True Science

True Science

The fear of Yahuwah is the beginning of wisdom

One doesn’t need to search far to determine the fundamental essence of science.

Through the words of Elohim, we gain a precise understanding of what the original concept of science means. This is also confirmed by the New Testament. Additionally, the concrete and tangible branches of the human sciences, like biology, chemistry, and physics, also bear witness to this.

We can uncover the most tangible and profound scientific insights ever recorded in the world, authored by the wisest individual to have ever existed: King Solomon. This wisdom is articulated within the book of Proverbs, as we will explore further below.

The created world bears witness to this

Especially starting from chapter 8, we encounter profound revelations regarding the essence of science, a term closely connected to knowledge and wisdom itself. I encourage the reader to read through the entire chapter to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the personified wisdom depicted there.

Doth not wisdom cry? and understanding put forth her voice? She standeth in the top of high places, by the way in the places of the paths. She crieth at the gates, at the entry of the city, at the coming in at the doors. Unto you, O men, I call; and my voice is to the sons of man. O ye simple, understand wisdom: and, ye fools, be ye of an understanding heart. Hear; for I will speak of excellent things; and the opening of my lips shall be right things. Proverbs 8:1-6

The personification of wisdom conveys to us that it is inherently present wherever we direct our gaze. Observing the created world fundamentally attests to the immeasurable power and wisdom of Elohim.

The secular sciences also bears witness to this

We encounter similar ideas expressed by the writing of another great sage from a later period:

…Because that which may be known of Elohim is manifest in them; for Elohim hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power… Romans 1:19-20

Based on research in quantum physics, it is known that the world is made up of tiny vibrating strings, infinitely smaller than atoms.

Receive my instruction, and not silver; and knowledge rather than choice gold. For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it. I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions. Proverbs 8:10-12

He brought forth all things through the Word of Elohim, His Word, who is Yahushua. All living creatures owe their existence to this. As I previously mentioned in my article: YHWH is genetically coded into us.

I emphasize that within the core of every living being, the name of Yahuwah resonates, like an unceasing symphony at the very essence of matter.

Everything came into being through the Word of Elohim. Like any spoken word, this Word also carries a resonance that has never ceased to reverberate since. The phenomenon referred to as cosmic microwave background radiation is, in reality, a misinterpretation in which the echoes and repercussions of the Big Bang are thought to be detectable through certain electronic devices, rather than those of the Creator.

Yahushua HaMashiah is Wisdom

My fruit is better than gold, yea, than fine gold; and my revenue than choice silver. I lead in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment: That I may cause those that love me to inherit substance; and I will fill their treasures. Yahuwah possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old. I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or ever the earth was. When there were no depths, I was brought forth; when there were no fountains abounding with water. Before the mountains were settled, before the hills was I brought forth: While as yet he had not made the earth, nor the fields, nor the highest part of the dust of the world. When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a compass upon the face of the depth: When he established the clouds above: when he strengthened the fountains of the deep: When he gave to the sea his decree, that the waters should not pass his commandment: when he appointed the foundations of the earth: Then I was by him, as one brought up with him: and I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him… Proverbs 8:19-30

By using earthly scientific instruments, we are capable of identifying the signature and mark of the Eternal within the created universe.

The physical laws are in perfect harmony with the spiritual laws: the Torah. And these two cannot be separated.

Anyone who separates the physical laws from the Mosaic laws, which are sealed and confirmed by the Messiah, as we read in the New Testament, arrive at conclusions that are human and erroneous based on their observations and investigations..

Here too, let’s be gentle/wise like doves. Let us embrace what is worthy among scientists, even if they are atheists, as long as they deserve the label of genuine science. At the same time we must reject any other mythological pseudo-science under the guise of natural sciences. Let us emphasize the truths originating from the operational sciences (physics, chemistry, biology), and set aside the narrators like paleontologists and other naturalists whose conclusions are heavily built upon assumptions rather than direct and simple observation of natural occurrences.

Upon doing so, we will come to realize that genuine sciences, specifically the operational sciences, do indeed corroborate the revelations found within the Bible.

To close this article, here is a warning which is none other than the continuation of the previous verse:

Now therefore hearken unto me, O ye children: for blessed are they that keep my ways. Hear instruction, and be wise, and refuse it not. Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favour of Yahuwah. Proverbs 8:32-35

In summary and concisely, the real science, the knowledge of Yahuwah, basically consists in welcoming the Spirit of the Creator and creating in us the conditions so that He can function freely through our person.

As for the Creator, he is none other than the One by whom, in whom and for whom the world was formed, the right hand of the Father, His creative power, the Word uttered by the One who engenders: the Son.

By accepting the Covenant with the Son, all the knowledge of the Father will be gradually revealed to us from within, from the depths of our hearts and minds, by the action of Ruach HaKodesh.

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YHWH is genetically coded into us

YHWH is genetically coded into us


In view of the increasing amount of views this article is getting especially in the United States in its English version and in view of the increasing amount of criticism I get from people who seem to know a lot about genetics – at least they have a good command of computer research tools such as Google or more recently Chat GPT – I would like to point out that on the one hand:

This article is the only text among my 75 teachings whose content and message did not come directly to me from above, but laterally by doing my own research on the net. But given the relevance of the message and my interest in various scientific fields, I thought it appropriate to write a text to present this interesting phenomenon to my readers. On the other hand:

Naturally, I could not go and verify the veracity of the statements made below and no team or other scientific authority has naturally come to confirm these assertions. Even if other scientists would have observed it, you can imagine that they would not be in a hurry to share it with the general public, most of them being atheists, it is absolutely not in their interest.

