I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars—I will make them come and bow down before your feet, and they will learn that I have loved you. Revelation 3:9

Many have tried to explain who may well be these false Jews of whom Yahuwah/Yahushua is talking to John. This sentence is undoubtably one of the most common tools used by anti-Semites to try to discredit the election of the Jewish people. Many are unsettled by such a visibly violent statement and remain in shock, failing to discern its meaning. Here we will see in a very simple way who will be, or rather who already are, those who fall into this category of false Jews, who are the members of Satan’s synagogue. Like all other matters related to the Holy Scriptures, one should not complicate things that are written very simply. It is useless to philosophize too much on the issue. After all, the revealed Word of Yahuwah is made for everyone, so that all humans understand it regardless of their level of study and IQ. People who are too intelligent, or who try to appear so, often tend to deflect extremely simple truths by dint of chattering too much about the subjects they are discussing. The Word of Yahuwah being universal, is also addressed to simple people. So instead of unnecessary explanations, let’s go back to the plain text itself. What does it want to express? Quite simply, there are Jews among us who count as such, but who are not. These ones are serving the devil full stop. Belonging to such a “synagogue” does not in itself mean that they are automatically the children of damnation. For the most part, these are deceived people who will hopefully repent of their mistake in time. It is always the minority that acts by demonic nature and innate depravity, these ones deceive and drag with them many souls whose fate has not yet been decided in order to tear them away in their loss.

Traditional Christian interpretation

The most common view of Christianity is that the synagogue of Satan is simply the Jews of today who, since the rejection of the Messiah in Yahushua of Nazareth, just switched to the worship of Satan. This reasoning may seem logical and understandable somewhere, for it is true that by definition anyone who denies the Messiah is under the rule of Satan. Yahushua himself tells the Pharisees that their father is Satan, so what else to think? However, the Pharisees he was addressing were that category of demoniacs I just mentioned who deceived much of the People of the day. This great part of the People who had been deceived by wicked spiritual leaders, as well as their descendants, did not suffer rejection from Elohim, but rather were put into a kind of quarantine until the time of the Nations is fulfilled. The priests of the day were already in this category of Satan’s synagogue, but this was not the case with the average Jew, the people who were deceived by their corrupt spiritual leaders. It is certainly beneficial to be Jewish, as Paul said because, for a time, they enjoy special protection from Satan’s power despite Yahushua’s momentary rejection. Yahuwah provides every unredeemed and unsaved human with some level of protection for otherwise life could not persist in a world mainly ruled by the evil. But this protection is all the more present in the case of the originally chosen people as the Covenant of mount Sinai is still valid today.

Traditional anti-Semitic interpretation

Unbelieving anti-Semites do mainly have the same vision on the topic as the anti-Semitic Christians. They also defend the thesis of the illegitimacy of the state of Israel by, among other things, advancing the Khazarian thesis and other theories of conspiracies aimed at and accusing the entire Jewish community unilaterally. And although a lot of their criticism is based on undeniable facts, the bad news for them is that their arguments are true only for a very restricted part of the Jewish population. These worldly anti-Semites are typically those who generally refute the Word of Yahuwah revealed in the Bible as well as the shed blood of the Savior, but who nevertheless allow themselves to refer to the Bible and extract sentences from it out of context when these seem to support their ideas.

The essence of these two forms of anti-Semitism is the desire to take the place of the Jews as the Chosen People. Does not their false election also make them false Jews and thus do they not also fall into the category of Satan’s synagogue? They often claim it themselves : “we are the true Jews, the Jews in heart or in spirit!” Also note that Satan’s Synagogue rhymes with SS.

Interpretation of Christians, friends of Jews

Another extreme is when the Jewish People becomes such an idol that some Christians go so far as to convert to that Judaism which persists in always denying the Messiah in Yahushua. Many go as far as to believe that acquiring Jewish identity is a greater token of salvation than the very Blood shed by Yahushua. They never talk about the subject of Satan’s synagogue, they avoid it because it questions a part of this people they love so much. Many are those among them that can be listed in this category, even if they are not doing it consciously. Indeed, no matter how much they wear the mask of the Messiah, if they start to serve any kind of antichrist powers, they cannot be part of any other type of synagogue. They do not work for the grafting of Christianity to the original olive tree, but assassinate them even more in spirit by placing them under the yoke of religiosity, of the superficiality of Judaic traditions and folklore, see even under the yoke of laws. They give out the title of Jew to all kinds of people who never had any Jewish ascendent, thus subjecting them to the lie of a false identity. They call themselves Jews, but they are not. It seems obvious that they also fall into this category.

