In the previous article, we saw that the enemy can hinder our progress on the Narrow Path by using the tool of falsification and overtaking in order to prevent the fulfillment of the true events/blessings of Yahuwah.

He is thus able to hinder or even thwart our race towards the goal with an additional strategy which is none other than to

DEVIATE our trajectory to the right or left in order to push us to the EXTREMITIES

It is through the process of the Reformation that we can once again observe the functioning and the harmful consequences of this demonic work.

Dualism and Cold War

One of Satan’s best tools to deceive mankind is undoubtedly DUALISM. He divides and then create animosity between the parties. With each step that mankind makes in history, he offers two camps: The one of INSUFFICIENCY and The one of EXAGGERATION. Communism vs. Capitalism, Left vs. Right, Anarchists vs. Fascists, etc. History has showed us lots of them.

Beginning with ROME, several great empires of the world have succeeded in preserving their power on the basis of this principle which is:

When the time comes for the restoration of a TRUTH that arises in the hearts of certain believers and Satan sees that he cannot prevent its fulfillment, he sometimes also chooses the tactic of letting things happen and not of getting ahead of them. He stops for a moment and allow things to go on their way. He let people get out of churches causing divisions so that the renewed believers can start their own new movements and churches.

Then, using the run-up force of these renewed christians approaching the middle path, he suddenly comes up from behind and gives them a good kick in the back in order to swing them into the other extreme so that they would not remain spiritually balanced.

Because when a split occurs, accusations, exclusion, disputes, cursing, damnations and even physical persecutions often begin. In any case, those who want to be renewed are designated as heretics, rebels against “God” and are damned by those who remain in the previous spiritual state. These accusations greatly wound and weaken those who desire nothing more than to pursue the path of sanctification in obedience to the Spirit of the Messiah.

It is precisely these wounds that the enemy uses to reintroduce human domination instead of the exclusive guidance of the Holy Spirit, thus creating a mixed spirituality among the freshly reformed ones.

The wound is transformed into hatred, then hatred breeds war, then from the war arise a constant need to justify oneself. This self-justification throws a human veil over what was originally coming from the Spirit. Thus the new reforms become dogmas which are managed by human wills and no longer by the action of the Spirit of Elohim. Moreover, little by little we begin to grant those reforms a disproportionate importance and sometimes even making them a conditions for Salvation.

Reforms become dogmas, dogmas become conditions of Salvation.

Here come into play all kinds of excess and all sorts of unbiblical Christian phenomena and functionings. This condition affects the members of the communities from which these renewed believers come, thus acting as a confirmation that they were right after all. This freezes them even more in their state of spiritual deficiency which also adds to the extremism of the other camps in a never ending whirl. The differences become more and more extensive and virulent, generating a spiritual chasm that goes on increasing like an infernal spiral.

External witnesses seeing this situation, non-believers, often have no choice but to side with one side or the other and take part in the fighting. Or, what happens more often is that they simply choose to stay in the world because they see that something went really wrong in the Christian world. This is how we prevent many people from repenting and converting to Yahushua HaMashiah.

Some examples of these dualistic extremisms:

Without further comment or explanation, let’s examine some of these extremes. The list is not complete, and for better illustration, it does not contain exclusively Christian tendencies and camps.

Perhaps this will help many people in determining where they stand in relation to the only right and middle path – which is Yahushua HaMashiah – and where it is worth stopping, perhaps turning back or moving on – always bearing in mind that even the truth is distorted by the enemy.

Since the spiritual state of a person is too complex to be considered and analyzed in two dimensions, we must pay attention to the fact that we can be affected in several categories at the same time, so that we can deviate from the steady state of the Holy Spirit to more directions.

  1. Overheated Charismatics / Anti-Charismatics
  2. Gospel of Prosperity / Gospel of Austerity
  3. Tongues Speakers / Prophetizers
  4. Fans of Jews / Anti-Semites
  5. Rightists / Leftists
  6. Republicans / Democrates
  7. Legalists / Antinomists (libertarians)
  8. Doctrine of the stern and ruthless “God” / Doctrine of the ever-loving and all-forgiving “God”
  9. Those making witchcraft from the Last Supper / Those reducing It to a mere symbol
  10. Sabbatists / Sunday Christians

It must be said that the devil always hides in half-truths. So, most of the time,

the opposing camps clash on the basis of all biblical, but apparently contradictory truths

The best tool for generating these disputes are those of Paul’s statements that are seemingly contradictory and often difficult to interpret. These are the favorite Bible verses of the enemy that he is using in order to divide the Body of Messiah.

The solution is not to nullify the arguments of one side for the benefit of the other, but both parties must recognize that something is wrong with them as well and accept it in humility in order to settle the problem before Yahuwah, in Yahushua HaMashiah. We must take what is true from one another and leave all our false doctrines. This is how a convergence can begin, not by accepting the differences, but by being freed from human excesses by being put back under the full guidance of the Spirit of the Messiah.

Because even ecumenism is such a false overtaking, which instead of working on true unity, where, cleansed of all impurity, we find ourselves in one Holy Spirit, does nothing other than mix everything in order to dilute and finally dissolve the truth.

Today, symbolically, I am posting this article on November 11. May there finally be an Armistice Day also in the Body of the Messiah.

The next article will be a sort of condensed version of the first two: Tools of Deception 1 – OVERTAKING, Tools of Deception 3 – BRAKING


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