There is therefore no tangible proof of the existence of the name of Yahuwah inscribed and repeated within our genes,

just as there is no tangible proof either for the existence of the cords, in order to confirm the string theory of quantum physics

and that despite this, hardly anyone questions today, not even me!

And it is precisely by basing myself on this string theory which affirms that the smallest components of matter are tiny little strings which all vibrate at a very specific speed and frequency and whose successive addition defines the shape, the color, the smell and all the characteristics of matter, that I persuaded myself of the fact, that if man was created in His image, then one of the smallest components of our organism, the one that defines who we are, what is the shape of our body and face, those of our inner organs, those of our eyes and hair, must naturally and logically vibrate in unison, that is to say at the same rhythm and at the same frequency as the name of our Creator.

Knowing the “style” of our Creator of all, I do not doubt for a second that what I wrote below, is very close to reality, in one way or another. The geneticist who made this discovery is himself a qualified scientist in addition to being an Orthodox Jew, therefore a believer in YHWH, even if he still refuses to pronounce his name: Yahuwah.

That being said, I wish you a good read and I ask everyone to avoid lecturing me and asking me a lot of questions in this subject which is not my area of expertise. Since I do not wish in any case to repeat myself like a parakeet, here is therefore directly in introduction the main part of the answer to the questions which could arise in your mind, because you could investigate the internet or biologic literature for years, you won’t find any confirmation of these statements except from the one you can hear from the mouth of the old fellow in the video bellow, I just wanted to warn you in advance.

Rather, I invite you to read and question me about my 74 other texts, of which I vouch and of which I have a much better control and knowledge of the subject in their spiritual depth and which are much more cardinal questions than this one. Namely the continuation of the reformation, the return to the original names, understanding how the Commandments come to life and are fulfilled in us as a result of our Covenant with the Messiah and by the action of Ruach HaKodesh – the Holy Spirit. These are the subjects that I invite you to come and discuss with me, because our Sanctification depends on them.

Thank you for understanding!


Genes: The building blocks of life

Our genes contain all the information that determines the structure, shape, color, material, etc. of our body, organs, brain and of everything that makes up our person. Deoxyribonucleic acids , i.e. DNA, make up the gene chains, which are part of the chromosomes, which are themselves the components of the cells.

Scientists have discovered that the deoxyribonucleic acids that make up our genes come together in such a way that a bridge forms after a certain amount of acids making up a row. These bridges are called base pairs. It is this process that allows the DNA chains to be linked together, thus creating that particular twisted ladder-like element that is part of the larger chromosome. This type of sequencing determines the information set of our genetics, which we pass on to our offspring.

The rate of connection of deoxyribonucleic acids is as follows: 10-5-6-5

This means that between the acids Adenine-Guamine-Cytosine-Thymine, a bridge is formed after every 10 acid, then every 5 acid, then every 6 acid, and every 5 acid. This connection process takes place constantly in each of our cells and in all living creatures.

DNA Genetics

Numerical value of Hebrew letters

As many of you already know, the Hebrew language does not use special signs to represent numbers. So you use the letters and their combinations to express each number. This is not Kabbalah, mysticism or any other occult numerology, but simple language and arithmetic. Thus, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet א is the number 1, the second ב is the number 2, and so on. Then, by connecting them, you can create larger numbers up to infinity. (144,000 e.g. written as follows: ‘קמד)

When the Jewish scientist made this observation, he was amazed. Indeed, he knew and immediately recognized the numerical value of the Hebrew letters of the Eternal’s name יהוהYHWH, consisting of four consonants, which values are exactly the same:

ה = 5ו = 6ה = 5י = 10

We are faced with no less a miracle than the discovery of how our Creator Elohim placed his own Name as a signature in the innermost part of all his living creatures, as most artists have done since then. Scientists have brought to light what is happening in the smallest corners of the observable world, where the name of Yahuwah is repeated and spoken billions of times in every single living being.


Secular scientists compare genetics to a software coding, which defines Life and its entire functioning very precisely. And by software we mean nothing more than a set of INFORMATION contained in our genes. And information is recognized by specialists in all disciplines as a phenomenon behind which there must be an existing and creative intelligence.

Even the most convinced Darwinist scientist admit that information cannot come out of nothing.

The former president of Microsoft himself said that human genetics or “DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created”. Since then, he has been working on ways to interfere in this human genome.

Therefore, all genetic modifications are dangerous, mostly vaccines and especially those poisons containing RNA technologies, which are administered to the masses of misled and intimidated people through artificially generated pandemics and the fear resulting from it. Satan’s objective is to interfere in this divine bioresonance to defile it with his own seal and possibly even with is own blasphemous name.

These products are nothing more than foreshadows and preparations for the final seal of the beast. It’s high time to start resisting.

I believe it if I see it: well here it is

As Paul indicates in Chapter 1 of his letter to the Romans, nature and its observation – sciences – are all testifying to the existence and power of the Creator at all levels.

The wrath of Elohim is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about Elohim is plain to them, because Elohim has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world Elohim’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. For although they knew Elohim, they neither glorified him as Elohim nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Romans 1:18-21

They are without excuse, as long as they don’t let go of their human tales, their false teachings about “Tarzans”, “King Kongs” and other “planets of the apes”.

Because we are still in the time of Mercy and those having faith in the religion of Sciences have to be helped out of their fairy world.