There are even aberrant theories coming from people claiming to be Jews and Messianic at the same time and who go so far as to openly deny more and more facts which fundamentally define the person of the Messiah and his divine essence. Theories are expressed that refute the fact that the Messiah was born of a virgin and the action of the Holy Spirit, claiming that Joseph was the biological father of Yahushua and that his conception was made in a natural way. They also deny that His death on the cross was a sacrifice and that the precious Blood of the Messiah would not have been shed for the forgiveness of our sins. Unfortunately, such demonic statements are being claimed in these days and here in our country (Hungary). Their hatred of Christianity, their badly lived identity and the inferiority complex that results from it, pushes them to always cry out louder and to say something always bigger in order to shock the spirits, to the point of falling in the trap of denying the very foundations of our faith. Their will to restore Christendom takes on such extreme proportions that they end up denying the Messiah and thus the Salvation that comes from it. It was of people like them that Paul wrote the following: 

But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under Yahuwah’s curse! As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be under Yahuwah’s curse! Galatians 1:8-9

Chosen people

As explained in another teaching (Anti-Semitism and Anti-Christianity), what Yahuwah chooses is automatically chosen by the enemy as well. Yes, we can say that what our opponents are saying about us is quite true, the Jewish people is Satan’s chosen people. However, the context in which this statement is made is completely wrong. Because the Jewish people will always and above all remain the chosen people of Yahuwah. Satan elected the people of Yahuwah because as we know it well, he always tries to seize all that belongs to Yahuwah. Not only his throne, but also his servants, his subjects, his goods and all his possessions. Satan wants to expropriate all of humanity and within it, he pays special attention to anyone who has made a Covenant with Yahuwah. The people he attacks most assiduously are the Jews on the one hand because of the Covenant at Sinai and the Church on the other hand because of the Covenant by the Blood of the Messiah.

Jews reinforcing conspiracy theories

The synagogue of Satan is also all those Jews of blood and origin who have become financial magnates, immensely rich bankers, people or rather entire dynasties who have abandoned their faith for centuries to serve the spirits of the world. These ones have no desire to return to live in Jerusalem and become full Jews again, but feel perfectly well within the babylo-roman exiles which rules they consider to be the real commandments to be followed and respected. Among them, we find those who go even further as to sell their souls on the altar of political ideologies or even masonic or utterly Satanic precepts. Many of them, despite being of Jewish origin, fight fiercely against all forms of religion and communalism under the pretext of a unique and individualistic global human race based on faith in sciences. So they are not only fighting Christendom, but Jewry and Israel as well. And when they are unable to thwart Yahuwah’s will to see his people return to the Holy Land, failing to destroy the Jewish state, they try to interfere and keep a grip in its functioning. This is how we can understand the links between zionism and freemasonry. Israel is thus brought to its knees by world powers forcing it to submit through political, military or economic pressure. This is why Israel behaves like a prostitute living at the expense of its clients and pimps.

Religious Jews

We also find individuals who are members of the synagogue of satan within the religious Jewish community who attach themselves more and more than ever to the rejection of Yahushua as the messiah. Those who are not satisfied with the study of their rabbinical rubbish and other talmudic traditions – something which at least has the advantage of keeping their Jewish identity alive – but who continue to despise and openly blaspheme the name of Yahushua with a level of rage which is in direct relation with the degree of remorse that their unconscious hides in the depths of themselves.

On the internet, we can hardly find any teachings of “rabbis” who manage to refrain from not mentioning the name of Yahushua. Sooner or later they feel compelled to attack him to justify not accepting him as the messiah. If I was a psychologist, I would probably be more enthusiastic about the phenomenon. Indeed, science knows well this psychic mechanism when a fault commited in the past does not leave the sinner’s conscience quiet and the question is constantly on his mind. Although, I am a teacher and not a shrink. While I know there is some truth to this reasoning, unfortunately I have a much more pessimistic view of it.

