Can we reconcile faith and science?

This question could not even be asked not so long ago. Faith and science formed an inseparable unity. For thousands of years, in all civilizations, physics could only be interpreted in its metaphysical context, and this was also the case in Christian Europe, where the various churches founded the first universities and academies of sciences and financed the scientific research. The process of separation began during the French Revolution which, in a short time, completely divided the two camps and finally put them in opposition. The newly created new world system, which was based on the pillars of materialistic atheism, used science to discredit biblical revelation and to make science the new humanistic world religion where man replaced Elohim.

Are there believing scientists?

Among our great scientists, there are quite a few who had some faith in a god in one form or another. Half of the scientists currently living in the United States claim to believe in what they call “God.”

“I want to know how God created the world”

Einstein once said, although he professed to be agnostic and rejected the concept of a personified god. Moreover, few people know that Newton, the father of modern physics, was a theologian by training and that most of his works are related to theology and not to physics.

Is there good and bad science?

In fact, we cannot speak of bad science, unless we think of those cases where science is not used for the benefit of humanity, but against it. There are scientific disciplines that draw conclusions based on observation and experience. These are what some call Operational Sciences. Other disciplines known collectively as Natural Sciences are in fact

highly imprecise and arbitrary pseudo-scientific historicizing disciplines, whose conclusions are largely based on assumptions.

In many cases, lay scientists in operational science do not consider the natural sciences to be truly science, but often associate them with philosophy or even literature. Indeed, natural history develops theories from archaeological remains whose origin is can only rarely be proven with precision.

The best-known example of such “scientific” errors is the famous man from Nebraska, when the long-awaited and apparently found missing link was identified on the basis of a single bone, which later turned out to be the one of the molars of a pig that died decades earlier.

Physics, chemistry and biology are tangible, immediately observable sciences with serious tools for experimentation and measurement. These highly useful tools open the field to us, not only on the external appearance, but also on the hidden and marvelously complex facets of the created world.

There is also a part of the scientific community, those called creationists, who work by using all the tools and other scientific means at their disposal to precisely reinforce the veracity and accuracy of biblical revelations.

The relationship between faith and Darwinism

Many Christians, on the other hand, some of whom are scientists themselves, as well as most theologians, fully believe that billions of years, or even evolution as presented to us by Darwin, fits perfectly into the context of the biblical revelations which according to them are only symbols. There are doctors of faith in Hungary who teach children that Adam and Eve were two monkeys. After all, according to them, Elohim revealed himself to humanity in a symbolic way, as in parables, because, according to them, this one was very ignorant compared to us.

Opposed to these are the previously mentioned creationist scientists who argue that while there is no doubt that animals and plants have the ability to adapt, the theory of evolution cannot be deduced from it in the form in which Darwin imagined it.

The living world really has the ability to adapt to new environmental and climatic situations through genetic mutations,

but it does not follow that we are all descended from some kind of bacteria. This process of mutation takes place over one or two generations, there is no need for long periods for its realization.

Moreover, the age of the earth and the universe is considered to be much younger (about 6000 years). This age practically corresponds with the year of the Jewish calendar which counts time precisely from the first day of creation. We are in the year 5782. Here is the number of years that would have passed since the creation of the world until today according to Jewish tradition.

Furthermore, they draw our attention to the inaccuracy of carbon isotope dating (also known as carbon-14) and the fact that geological phenomena can all be simply explained by a flood-like global cataclysm.

Moreover, in the letter to the Romans 1:18-23, the apostle Paul makes very interesting statements about certain processes where humanity is no longer willing to recognize the existence of the Creator, which is clearly visible in nature. and the living world, and replaces all this with the image of birds, quadrupeds and reptiles. Besides the cults of the Roman pagans of the time, aren’t these lines also addressed to the Darwinist humanity of today?

Can the existence of Elohim be proven by science?