Thanks to these discoveries and others like this, including the endless amount of evidence uncovered by Christian scientists called “creationists”, we can show them who are the ones who are really rocking in fairy tales? We, who believe in this Creator whose seal and signature are present everywhere around us, or those who believe themselves to be the derivatives and descendants of all kinds of earthworms and other invertebrate vermin?

Heavenly bioresonance

Perhaps in this way, we better understand how important it is that this life-giving name is not only stored deep and silently in the depths of our biology. We must become conscious that we cannot live without Him. In addition to settling our relationship with Elohim, we must go further and use the original Names and titles given by Him instead of the false ones. The Name of Yahuwah/Yahushua must come out of our mouths and hearts instead of calling upon all kinds of foreign idols. (Zeus: Theos-Dios-Dieu, Goth: Got-God, Ishtar: Isten and all the others…)

The spoken word has Creating Power.

The uttered name of the Creator has all the more. The entirety of our body at its tiniest level is resonating with the name of Yahuwah.

As quantum physics recognizes, everything is resonance and vibration. Thus if we say and declare the name of our Father as a response to the 10-5-6-5 beat that has originally beem implanted in us, this could only creates increased restoration, healing, refreshment and all kinds of other blessings inside of our body and mind.

This is the most powerful bioresonance you can ever imagine!

If you say the original Name, your entire genetics will rejoice. You will finally dance to the same beat with your Partner, your Spouse, The Bridegroom and not constantly step on his feet – and his nerves – with your false beats and jumpings to alien musics.

However, our distance from the Father has reached such proportions that we need the Creator to also save us from the captivity of sin, which separates us from Him. And we have that promise: Yahuwah Saves, which in Hebrew sounds like: Yahushua.

He is also a bridge between humanity and the Father, just like what happens in sequencing. He is also 10-5-6-5, YHWH’s only bridge that leads us back to the Father.

For years, the process of millions of believers around the world reverting to using the name Yahweh has emerged. Although I think there is no doubt that the original pronunciation is Yahuwah,

we still say the same thing, since the 4 consonants, which have numerical value and therefore have weight in the spiritual world,

are pronounced. Yahuwéh, Yahuwah, Yahuwah, Yahuwé, as you can hear yourself is practically the same, only one last vowel is different. Thanks to Elohim, not only are we not alone, but a large number of Christians around the world, mainly in the English-speaking part, but also in the French have used THE Name for decades, and perhaps there is no one left among them who is still scandalized when hearing it.

Now there still remains one title and another Name which must be restored by abandoning the use of all their translations into the languages of the Nations derived from the ancient gods they worshiped before they knew Him: Elohim and Yahushua.

Until then I wish you all good sequencings according to the original pattern: 10-5-6-5.

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I’ve seen some Enrapturing UFOs

I’ve seen some Enrapturing UFOs

A new and great means of deception

I must have been around 16 when I saw my first UFO in the sky of Brussels. I am reporting the cases I have witnessed, as have hundreds of thousands of my Belgians compatriots during this decade.

Night was falling when I passed my head out the attic window to look around me, when I noticed that only one star was visible in the sky and its light wasn’t really looking natural. At first glance, I thought it was some kind of artificial satellite. I grabbed my binoculars and there, behind the light, I could see the lines of a dark, triangular-shaped object.

I had been observing the object for some time when suddenly it moved twice in a row drawing a semi-circle with a diameter of 3-4 km at lightning speed to descend lower then to rise again its original location. After a while it started to move very slowly and finally disappeared over the horizon during about 40-45 minutes.

In the weeks and months that followed, I again witnessed three more similar cases. There, I no longer had time to grab my binoculars, because these apparitions this time only lasted a few seconds.

What did I actually see?

You should know that at that time, in the early 90s, UFO sightings were so frequent in Belgium that, according to some sources, more than 50% of the country’s population witnessed a similar scene at least once in its lifetime. According to reports, many people saw these flying objects much closer than I did and in each case they were able to perform their movements at dizzying speeds and in complete silence.

You should also know that these UFOs were always triangular in shape. And finally what we must know above all is that

Brussels is nothing less than the headquarters of NATO

and that we are in the period just after the fall of the Soviet Union, when the transformation of the Cold War was underway and the new balances of power had not yet been fully established. The great nations had to somehow display their power and show the adversary in a prominent way what they were capable of, what advanced technologies they had and as a result what they might well be capable of in case of conflict.

These are clearly military experiments and a new form of dissuasion that I witnessed. Because many of us know that experiments aimed at developing anti-gravity flight have been underway for a long time and that convincing results have certainly already been obtained by many teams at different times and in different places. If I’m not mistaken, it was the Nazis who first started developing this technology during World War II.

By the way, the Nazi scientist who was presumably the leader of these researches, as well as in the fields of ballistics and rocket research, later got the opportunity to make further use of his talents in the US, where, among other things, he became one of the founding members of NASA and a close friend of Walt Disney. In the future, I may write more about how NASA and Walt Disney are connected in the development of modern “fairytale science”.

This is how we can also understand the small phenomenon, which may not be noticed by many, that in their appearance, UFOs always follow the fashion and design of the current era in which they are observed. It is very difficult to imagine that the members of such an advanced civilization would take into account the ever-fluctuating human fashions and tastes of the 20th century. Even in the 1950s, the goal was to intimidate and show off the Soviet Union.

Years ago, I also saw a video on YouTube where a young Hungarian high school student from the 80s presented his own structure made from transistors and other gadgets, and with which he was able to levitate certain objects in his own room. It is about a young genius who must have discovered during high school physics class the way to create the appropriate electromagnetic field to cancel the gravitational field by manipulating electric currents in a certain way. For this, he used the components of household appliances available at the time together with a good portion of mercury and bingo, he was able to “do magic”.

