A new and great means of deception

I must have been around 16 when I saw my first UFO in the sky of Brussels. I am reporting the cases I have witnessed, as have hundreds of thousands of my Belgians compatriots during this decade.

Night was falling when I passed my head out the attic window to look around me, when I noticed that only one star was visible in the sky and its light wasn’t really looking natural. At first glance, I thought it was some kind of artificial satellite. I grabbed my binoculars and there, behind the light, I could see the lines of a dark, triangular-shaped object.

I had been observing the object for some time when suddenly it moved twice in a row drawing a semi-circle with a diameter of 3-4 km at lightning speed to descend lower then to rise again its original location. After a while it started to move very slowly and finally disappeared over the horizon during about 40-45 minutes.

In the weeks and months that followed, I again witnessed three more similar cases. There, I no longer had time to grab my binoculars, because these apparitions this time only lasted a few seconds.

What did I actually see?

You should know that at that time, in the early 90s, UFO sightings were so frequent in Belgium that, according to some sources, more than 50% of the country’s population witnessed a similar scene at least once in its lifetime. According to reports, many people saw these flying objects much closer than I did and in each case they were able to perform their movements at dizzying speeds and in complete silence.

You should also know that these UFOs were always triangular in shape. And finally what we must know above all is that

Brussels is nothing less than the headquarters of NATO

and that we are in the period just after the fall of the Soviet Union, when the transformation of the Cold War was underway and the new balances of power had not yet been fully established. The great nations had to somehow display their power and show the adversary in a prominent way what they were capable of, what advanced technologies they had and as a result what they might well be capable of in case of conflict.

These are clearly military experiments and a new form of dissuasion that I witnessed. Because many of us know that experiments aimed at developing anti-gravity flight have been underway for a long time and that convincing results have certainly already been obtained by many teams at different times and in different places. If I’m not mistaken, it was the Nazis who first started developing this technology during World War II.

By the way, the Nazi scientist who was presumably the leader of these researches, as well as in the fields of ballistics and rocket research, later got the opportunity to make further use of his talents in the US, where, among other things, he became one of the founding members of NASA and a close friend of Walt Disney. In the future, I may write more about how NASA and Walt Disney are connected in the development of modern “fairytale science”.

This is how we can also understand the small phenomenon, which may not be noticed by many, that in their appearance, UFOs always follow the fashion and design of the current era in which they are observed. It is very difficult to imagine that the members of such an advanced civilization would take into account the ever-fluctuating human fashions and tastes of the 20th century. Even in the 1950s, the goal was to intimidate and show off the Soviet Union.

Years ago, I also saw a video on YouTube where a young Hungarian high school student from the 80s presented his own structure made from transistors and other gadgets, and with which he was able to levitate certain objects in his own room. It is about a young genius who must have discovered during high school physics class the way to create the appropriate electromagnetic field to cancel the gravitational field by manipulating electric currents in a certain way. For this, he used the components of household appliances available at the time together with a good portion of mercury and bingo, he was able to “do magic”.

UFO: mass manipulation tool

Throughout the story that I have described, it is not knowing the nature of the technique used to make these unusual flying objects that interests us, but much more the

religious hysteria and the sudden and frenzied interest in transcendence

that UFO sightings may have generated within humanity.

An incredible amount of articles, movies, series, toys and other literature were produced and sold during these decades. In addition to the fact that from a military and national security point of view, secret technology gives enormous advantages of power to those who possess it. But in addition to that, this kind of dumbing propaganda done by the media on the population, have also managed to skyrocket the entertainment industry and a huge business grew around the phenomenon.

For a very long time, as a disciple, I did not want to believe that the UFO phenomenon could have any role in the history of Salvation and that we should talk about it in any ways as servants of the Messiah. For a long time I thought there was no need to broach this subject, as it is a secret military science and spying phenomenon – which indeed involves a certain popular belief – but why would that have any special significance in the context of prophecies? However, if we just look at how many people have started to believe in extraterrestrials and have thus been deceived, the phenomenon in itself is already very disturbing. However, it seems that the subject is a source of many other dangers.

Listening to the reports of many of my brothers especially in the USA, I am more and more convinced that this phenomenon is a very important tool of deception in the hands of Satan.

After diverting people’s trust from the Creator, the One Elohim and after offering them alternative deities from other galaxies who supposedly brought life to Earth, the UFO phenomenon may soon come back to the fore of the stage and take on unequaled proportions quiet soon.

