On the great chessboard of the History of Salvation, unlike a common game of chess, we already know in advance the outcome and the winner of the game. Even if the enemy knows that he will end up losing, the challenge for him is to involve as many pawns as possible in his loss. If he can’t win, his only objective remains to cause as much damage as possible and to ensure that as few people as possible participate in the King’s victory.

Our goal as followers of Yeshua is to stay alive on the chessboard and help our fellow pawns to remain on the board with us till the end of the game.

In the next three articles I would like to describe and expose some of the basic tools/tricks that the enemy uses to deceive us, so that even if he fails to take the deceived souls with him in every case, that he may at least hinder their functioning and effectiveness during the fight. By functioning, I mean when the fulfillment of a believer’s ministry is hindered by something thus unable to fully serve his fellow man because some foreign teaching, phenomenon or spirit interferes in his life, vision and heart.

There are several tools of deception. We will examine 3 of them, which are important because they are rarely treated, despite being the most dangerous and effective weapons in the hands of the enemy.


The most ancient phenomenon and tool of diversion used by the enemy consists in anticipating and imitating the project of Elohim. We can often observe this strategy in our own path of disciple when the enemy offers us false blessings, situations, or people before we receive Elohim’s, as false foreshadowings of the true ones to come.

1 – Descendant of Seth / Descendant of Cain

After Cain killed his brother Abel, the line of Elohim was interrupted for a time until Seth was sent to replace him.

In Cain’s genealogy, we can observe the names of individuals who are very similar or almost identical to those who appear later in the line of Seth. These people were born well in advance and moreover in the same order. Cain himself preceeded Seth’s grandson Cainan. As Seth was much younger than Cain, his descendants were also born a few years “late” on their false foreshadowings.

CAIN – Enoch IradMehujaelMethushael Lamech
SETH – EnoshCainan Mahalalel JaredEnochMethuselah Lamech


We have also seen instances where, due to disbelief in the promises of Elohim, people take action, come up with ideas, and then implement them thus seriously interfering with the original plan. In this way, the enemy operates on people’s unbelief to get them ahead of Yahuwah’s plan.

This is how Ishmael was born before Isaac who is until this day the source of a multitude of very deep problems for the chosen people.

Later we see the same human intervention that preceded and thus cancelled Yahuwah’s final act of deliverance, when Jacob and Rebecca, having panicked, reclaimed the blessing of the firstborn by deceiving the old Isaac.

3 – Birth of Jacob / Birth of Esau

As I explain in more detail in another article, Esau, as the envoy of the enemy, used his physical superiority over Jacob, the envoy of Elohim, already in the womb of their mother when he took Jacob’s place at the exit. The reason for the fight between the two children in the womb of Rebecca was the following: Esau had to go out first at all costs in order to expropriate the birthright of Jacob.

Yahuwah has an order, a law, which was already in force then, even in the pre-Mosaic period, according to which the inheritance of the family (both spiritual and material) goes to the first born.

Satan always acts against Yahuwah by force and power.

Esau was predestined to appropriate the inheritance of Elohim in the visible world, so that he could rightfully claim before the people what Yahuwah originally intended for Jacob. Because we know from a later prophet that “I loved Jacob, I hated Esau” – Malachi 1:2-3

Thus, we understand better why Jacob grabbed his brother’s ankle when they were born, in order to signal to the outside world: “We will fix that later”.

4 – Reform / Sect

During the process of the Reformation of the Church, similar attacks occurred on several occasions.

This is what happens when the enemy knows that the time has come for some reformation to take place. This is the case, for example, when the time comes to give up with all the pagan names of forein elohim such as got, theos, dios, deus, zeus, ishtar, etc., and restore His original names Elohim and Yahuwah through the ministry of the legitimate people inspired by the Holy Spirit, when suddently Satan comes and throws a grenade into the pile to blow it all up. This is the true identity of the sect of Jehovah’s Witnesses who restore the name of the Eternal, but at the same time try to destroy the image and the divine essence of the Messiah by reducing him to the rank of “mere” archangel. They restore something essential and destroy an even greater one. Likewise, when he hinders the restoration of Shabbat/Saturday with denominations that mix this truth with several obviously false teachings.

These sects have no other purpose than to discredit the reforms in the eyes of believers of pure faith and intention in order to taint the truth with apparent and unacceptable lies so that most of the people will refuse the whole. Thus the rejection is made all along the line and the process of the reform is obstructed.

Reforms are thus taken out of the hands of the legitimate belivers appointed by Elohim to carry out the restauration. They are taken away by the ennemy and given to false prophets and church founders. These demonic puppets are contaminating the truth with false doctrines so that a large part of the Body of the Messiah does not continue on the path of sanctification.