UFO: mass manipulation tool

Throughout the story that I have described, it is not knowing the nature of the technique used to make these unusual flying objects that interests us, but much more the

religious hysteria and the sudden and frenzied interest in transcendence

that UFO sightings may have generated within humanity.

An incredible amount of articles, movies, series, toys and other literature were produced and sold during these decades. In addition to the fact that from a military and national security point of view, secret technology gives enormous advantages of power to those who possess it. But in addition to that, this kind of dumbing propaganda done by the media on the population, have also managed to skyrocket the entertainment industry and a huge business grew around the phenomenon.

For a very long time, as a disciple, I did not want to believe that the UFO phenomenon could have any role in the history of Salvation and that we should talk about it in any ways as servants of the Messiah. For a long time I thought there was no need to broach this subject, as it is a secret military science and spying phenomenon – which indeed involves a certain popular belief – but why would that have any special significance in the context of prophecies? However, if we just look at how many people have started to believe in extraterrestrials and have thus been deceived, the phenomenon in itself is already very disturbing. However, it seems that the subject is a source of many other dangers.

Listening to the reports of many of my brothers especially in the USA, I am more and more convinced that this phenomenon is a very important tool of deception in the hands of Satan.

After diverting people’s trust from the Creator, the One Elohim and after offering them alternative deities from other galaxies who supposedly brought life to Earth, the UFO phenomenon may soon come back to the fore of the stage and take on unequaled proportions quiet soon.

Alien’s return

Many people considered atheists have been disillusioned with Darwinism for some time, seeing the serious shortcomings of this pseudo-scientific theory. Thus, more and more people doubt this doctrine. It has therefore become necessary for the enemy to direct Darwinism towards a version with a little more transcendentalism in order to fill this gap that simple materialism entails. It is not in the interest of the devil to see people redirect their gaze to the spiritual world and risk that many of them find their way back to the Only Way that can lead them back to the Father.

After science endlessly and artificially expanded the world above our heads these last couple of decades, starting from the simple solar system through the discovery of galaxies, then of the expanding universe and finally arriving at the crazy theory of multiverses, from here it is not too difficult for them to convince humanity that in such a gigantic world, it is necessary that other more distant, even more evolved forms of life also exist. This is how the theories arise that more advanced extraterrestrials forms of life and civilizations came here to create humanity and then helped it to develop by passing on to mankind different types of knowledge, lore and craftsmanship. It is in this way that man would have been able to build the pyramids of Egypt and other buildings designed and made so perfectly that their mode of construction is still difficult to explain to this day.

However, we know from the book of Genesis

who were these famous “sons of Elohim”, or “nephilims”,

who descended from the sky to have relations with terrestrial women, thus giving birth to giants and who moreover helped humanity in its development by teaching it various crafts. (as we read in Moses 1 and I do not recommend any other literature on this topic apart from this. I will post a separate article about the Book of Enoch in the near future).

And here we have arrived at the root of the problem, when we will see how the appearance of extraterrestrial beings today is linked to that of fallen angels in the days of Noah, during the antediluvian period. Remember our days are again like those of Noah according to Yahushua’s warnings.

The Bible indeed mentions quite special beings as “sons of Elohim”, “nephilim” and “giants”. These concepts have been taken up by esoteric literature in our time as a kind of supplement to materialistic Darwinism which has become too incomplete in itself. Thus arose the theories that more advanced life forms came from other worlds or dimensions to create life on earth and by continued mentoring raised humanity to its present level of civilization. For this, all kinds of archaeological fakes have been created, where you can see giants with watches and other objects of our modern era such as helicopters and other flying saucers which would have been engraved in stone several thousand years ago.

Of course, all this has been planted very deeply in the collective consciousness with the help of movies, series and other productions of the film industry like “2001 a space odyssey” and its modern derivative films and series that are still in production for sealing this whole process.

Not only saucers, but also Martians

We all know that beyond the simple appearances of UFOs many people claim to have also encountered extraterrestrials. Several people report having been abducted from their beds by aliens while they were sleeping. There are individuals, even entire families and groups of people who have collectively gone through this kind of experience together, where these beings appeared and then started doing all kinds of experiments on them once in the spaceship.

Most often, this arises during the night when one or more people living in the same house, who often sleep in separate bedrooms. Despite this, they all see, live and experience the same thing and at the same time. Then, when they get back to their bed and wake up, their stories mesh perfectly with each other. According to the analyzes of doctors and psychologists, these people most often do not lie and do not seem to have planned their story in advance in order to draw attention to themselves, earn money or simply deceive people for fun.

What is interesting for us is that there are cases where the abductees were Christians. During this traumatic experience, they had the foresight to invoke the name of the Savior. When they pronounced the name of Yahushua, the phenomenon immediately stopped and everyone found themselves in their beds and woke up.

It is evident that there is a name at the sound of which the demons must go away, because

they cannot bear the presence or the invocation of the Spirit of Messiah.

False raptures

Several prophetic ministries in the USA announce what seems to me also obvious, that these phenomena have no other purpose than to prepare the public for a planetary event; when people will massively disappear from the face of the earth. Of course, I’m talking about the Rapture of the Bride.

Such a shocking and worldwide event will be a very heavy blow to the enemy, because it will be the visible testimony that

the Messiah is real and He really was the one who appeared in the person of Yahushua of Nazareth.

Although, in principle, the message of the Gospel and the possibility of the Alliance will only apply to the Jews from that moment since the time of the pagans will have passed, these latter will still have the opportunity NOT to take the mark of the beast, therefore they will also be able to escape the falling world and enter the Messianic Kingdom of 1000 years.

