Indians, or slant-eyed Asians.

It’s undeniable that this gathering is ongoing in this way also. However, it’s important to clarify that based on the prophecies describing the gathering of the people in the end times, this process is not limited to recent decades or years. The term “end times” refers to the era that began during the time of our Messiah. In fact, Yahushua himself pointed out to his contemporaries that the end times had already commenced.

These more than 2000 years of probation constitute the end times during which the gathering of the Israelite tribes occurs discreetly.

Many individuals, including Christians and Palestinian activists, seek to link the return of Jews to Israel, especially those from Eastern Europe, with the “false Jews” mentioned in the Book of Revelation, often referred to as the “synagogue of Satan.” I address this topic in another teaching, and it’s true that many genuinely original Jews can be included in this group. However, emerging evidence suggests that the Khazars may also have descended from the deported Israelites, and the masses of European Jews who settled in Israel may simply be awaiting the revelation of their original tribal identity.

As I explain elsewhere, membership in the “synagogue of Satan” pertains only to those whose beliefs have been so corrupted that they serve Satan’s interests whether consciously or unconsciously, while being Jewish by blood. Satan’s Jewish servants, while they may be found in various places like Zionism, Jewish Orthodoxy, or even Christianity, do not encompass the entire spectrum of individuals categorized as Jews.

The significance of acknowledging the signs

It’s crucial to highlight when specific prophecies, eagerly anticipated by many believers, are already in the process of being realized. When a prophecy is unfolding or has already occurred, it becomes essential for those awaiting it to recognize its fulfillment. This recognition can have implications for understanding subsequent signs and the emergence of other prophecies. Failing to acknowledge ongoing processes as prophetic events due to expectations of something different in the future may result in missing out on the manifestations of subsequent prophecies.

The revival of the Jewish state is indeed a pivotal sign, but it becomes even more significant when we realize that all Jewish tribes are already reuniting within this state. This understanding helps us appreciate just how near these times are.

For instance, we can consider the idea that the Antichrist isn’t merely a vague presence somewhere in the world, but there may be clues to identify who this figure is. Furthermore, it raises intriguing questions about the form and title under which the 7-year treaty, as mentioned in Daniel, will be confirmed with many nations: Climate Summit, Abu Dhabi, Cop 28, King Charles III, November-December 2023 (Though this summit might face a potential delay of approximately six months).

And he will soon reveal himself to the world claiming to be the descendant of King David, in order to deceive a significant portion of the Jews who will accept him as the Messiah. It’s important to note that he is not a descendant of Judah either but rather from the tribe of Dan, as prophetic accounts regarding the antichrist have foretold. Over the course of history, many members of the tribe of Dan settled in the territory of Wales, where the Antichrist was, until very recently, the prince for decades.

This is particularly significant because when we anticipate a prophecy’s fulfillment but fail to recognize that it’s already in motion or even well advanced, we may overlook subsequent events because we are unwilling to accept their significance or validity since we know that they should occur after the one we currently do not perceive in the present..

Another gathering is currently underway

Meanwhile, the gathering of another group, the Body of the Messiah, which symbolically represents the Church composed of people characterized in prophecies as Ephraim, is ongoing and nearing its conclusion. Contrary to what many have been taught, it’s important to clarify that Judah does not encompass all Jews, while Israel symbolically represents the Nations. Judah pertains to the southern tribes, and Israel denotes the northern Israelite tribes—plain and simple. There’s no need to overcomplicate matters. The Nations are symbolically mentioned in prophecies as Ephraim, one of the sons of Yosef (a foreshadowing of Yeshua) who was adopted by Yaakov (Jacob), just as the Father adopts the sons of the Nations who accept the Covenant with Yahushua.

If you are not of Jewish origin and have not yet made a covenant with Christ, understand that in the timeline of the gathering promise, Judah and Israel are not the primary focus, but rather you, the Nations! Through Yeshua’s sacrifice on the cross, your gathering has been ongoing for 2,000 years, a period that may soon conclude, possibly within a few years or even months. We urge you not to be left behind, so do not persist in rejecting the Gospel that has likely been shared with you on numerous occasions.

And if you are Jewish, the same invitation applies to you. While you may still have some time to consider your conversion, it’s crucial to understand that when the entire community eventually recognizes Yahushua as the Messiah, as promised, already knowing the truth but delaying your acceptance could be seen as an act of rebellion or, at the very least, lukewarmness. It would be in your best interest to abandon the false Judaic Talmudic traditions that deny the true identity of the Messiah as soon as possible. If you have already begun to recognize the Messiah’s identity within you but hesitate to take the step due to fear of rejection by your community and family, going through the period of tribulation that is coming could prove to be a lot more complicated for you in this case.

Let’s always remember that the Covenant applies only to those who dare to speak and confess the name of the one in whom they believe: Yeshua.

This applies to all the sons of Adam: we must first recognize our state of sin, reject it with disgust, then accept the person of the Savior to find our Shalom, our peace with the Father. Then the Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit, fills us and our sanctification begins. This is how we receive eternal life through the blood of the Lamb of Elohim: Yahushua.

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