Just as our Savior said to the pharisees and chief priests that they were sons of the devil (John 8:44), so I do also think that it is not the common man, whether he is a worldly or an Orthodox Jew who causes problems, but the spiritual leaders, the “rabbis” or “wise men” are always at the root of problems. The devil never allows anyone to fulfill such important positions, but will favor individuals “worthy of his trust,” those he deems sufficiently devoted to false rabbinical Judaism. It is to them that he will entrust the function of teachers of the people. They are thus also part of the synagogue of Satan, because they are responsible for the distorted teaching and the pitiful spiritual condition of the Jewish people. They are the ones who stoke the hatred against Yahushua among those who might not be particularly bothered by him at the base. These are those who lead the Jewish believers further and further away from the Messiah, and without whom many of the latter might have already recognized the true Messiah in Yahushua long ago. Although these false teachers are probably for the most part mere human souls, themselves deceived and to whom the Grace of the Messiah is still valid, some of them have their fates sealed in advance and have only appeared in a human body for the sake of sewing trouble, as it was the case with most of the pharisees and sadducees of the day, who knew exactly who they were facing. From our perspective, it doesn’t matter, we’re not the judges of that. Whether they are part of one or the other category, the bottom line is that these people have nothing to teach us and we have nothing to learn from them. Listening to them would bring us nothing, quite the contrary.

To simplify, we can say that are members of the synagogue of satan all the Jews who still continue to shout today as the crowd did before Pilate in the past: “Crucify him!” “, and again:” We want Barabas!

No matter how much Christianity, in the name of the Messiah and crucifix in hand is responsible for the death and persecution of our ancestors, the Jew who today still continues to consciously rebel against the Yahushua’s messianity can only be considered as still being part of the synagogue of satan.

Among the Jews, however, many prefer to remain silent. Their wisdom compels them to say nothing that they might one day regret if they would turn out to have been wrong. These are like Gamaliel who warned the magistrates to consider carefully the decision they were about to take against the first disciples. For if it turns out that the thing is from Yahuwah, they would pass for rebels before the Most High, but if the thing is not from Him, sooner or later it will disappear by itself. (Acts 5: 34-39). I dare think that today the vast majority of Jews fall into this category. The one of those who prefer to wait and remain silent. They do not judge Yahushua although they would have every reason to do so in view of what Christendom has made them endure in his name over the centuries. They constitute this famous remnant which will be grafted again into the root of the original olive tree, according to the promise. Until then, they are allowed to stay lukewarm in order to prevent them from falling into the much greater sin of blasphemy and rebellion.

Non-religious Jews

The vast majority of Jews today and especially Israelis believe in Elohim, but did not follow any religious movements. They refuse any form of orthodoxy and practice their faith in a free way, going to synagogues only on major feasts at most. These people respect the rabbinical teachings, because they cannot yet discern right from wrong, but only submit to it to the extent that their common sense allows them. These Jews are like those mentioned above, they do not consciously side with what is against the Messiah. These Jews are excessively tolerant and therefore do not attack Yahushua, but respect him in the same way as they have respect for any prophets of other religions. They are also part of the lukewarm rest which has the advantage of being already largely purified of rabbinical deviations.

Last temple on earth

The most visible and obvious synagogue of Satan that will appear physically in the world is this temple in Jerusalem, which Jews will soon rebuild. This famous third temple where all the tools and ornaments are yet ready and where the future priests of the antichrist are only waiting for the moment when they will be able to present animal sacrifices again as in the past. The resumption of the sacrifices is unquestionably an act of rebellion against the Lamb of Yahuwah. For in Golgotha ​​the ultimate and final sacrifice on the Cross was accomplished, thus forever abolishing the temple offerings which until then were only its foreshadowing. Yahuwah has made sure that his people rebellious against the Messiah will at least not fall into the sin of perpetuating the order of the sacrifices. So he let the Roman troops destroy the temple of the time, in order to put an end to the practice of the offerings. Yahuwah did not allow his people to commit this outrage even unconsciously.