Such a surprising sign will be a source of mass conversions. Indeed, one can imagine that at the sight of such an event, many will be those who will not want to miss the second turn, will repent and enter into the Covenant with the Messiah. The power of such a witness to the Messiah can only be thwarted if the population of the Earth is accustomed to a likely phenomenon such as those extraterrestrial ablutions as described earlier and to which the enemies will have accustomed the world population well in advance by having orchestrated this kind of deception. So; scientists, experts and perhaps even the demons themselves, will simply come and pretend to be E.T.s and explain that we, the Bride, have been kidnapped by them: the aliens.

Either because we were threatening the peace of the world and so they thought it best to remove us from the game, or on the contrary, because we were such good and pure people that they judged us worthy of being transported to their own planet as a reward for our faithfulness to “God”. They may even go so far as to claim that their planet is called: Paradise and perhaps they will go so far as to add that if you also wish to get there some day, it would be better if you agreed to take the mark of the beast.

The rapture of the Bride of Yahusuah HaMashiah will be a very dramatic sign and testimony to the created world

and in the eyes of the Jewish People. Satan knows this very well and will try to break, undermine and dirty this sign with a false explanation.

Let’s look up to the sky but always keeping an eye on the prophecies

I write all this so that when the people of Earth seek us after the Rapture and when the servants of the enemy will explain our disappearance to those who remained here saying that we were abducted by vulgar aliens with green heads, then you wouldn’t believe them!

Because the antichrist and his false prophet, who are already in the world and will soon reveal themselves, will bring down fire from heaven to deceive many. This fire may also possibly involve the appearance of those demons who once appeared in the days of Noah, those sons of Elohim who soon seem to return to us in the guise of extraterrestrials, in order to provide false explanations for the fulfillment of the Yom HaTroua prophecy. When, according to the promise, the sound of the shofar will sound and the Bridegroom will take his Bride to their eternal home. 1Thessalonians 4:16.

They will no doubt also appear in order to reveal the identity of the antichrist whom they will claim to be one of them, or even their prince and who appeared in the world in order to save it from destruction.

Many of us have already recognized this tool of deception and we are warning the world so that when you see us disappear, don’t believe them. And if you are still not in the One we are in, maybe you can now understand what is happening and finally realize that

there is no other way to the Father than the Son, the slain Lamb Yahusua HaMasiah

Now is the time for you to settle this problem and enter into a covenant with the only SAVIOR who does not have the head of a lizard, who does not resemble that ancient serpent, but who is Yahushua: Yahuwah Who Saves, the Son of Elohim, the snow-white Lamb who died for our sins, wounds and sicknesses.

After the Messiah has come and took us for Him in the first round, there will certainly be a time extension for those who did not recognize Him at first, so that if they did not seal their covenant in time with Him, they have at least the strength and the possibility of refusing the seal of the antichrist, in order to be able to survive the devastation that will come over the world at the second advent of Yahushua and pass into the period of the last 1000 years of the earth when only the Messiah will reign above all.

Our disappearance from this world will be a SIGN for all.

Let no one then believe in E.T., but believe in YHWH

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SCIENCE & FAITH: Friends or Foes?

SCIENCE & FAITH: Friends or Foes?

Can we reconcile faith and science?

This question could not even be asked not so long ago. Faith and science formed an inseparable unity. For thousands of years, in all civilizations, physics could only be interpreted in its metaphysical context, and this was also the case in Christian Europe, where the various churches founded the first universities and academies of sciences and financed the scientific research. The process of separation began during the French Revolution which, in a short time, completely divided the two camps and finally put them in opposition. The newly created new world system, which was based on the pillars of materialistic atheism, used science to discredit biblical revelation and to make science the new humanistic world religion where man replaced Elohim.

Are there believing scientists?

Among our great scientists, there are quite a few who had some faith in a god in one form or another. Half of the scientists currently living in the United States claim to believe in what they call “God.”

“I want to know how God created the world”

Einstein once said, although he professed to be agnostic and rejected the concept of a personified god. Moreover, few people know that Newton, the father of modern physics, was a theologian by training and that most of his works are related to theology and not to physics.

Is there good and bad science?

In fact, we cannot speak of bad science, unless we think of those cases where science is not used for the benefit of humanity, but against it. There are scientific disciplines that draw conclusions based on observation and experience. These are what some call Operational Sciences. Other disciplines known collectively as Natural Sciences are in fact

highly imprecise and arbitrary pseudo-scientific historicizing disciplines, whose conclusions are largely based on assumptions.

In many cases, lay scientists in operational science do not consider the natural sciences to be truly science, but often associate them with philosophy or even literature. Indeed, natural history develops theories from archaeological remains whose origin is can only rarely be proven with precision.

The best-known example of such “scientific” errors is the famous man from Nebraska, when the long-awaited and apparently found missing link was identified on the basis of a single bone, which later turned out to be the one of the molars of a pig that died decades earlier.

Physics, chemistry and biology are tangible, immediately observable sciences with serious tools for experimentation and measurement. These highly useful tools open the field to us, not only on the external appearance, but also on the hidden and marvelously complex facets of the created world.

There is also a part of the scientific community, those called creationists, who work by using all the tools and other scientific means at their disposal to precisely reinforce the veracity and accuracy of biblical revelations.

