In the preceding two articles, we delved into two of Satan’s primary tools aimed at thwarting Elohim’s plan. Overtaking and pushing to extremes are maneuvers serving the same purpose — none other than wasting our time. When Satan perceives an inability to divert the chosen ones from the right path, he endeavors to guide them into dead ends and detours, intending to steal time, energy, and induce infertility. These tactics hinder us from fulfilling our calling, and our spiritual growth is significantly impeded as a result.

Our previous two topics, OVERTAKING and PULLING TO THE EXTREMES, essentially both serve to RESTRAIN us.

The line of Cain against that of Seth, Ishmael against Isaac, and Esau against Jacob—all serve as repelling forces of the enemy with the aim of overthrowing the Plan of Elohim.

When Satan deceives believers into embracing EXTREMISMS and human dogmas emerge from certain truths, degrading the spiritual restoration into a false self-righteous effort, he once again impedes our progress. In some cases, he even brings us to a complete halt on the path of sanctification for the entire Body of Christ.

It is precisely these recurring stops or blockages that inspire many to persevere and continue the true race on the Narrow Path, ensuring that the torch of the Messiah is never extinguished.

Retention forces

Indeed, besides overtaking and pushing to extremes, there are additional factors that can impede our progress in ministry. These factors manifest when attempts are made to hold us back from moving forward.

Some individuals hinder our progress by clinging to our clothes or our ministry,

metaphorically representing an attempt to tether or anchor us, preventing us from moving forward freely.

When we waste our time evangelizing people who have no intention of submitting to Yeshua and turn away from their sins, but just wish to pour out their misery on us and are only looking for someone to listen to them and above all to support them in what they think is to be true. In such cases of apparent unwillingness to change and accept the only solution to their problems is to send them to a psychologist, for this type of mental health ministry is not the purview of Yahushua’s followers.

We encounter one of the earliest examples of this mechanism in the life of Abram when his nephew Lot clung directly to him after his call to come out from among his people. Nowhere do we read that Yahuwah allowed or even asked Abram to take anyone with him except his own men and cattle. You can learn more about Lot and Abraham in the article in the paragraph titled Lot the righteous.

Lot endangered Abram, his people, wealth, inheritance, and time, putting them all at great peril. Before separating from his uncle, Lot’s men even became a source of conflicts with those of Abraham.

This phenomenon does not only steal our time and energy but can easily lead to remorse, especially if we lack spiritual maturity. Due to a lack of spiritual vision, we engage in discussions and get entangled in the vain details of the lives of people who show no inclination to progress humbly toward the Messiah. Instead, they assail us with their miseries, and after a while, we find ourselves at a loss for what to say or advise them. This can lead to self-accusation for not measuring up and feeling to have failed in the call we received from our Master.

During street evangelism, it’s not uncommon to encounter situations where some individuals exceed the limits of patience and love towards our neighbors. There comes a point when another principle takes effect: the one of stepping forward and shaking the dust off our feet. Some may waste their time listening to people’s life stories and engaging in futile discussions about private details instead of emphasizing the global and final solution—REPENTANCE, followed by WATER and FIRE baptism.

In many cases, false humanism intertwines with the love of Christ. This is particularly true in the case of women. They are very inclined to stop and engage in lengthy conversations, squandering precious minutes with individuals who show little interest in Christ. Often, these individuals are seeking money or agreement with their theories on life and “God.” We must not allow those with no intention of embracing the path of submission to rob us of our time and energy. Meanwhile, those who would be open to the gospel pass by without the opportunity to connect with us because we are dealing with the wrong person. It is crucial for us to quickly discern who the people of peace are, those whose hearts are prepared to hear and receive the Gospel, so that we may focus our efforts accordingly.

Similar to Abraham’s situation, we often find ourselves overwhelmed by the presence of individuals who obstruct and have no intention of progressing. It is our responsibility to look ahead, recognize, and focus on those who have the potential to truly become disciples like us.

Let us refrain from being entangled in these unnecessary false ministries and learn to disengage from them promptly, enabling us to redirect our efforts towards the genuine ones.

Just as a rescuer would not grab the clothing of a suicidal person wishing to jump out of a window, fearing the risk of being dragged down in his fall. We also must recognize that someone who is closed to the gospel is like a suicidal person. It’s often better to let them go in time.

Maintaining in a state of spiritual childhood

A prevalent hindrance in Christianity that significantly hinders the progress of many disciples is when individuals consciously or unconsciously remain under the authority of their spiritual fathers. It huge problem when Christians continue to rely on the teachings of the same person or persons for years, even when they themselves should have become teachers for their own spiritual children long ago. This pattern reveals a significant problem. Constant dependence on others prevents individuals from stepping into roles as servants or fathers to others. Many churches and assemblies, often unintentionally, operate on a model resembling to Catholicism, where a handful of pastors endlessly teach hundreds or even thousands of people. Thus the little “vaticans” are still formed with their little “popes” surrounded by their “little altar boys”.

I discuss this subject in more details and draw attention to the solution to this scourge in several of my articles: e.g. The Acts of the Disciples

Other examples of BRAKES

The list of spiritual hindrances that impede our progress in ministry, sanctification, and on the Narrow Path could be extensive. In this article, I’ve introduced some of the most common ones I’ve encountered in recent years.

I encourage all readers to share in the comments the challenges that have broken or are still breaking them in their own lives as disciples. By doing so, we can collectively dismantle various schemes and support each other in evolving at the right pace on our paths of sanctification.

Let’s continue the discussion in the comments below.

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