There will be Jews who persist in supporting the antichrist even when it becomes evident to those who know the Scriptures that he is not the true Messiah. In the third temple, things will happen that will make it obvious to religious Jews that the antichrist is still not the long-awaited Messiah. He won’t be able to fool everyone. At that precise moment, a great disappointment will overwhelm the rest of the Jewish people, because initially themselves having believed that it was the right one. The enemy does not have absolute power. In this battle, Yahuwah holds infallible weapons able of protecting and convincing many. Among these weapons, his Word is undoubtedly the best protective shield.

One of these events will be the spiritual mix that will characterize the functioning of the last temple. Indeed, the priests already appointed to take over the order of sacrifices have said from the start that the next temple will not only stand for the Jews, but will be a sanctuary for all and for all religions. They will make their sacrifices in the presence of the pope, the dalai lama and other religious leaders with whom they will pray together for world peace. It will be the site of a true ecumenical circus which may not appeal to everyone. In addition, a statue will be erected there before which all knees will have to bow, according to the prophecy. The time when the faithful will have to leave the city without delay according to the warning. It is obvious that the orthodox puritans will not submit to such rituals and will go through a great spiritual crisis, for they will feel doubly deceived, once at the level of the third temple and once in the person of the Messiah. It will be out of this great confusion that the recognition of the true Messiah will come out.

That’s all, I have no deeper insight beyond what has just been quoted regarding the nature of this false synagogue mentioned in the book of Revelation. Maybe that’s it. But it may be even more complex. What seems certain to me is that the Jews mentioned above and serving foreign spirits under demonic yokes have indeed been with us for a very long time and can undoubtedly be listed into this category. Unmasking them becomes an increasingly urgent priority as the arrival of the false messiah draws near.

So these are Jews who are not. They keep the physical marks of it beneath their underpants at most, but their minds, their hearts and their spirits are far away from it. They are not Jews because according to the true laws of Moses, we consider Jewish only those who are both Jews in flesh and spirit. The two criteria are inseparable, if one is lacking, one cannot really speak of a Jew. The criterion of consanguinity is not sufficient in itself and vice versa. Only the spiritual connection to the divine makes a Jew by blood a true Israelite. Whether someone is simply not Jewish because having no ancestry and whether he wants it or not will never become a Jew in mind or in heart, or another will not become Jewish again until his heart is finally circumcised the same way as his penis.

Be careful not to damn a Jew faithful to Yahuwah, even if he is in the momentary error of rabbinical Judaism. Let us avoid judging anyone who is temporarily part of this evil synagogue, as this would be seen as a direct attack on the apple of the eyes of Yahuwah. Whoever curses a Jew will be cursed according to the promise made to Abraham. We must pray and work that as many as possible will escape. Who, as a foreigner or even as a younger son, dares to interfere in the Father’s judgment of his eldest son? If something is not our concern, let us be careful not to interfere lest we end up receiving the spanking that we so wished to see inflicted on the other!

The assembly of Satan

Satan does not only have a synagogue, but also a large number of Christian “churches”. Those who claim to be of the Messiah, but are not. Those who throw the veil on the true nature of the Savior with their institutional churches and their added laws or theologies in the same way as rabbinical Judaism blinds its followers who are still unable to recognize the Messiah. These are all those who are able to make idols of everything even of Yahushua and not just by sculpting or painting his supposed image. Those whose false churches weaken and ruin the functioning of the one and true Church which is the Body of the Messiah.

Where are we personally?

Finally, the synagogue of Satan is all those who work, consciously or not, to discredit and destroy the people of Elohim. They are Jews, Christians and others alike, all having in common the desire to take the place of the chosen people. We can all fall into this error. The question is, are we going to realize in time how we need to urgently change our thinking, acting and our state of mind before it is too late? Membership in Satan’s synagogue does not automatically imply perdition. There is the possibility of breaking free from it, of getting out of it. But for that to happen, we have to unveil what it means, in order to free the captives. Revealing its nature is also essential so that all Christians who are pure in heart and do want to be grafted to Jewish roots do not fall into the trap of false Jewish teachings, whether traditional or messianic.

Basically, this devil’s synagogue symbolizes and brings together all those who persecute the true followers of the Messiah while themselves being persuaded to hold the ultimate truth.

What is certain is that there is not much time left before we are definitively fixed on the true nature of this mystery.

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