The relationship between faith and Darwinism

Many Christians, on the other hand, some of whom are scientists themselves, as well as most theologians, fully believe that billions of years, or even evolution as presented to us by Darwin, fits perfectly into the context of the biblical revelations which according to them are only symbols. There are doctors of faith in Hungary who teach children that Adam and Eve were two monkeys. After all, according to them, Elohim revealed himself to humanity in a symbolic way, as in parables, because, according to them, this one was very ignorant compared to us.

Opposed to these are the previously mentioned creationist scientists who argue that while there is no doubt that animals and plants have the ability to adapt, the theory of evolution cannot be deduced from it in the form in which Darwin imagined it.

The living world really has the ability to adapt to new environmental and climatic situations through genetic mutations,

but it does not follow that we are all descended from some kind of bacteria. This process of mutation takes place over one or two generations, there is no need for long periods for its realization.

Moreover, the age of the earth and the universe is considered to be much younger (about 6000 years). This age practically corresponds with the year of the Jewish calendar which counts time precisely from the first day of creation. We are in the year 5782. Here is the number of years that would have passed since the creation of the world until today according to Jewish tradition.

Furthermore, they draw our attention to the inaccuracy of carbon isotope dating (also known as carbon-14) and the fact that geological phenomena can all be simply explained by a flood-like global cataclysm.

Moreover, in the letter to the Romans 1:18-23, the apostle Paul makes very interesting statements about certain processes where humanity is no longer willing to recognize the existence of the Creator, which is clearly visible in nature. and the living world, and replaces all this with the image of birds, quadrupeds and reptiles. Besides the cults of the Roman pagans of the time, aren’t these lines also addressed to the Darwinist humanity of today?

Can the existence of Elohim be proven by science?

Unfortunately, no photos or other concrete audio or video recordings depicting the Creator have yet been revealed. However, a key concept has emerged in the field of physics and even more in the field of biology over the last century: it is the


The universe is determined by mathematical constants. The speed of light, the number and the composition of the chromosomes, if they were changed even in a tiny way, everything would collapse. Information is the basic component of the universe and the living world. Such a surprisingly complex set of information defines matter and the world that

to attribute this to chance would in itself be irrational.

There was so little chance that the universe, then matter, then stars/planets and finally and above all life, appeared, that it would be unreasonable to believe that the world was born only from itself, as by chance.

According to the calculations of today’s scientists, the probability that our universe was formed and that the world looked like what we see today is 1060 in the field of physics and 10340,000 in the field of biology. (yes: ten exponent 340,000). Behind such a quantity and precision of information, it is necessary that there is a superior intelligence and a very precise purpose for which all this was created.

Several scientists try to explain this astonishing coincidence by saying that we actually live in a kind of multiverse, where an infinite number of universes are constantly arising and collapsing. And their number is so large that even such inconceivable probabilities may arise from time to time.

However, the universe grew and expanded above our heads artificially. It seems to serve the purpose of making people consider themselves so insignificant, so useless, that it erases the pangs of conscience caused by the consequences of their actions. Since we are so small and hidden, it doesn’t matter how we live, what we think and how we act. The Creator, if he exists, has many other things to do than watch over our individual lives, which are so insignificant in this huge world. Thus, someone who believes in science does not come to repentance and does not realize that he needs a Savior who will set him free from his sins.

This question really begs the question of what the universe really looks like. What can be observed there, even with the most modern technical means, is it really a physical world like the one in which we live here on earth? Are we really so insignificant in an unimaginably infinite uni- or multiverse? Would it really have been the will of Yahuwah to place us in such an enormity and to create other empty worlds to see which also contain other forms of life apart from ours? Unlikely !

Recent highly interesting scientific discoveries

One of the most important discoveries of recent years is the existence of black matter and dark energy. The incomprehensible expansion of the universe as it is observed can be explained by a hidden phenomenon that is invisible to even our most advanced devices. According to the current position, the universe is expanding due to dark energy and this expansion is accelerating. According to scientists, the death of the universe will be caused by this force, when it becomes so large that even particles can no longer assemble and form atoms, that is, in a broader sense , any type of matter.

On the other hand, they discovered another hidden phenomenon, which they named black matter. Astronomers have observed that some stars appear in a completely different place in the sky than where they should be. This phenomenon can only be explained by the fact that their light deviates from its straight path due to the gravitational attraction of a very dense, but invisible material.

What is most astonishing in this discovery are the proportions of the two phenomena. Based on calculations

what we can see of the universe, even with our most sophisticated telescopes, does not exceed 5% of what constitutes it

Of the elements that make up the universe, 22% is black matter and 74% is dominated by dark energy, as a force of disintegration and destruction.

Unlike dark energy, black matter is a cohesive force that prevents dark energy from destroying the universe at an excessive rate. Black matter, although it appears in a lesser proportion, still leaves time for the created world to continue to live and exist.

It is interesting to note that according to the message of the Bible, Satan, as the fallen archangel, the Devil (the one who divides/disunites), was given power on earth for a time. We see it in the story of the temptation of Yahushua, when Satan offered our Savior in the wilderness to give Him all power on earth if He would worship Him.

It seems that it was ultimately secular scientists who discovered the proportions of positive and negative forces that manifest in the world. The sworn enemy has apparently obtained 74% power over the world and it is thanks to the 22%, right of usufruct or veto that the Creator has set aside, that there is still a period of grace, during which we still have time to realize that everything was created by/for and in Him, that is, in the Messiah. (John 1:3 – Colossians 1:16).

Through this discovery, we can affirm that the operative sciences are one of the best tools to support biblical revelation and strengthen our faith. Science is not the opposite or the opposite of faith, but a complement to it, and even one of its best friends.