It should be mentioned that we must not allow ourselves to fall into the error of not saying certain things out of our mouths, so as not to be identified as part of any of these false sects. This kind of attitude is a compromise with the enemy, a cowardly behavior wishing to avoid any conflict. If we discover a truth that had been stolen by the ennemy and remain silent, we are consciously allowing the devil to hold the truth captive.

For satan, being the father of lies, always bases his lies on truths that he distorts in order to appropriate them by presenting them in a different and modified way: “Did Elohim really say:  ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?” He started from a truth, but exaggerated it by resorting to the tool of generalization replacing the word ‘That tree’ by ‘Any tree’.

4.1 Luther/other reformers

Maybe this will shock a lot of people, but in my opinion, Luther himself was such a preliminary false pawn on the chessboard, who was perhaps deployed before Calvin so that the enemy can start the counter-reformation right away through Martin L himself. Many know that Luther, in addition to his problems with demonic possessions, “re-Catholicized” several points that he himself had reformed a few years earlier. And if anyone is shocked by the statement that Luther was under demonic influence, I invite him to read his pamphlets on the Jewish People which tell a lot about the spiritual state of the man. The recognition of the demonic spirit is not a condemnation, but a diagnosis, an indispensable condition for any possibility of healing. None of us today is going to heal him afterwards, only Yahuwah knows if he finally got healed, where he is, what he arranged, in time or not, it’s not up to us to decide or debate the question. However, since this unhealthy state of mind persisted throughout his career, its corrupting and destructive effects are still noticeable today. Thus, it would be highly useful to examine to what extent the otherwise clearly persistent Catholic roots in modern Protestant Christianity still stem from him. Although Luther was the first to oppose the concept of the institutional church, contemporary “renewed” Pentecostal and charismatic Christianity is still built on the model of the institutional church established by the roman catholics. He was furthermore the first in the history of the Reformation to draw attention to the absurdity of infant baptism, but towards the end of his career he revoked this reform on his own without any pressure from the Roman church or the emperor.

5 – The return of the Messiah – the coming of the Antichrist

The main and ultimate deception of this kind, will be when satan will appear in the form of the antichrist, in order to deceive humanity including part of Christianity, which awaits the return of the Messiah. He will do signs and wonders throughout the world, bringing down fire from the sky, and by some very convincing theological false teachings will be able to deceive many even among the chosen ones. Many will believe that the Messiah finally had to return in a human body once again and not in the Spirit – in a Glorified body – according to the promise:

Yeshua HaMashiah will return the same way he went into heaven

It is also timely to deal with this last deception and to draw the attention of believers, because there are many signs that the false prophet has appeared in the visible world and has already entered the scene.

What does all this teach us today?

For us, it is worth paying attention to this ancient evil strategy, because our fellow human beings often try to position themselves in this way and appropriate what is ours. We often experience during our journey of discipleship that false opportunities are offered to us, wrong doors are being opened in front of us which may appear to be the right ones. Those who have already faced the problem and managed to recognize the deception and not fall into the trap can testify to the great blessing that followed. However, for this we must ask for one of the most important fruit that can be given to us by the Holy Spirit.

The gift of discerning of spirits

And not only that of the spirits, but also of their diversionary strategies so that they can no longer deceive us.

In our country, too, there are such precursor servants and ministries claiming the title of Messianic Jews. They appeared earlier and preach doctrines similar to ours in many aspects. They led many people on the right path but meanwhile did also began to administer their poison little by little, shrewdly and imperceptibly. All this until they end up publicly denying the blood of the Messiah, his sacrifice on the cross as well as the Holy Trinity.

We must be aware that the next steps of reformation/restoration must be sought and taken until the Final Reform is accomplished by Yeshua HaMashiah himself when he returns to begin his 1000 year reign here on earth.

We also should keep in mind that Reformation is nothing but a return to the original form of discipleship, as it first appeared in Jerusalem in Jewish circles as described in the book of the Acts of the Apostles.

Going back to Jewish roots also carries great dangers. When Jewish teachers who believe in Yahushua are also tempted to fall into the poison of rabbinical judaism. This same poison that veiled the eyes of most of the Jews so that they could not recognize their Messiah in Yeshua till today. Then, thus mixed with this poison and defiled, they go and teach their Jewish and non-Jewish brethren. We have often seen that this kind of evil mechanism often leads to the outright denial of the Messiah.

So let’s not get overtaken. And if it should happen anyway, let us dare to take up the message that is ours and reform what has been defiled beforehand by preaching it until it is purified again by the grace of the Messiah so that it can be restored for good.

The rest of the article: Tools of Deception 2 – PULLING TO EXTREMES, Tools of Deception 3 – BRAKING


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