Unfortunately, no photos or other concrete audio or video recordings depicting the Creator have yet been revealed. However, a key concept has emerged in the field of physics and even more in the field of biology over the last century: it is the


The universe is determined by mathematical constants. The speed of light, the number and the composition of the chromosomes, if they were changed even in a tiny way, everything would collapse. Information is the basic component of the universe and the living world. Such a surprisingly complex set of information defines matter and the world that

to attribute this to chance would in itself be irrational.

There was so little chance that the universe, then matter, then stars/planets and finally and above all life, appeared, that it would be unreasonable to believe that the world was born only from itself, as by chance.

According to the calculations of today’s scientists, the probability that our universe was formed and that the world looked like what we see today is 1060 in the field of physics and 10340,000 in the field of biology. (yes: ten exponent 340,000). Behind such a quantity and precision of information, it is necessary that there is a superior intelligence and a very precise purpose for which all this was created.

Several scientists try to explain this astonishing coincidence by saying that we actually live in a kind of multiverse, where an infinite number of universes are constantly arising and collapsing. And their number is so large that even such inconceivable probabilities may arise from time to time.

However, the universe grew and expanded above our heads artificially. It seems to serve the purpose of making people consider themselves so insignificant, so useless, that it erases the pangs of conscience caused by the consequences of their actions. Since we are so small and hidden, it doesn’t matter how we live, what we think and how we act. The Creator, if he exists, has many other things to do than watch over our individual lives, which are so insignificant in this huge world. Thus, someone who believes in science does not come to repentance and does not realize that he needs a Savior who will set him free from his sins.

This question really begs the question of what the universe really looks like. What can be observed there, even with the most modern technical means, is it really a physical world like the one in which we live here on earth? Are we really so insignificant in an unimaginably infinite uni- or multiverse? Would it really have been the will of Yahuwah to place us in such an enormity and to create other empty worlds to see which also contain other forms of life apart from ours? Unlikely !

Recent highly interesting scientific discoveries

One of the most important discoveries of recent years is the existence of black matter and dark energy. The incomprehensible expansion of the universe as it is observed can be explained by a hidden phenomenon that is invisible to even our most advanced devices. According to the current position, the universe is expanding due to dark energy and this expansion is accelerating. According to scientists, the death of the universe will be caused by this force, when it becomes so large that even particles can no longer assemble and form atoms, that is, in a broader sense , any type of matter.

On the other hand, they discovered another hidden phenomenon, which they named black matter. Astronomers have observed that some stars appear in a completely different place in the sky than where they should be. This phenomenon can only be explained by the fact that their light deviates from its straight path due to the gravitational attraction of a very dense, but invisible material.

What is most astonishing in this discovery are the proportions of the two phenomena. Based on calculations

what we can see of the universe, even with our most sophisticated telescopes, does not exceed 5% of what constitutes it

Of the elements that make up the universe, 22% is black matter and 74% is dominated by dark energy, as a force of disintegration and destruction.

Unlike dark energy, black matter is a cohesive force that prevents dark energy from destroying the universe at an excessive rate. Black matter, although it appears in a lesser proportion, still leaves time for the created world to continue to live and exist.

It is interesting to note that according to the message of the Bible, Satan, as the fallen archangel, the Devil (the one who divides/disunites), was given power on earth for a time. We see it in the story of the temptation of Yahushua, when Satan offered our Savior in the wilderness to give Him all power on earth if He would worship Him.

It seems that it was ultimately secular scientists who discovered the proportions of positive and negative forces that manifest in the world. The sworn enemy has apparently obtained 74% power over the world and it is thanks to the 22%, right of usufruct or veto that the Creator has set aside, that there is still a period of grace, during which we still have time to realize that everything was created by/for and in Him, that is, in the Messiah. (John 1:3 – Colossians 1:16).

Through this discovery, we can affirm that the operative sciences are one of the best tools to support biblical revelation and strengthen our faith. Science is not the opposite or the opposite of faith, but a complement to it, and even one of its best friends.

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