The following article concerning the aim of the Creation of Mankind is surely going to interest you: B-Reshit / B-beginning / B-plan

B-Reshit / B-Beginning / B-Plan

B-Reshit / B-Beginning / B-Plan

In the eyes of the Jews, the reason why the Holy Scriptures, the Word of Elohim begins with the second letter of the alphabet ב (bet) and not with the first, that is to say א, remains a mystery till this day. For them, it is indeed completely illogical that the first word beginning the story on the origin of origins does not begin with the first letter א (alef). The question is really disturbing and one can indeed wonder if this is due to chance or if Elohim really wanted to point out something unsuspected at first sight.

While it is true that the letter can be dangerous in itself, it is still good to know that each Hebrew letter carries a meaning and a numerical value which alone contains deep additional meaning. So to what extent, by whom and when these things are worth unpacking will not be the subject of our analysis here, but it remains a fact to be taken into account.

The question is all the more relevant since the word Elohim begins precisely with aleph. Why does He not begin the story with his own name in this case with something like: Elohim created in the beginning, or Elohim, in the beginning, created, etc. It may seem strange to some, but this question has really been on the minds of Jews since ancient times and I personally think it is indeed very interesting for us also in the Messiah today.

In what follows we are going to skip over the answers given by Judaism to this question and instead deal with the significance that such a seemingly small “error” can have in terms of the History of Salvation and Redemption.

In what the Earth and Man were created?

We get the answer to that question in the very the first lines of Genesis: Tohu VáBohu (emptiness, darkness and abyss in a word, in chaos).

How is it possible that the place where originally only Elohim exists, there can be darkness and abyss. How can chaos in any form whatsoever rub shoulders with the Eternal Yahuwah and His perfection?

At the time when, there was only Him and no one and nothing else, – if it is possible to use words describing time here – how can one conceive that any kind of tohu and bohu could have existed independently of- and apart from Him?

the word B-réshit is nothing more than an indication that we are witnessing and participating in the creation of a plan B

Just as the Redemption of man was also not planed originally, but man had been created in perfection having an eternal and incorruptible flesh. This state which would have frozen forever as soon as man resisted the temptation to consume the fruit of the forbidden tree until the end of the probationary period, thus gaining definitive Eternal Life.

Despite everything, it did not happen as expected. Man having sinned from the first generation, Yahuwah was forced to modify his plans and prepare the expiatory sacrifice of the Lamb in order to restore his creature. So was he later compelled to appear personally in the form of the Son, emptying himself, coming out of the womb of a woman and take on a human body so that he could shed his blood and suffer judgment instead of us so that those who believe in Him may have Eternal Life. So we can see that the Work of Redemption had to come into place because of man’s fall into sin.

If we look closer, the Bible is filled with similar modified plans. Following the murder of Abel by Cain, Seth had to be sent as a substitute in order to revive the pure bloodline. The new start following the flood was also a plan B. The exiles imposed on the people following the breaking of the law were all plan Bs. Jacob’s life itself is littered with plan Bs and so on through the Scriptures.

The never ending rebellion of the people and humanity is always pushing Yahuwah, in his huge merciness, to always adjust/repair things, to give more time, to be more patient and to intervene in events in such a way that they ultimately benefit those who yet have sinned, but who finally had returned to Him.

The original created world could only be perfect

When Elohim made the creatures surrounding Him in His Kingdom, all those authorities, principalities and other spiritual beings that we commonly call angels, everything was then perfect, eternal and filled with light. There was no darkness, no abyss where He would have been forced afterward to bring the Light, which is the Messiah. The Father-Son-Holy Spirit, as one Elohim, delighted himself in his own creatures, among which was also one of His most beautiful and one of the key elements of His creation and who finally turned against Him.

The story of the creation of our world was preceded by another creation, which is not related in the Bible, but which we can perceive, since several prophecies refer to those ancient times in a world that was then exclusively spiritual Moreover, we can know this because what we read in the opening lines of Genesis does not describe the perfect conditions that arise from the unique presence of a perfect character like our Creator. When the Bible begins, we already see a backdrop of darkness and confusion in which the Creator is forced to intervene in order to restore something original that was perfect and that we do not yet perceive at this stage. It is in these chaotic circumstances that by His Grace, He intervenes in order to create our earth and its sky by also bringing to it the ultimate solution, the Light which is none other than the Messiah in whom and by whom all creation was made.

What our Creator originally created was Perfection itself, there is no doubt about it.

There was to be a perfect World, a Kingdom, where the Creator King – being Himself perfect – could only create perfect things.

The fall that created the Tohu VaBohu

The Kingdom of Elohim could therefore only be perfect. One such perfect creature was Helel himself – of his latin name Lucifer – not the light-bringer but the luminous, the one who reflects Light at most. He was one of the three archangels, who eventually, of his own free will and self-worship, rebelled and decided to attempt to seize Yahuwah’s throne to rule in his place. A third of the angelic armies followed him in his fall. They too were originally perfect and eternal angelic creatures and eventually fell to become Satan (the accuser) and the demons, Shedim in Hebrew (the conceited ones). Isaiah 14:12-14

At that time, an extremely tragic rupture occurred in this perfect world, where these rebels could no longer remain. These fallen angels no longer had a place in the Kingdom of Heaven. So they had to be hunted somewhere, but that somewhere did not yet exist, because this situation had not really been foreseen.

A parallel dimension had to be created in which Yahuwah was not present. It was then that the Tohu VaBohu “space” was set apart – for a while.

Yahuwah could have immediately destroyed the rebels, but it did not happen that way. Why ? We can only guess. But overall, it’s no surprise that in the face of such a destructive rebellion, Elohim still shows patience. Here too, our Father behaves like a kind of perfect “gentleman”, who in such a situation does not act out of anger and strike on the spot, but rather gives time to his opponent so that he can prove himself and fight on equal terms.

The role of the earth

For this duel to occur, a place had to be designated. This place was none other than the very kingdom of Satan. This kingdom of darkness and chaos within which the Earth was created to serve as a battlefield and within which man was also created to serve as spoil for the future winner.

The fall of 1/3 of the angels left a void in the original perfect kingdom of Yahuwah.

In human history such an attempted putsch would have had completely different consequences, as we have seen many times throughout the centuries. The failed putschists are caught and executed on the spot and new people are immediately named to replace their former comrades who rebelled. The putschists are generally soldiers, who have the necessary weapons and who are the closest to the power against which they are revolting.

Elohim however is not human and does not think as such. He does not wish to defeat the rebels with strength and power, but rather by his weakness. He wants to show that even in his weakest state, he is able to overcome an enemy in full possession of his strength and power.

Yahuwah agrees to go into Satan’s kingdom and intends to defeat him on his own ground. It is by having created man, through him and, at the level of his free will that the fight is ongoing. In the end, he does not even fight on equal terms, but offers the enemy to fight him with better means.

Elohim thus creates man in order to defeat Satan at the level of his free will.

The earth was therefore created in the midst of this chaotic world to serve as a chessboard, a theater for the great struggle. And the main purpose is mankind itself. If Satan manages to tempt people and keep them in sin until the end, Satan will take them with him into eternal damnation. However, if man manages to remain (or rather return) to his original state when sin had not yet taken hold of him, he will obtain Eternal Life.

The Sin and its Solution

Going back to the history of creation, we well know the sad aftermath of the story. Man finally fell from the first steps. For Satan was given power on Earth and had free access to that little part of the Kingdom of Heaven which was separated and placed within it: the Garden of Eden. This is how he appeared to Eve in the form of the serpent to tempt her.

By this act, man not only cut himself off from direct contact with the Creator and sentenced himself to death, but also empowered Satan to drag him into the physical world. Here the process of death and time leads man to the first and physical death then to the spiritual and second death in case Satan is able to keep him under the domination of sin untill the end, remote from the person of the Saviour.

This Savior who is Yahushua HaMashiah of Nazareth, the only way back to the Father.

He who freed man from sin by His blood and by His Sacrifice on the Cross and who thereby slew the ancient serpent

The purpose of humanity

Beyond what we have learned so far, that man is the ultimate stake in the struggle between the two powers, the creation of man has a much deeper meaning and purpose that no one knows and really speaks about. Once we understand this, we will have answered the oldest and most visceral question mankind has ever asked:

“Why and who are we and where are we going?”

As previously described:

The fall of 1/3 of the angels left a void in Yahuwah’s originally perfect kingdom. The Kingdom of Heaven cannot remain in this temporarily imperfect state at 2/3 of its splendor.

Yahuwah did not immediately destroy the rebels and create new spiritual principalities and other angels in their place with the snap of a finger. At least not until the fight is over.

But he won’t even do that at the end of the war. Because the substitutes have already been created for long. These replacements are none other than the redeemed part of Humanity.

Once the Redemption of the Messiah has been obtained, man on entering Eternal Life takes the place of the fallen angels

This is how Yahuwah finally fills the void left in order to restore His Kingdom.

In place of Satan as the archangel and his demonic army, we have the Messiah as King taking the place of Helel and the armies of saved humans taking the place of the demons.

This is the true purpose of our world and the creation of man. Now we are able to understand the contradiction that what Elohim creates cannot be originally imperfect. He does not create darkness, emptiness and death. But some creations that were originally perfect became imperfect and became darkness, chaos and death. Helel by his rebellion lost the status of Angel of Light thus generating darkness, a concept that did not exist until then.

So we see that even in Paradise there was a “time” when the perfect creatures of the timeless Kingdom also had their free will and the right to decide whether to remain obedient to the Creator forever or choose another path. As some of them chose this last option, a plan B was had to be implemented: ​​This is where we enter the game!

Yahuwah created no one to replace Helel/Satan. He offered Himself as the Son, Yahushua HaMashiah, to take the vacated place of Helel. This is exactly what the disciples could see with their own eyes during the transfiguration of Yahushua, when He appeared with Elijah and Moses, thus taking the place of the missing third archangel. Moses and Elijah being themselves the Archangels Michael and Gabriel respectively. A later article will cover this topic in more depth. TERUMAH

The Church – the Body of the Messiah – was built on the foundations of the apostles (Moses – law) and the prophets (Elijah) and its head is Yahushua HaMashiach

which is the Light compensating for the disappearance of the luminous one. And those who are born again in Him, His Body, WE take the place of the 1/3 of the angelic host that followed Satan into perdition.

This is how we understand how we humans will judge angels according to 1Cor 3:6. Judgment will be for them, among other things, to see one of the weakest, smallest and most insignificant creatures in the world – Man – occupying their own place from which they fell. There is no more humiliating judgment for them and that is why they hate us so much.

It is important to recognize these truths so that we can strengthen our faith and run with ever greater confidence and conviction towards the goal which is the Messiah. We also understand much better the essence of the person of the Messiah and why it was important for Yahuwah to appear among us in human form, emptying himself and as a Son to give His Life so that we could find ours. This is how we must run, not by force nor by power, but filled with the Holy Spirit of Yahuwah.

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