Alien’s return

Many people considered atheists have been disillusioned with Darwinism for some time, seeing the serious shortcomings of this pseudo-scientific theory. Thus, more and more people doubt this doctrine. It has therefore become necessary for the enemy to direct Darwinism towards a version with a little more transcendentalism in order to fill this gap that simple materialism entails. It is not in the interest of the devil to see people redirect their gaze to the spiritual world and risk that many of them find their way back to the Only Way that can lead them back to the Father.

After science endlessly and artificially expanded the world above our heads these last couple of decades, starting from the simple solar system through the discovery of galaxies, then of the expanding universe and finally arriving at the crazy theory of multiverses, from here it is not too difficult for them to convince humanity that in such a gigantic world, it is necessary that other more distant, even more evolved forms of life also exist. This is how the theories arise that more advanced extraterrestrials forms of life and civilizations came here to create humanity and then helped it to develop by passing on to mankind different types of knowledge, lore and craftsmanship. It is in this way that man would have been able to build the pyramids of Egypt and other buildings designed and made so perfectly that their mode of construction is still difficult to explain to this day.

However, we know from the book of Genesis

who were these famous “sons of Elohim”, or “nephilims”,

who descended from the sky to have relations with terrestrial women, thus giving birth to giants and who moreover helped humanity in its development by teaching it various crafts. (as we read in Moses 1 and I do not recommend any other literature on this topic apart from this. I will post a separate article about the Book of Enoch in the near future).

And here we have arrived at the root of the problem, when we will see how the appearance of extraterrestrial beings today is linked to that of fallen angels in the days of Noah, during the antediluvian period. Remember our days are again like those of Noah according to Yahushua’s warnings.

The Bible indeed mentions quite special beings as “sons of Elohim”, “nephilim” and “giants”. These concepts have been taken up by esoteric literature in our time as a kind of supplement to materialistic Darwinism which has become too incomplete in itself. Thus arose the theories that more advanced life forms came from other worlds or dimensions to create life on earth and by continued mentoring raised humanity to its present level of civilization. For this, all kinds of archaeological fakes have been created, where you can see giants with watches and other objects of our modern era such as helicopters and other flying saucers which would have been engraved in stone several thousand years ago.

Of course, all this has been planted very deeply in the collective consciousness with the help of movies, series and other productions of the film industry like “2001 a space odyssey” and its modern derivative films and series that are still in production for sealing this whole process.

Not only saucers, but also Martians

We all know that beyond the simple appearances of UFOs many people claim to have also encountered extraterrestrials. Several people report having been abducted from their beds by aliens while they were sleeping. There are individuals, even entire families and groups of people who have collectively gone through this kind of experience together, where these beings appeared and then started doing all kinds of experiments on them once in the spaceship.

Most often, this arises during the night when one or more people living in the same house, who often sleep in separate bedrooms. Despite this, they all see, live and experience the same thing and at the same time. Then, when they get back to their bed and wake up, their stories mesh perfectly with each other. According to the analyzes of doctors and psychologists, these people most often do not lie and do not seem to have planned their story in advance in order to draw attention to themselves, earn money or simply deceive people for fun.

What is interesting for us is that there are cases where the abductees were Christians. During this traumatic experience, they had the foresight to invoke the name of the Savior. When they pronounced the name of Yahushua, the phenomenon immediately stopped and everyone found themselves in their beds and woke up.

It is evident that there is a name at the sound of which the demons must go away, because

they cannot bear the presence or the invocation of the Spirit of Messiah.

False raptures

Several prophetic ministries in the USA announce what seems to me also obvious, that these phenomena have no other purpose than to prepare the public for a planetary event; when people will massively disappear from the face of the earth. Of course, I’m talking about the Rapture of the Bride.

Such a shocking and worldwide event will be a very heavy blow to the enemy, because it will be the visible testimony that

the Messiah is real and He really was the one who appeared in the person of Yahushua of Nazareth.

Although, in principle, the message of the Gospel and the possibility of the Alliance will only apply to the Jews from that moment since the time of the pagans will have passed, these latter will still have the opportunity NOT to take the mark of the beast, therefore they will also be able to escape the falling world and enter the Messianic Kingdom of 1000 years.

Such a surprising sign will be a source of mass conversions. Indeed, one can imagine that at the sight of such an event, many will be those who will not want to miss the second turn, will repent and enter into the Covenant with the Messiah. The power of such a witness to the Messiah can only be thwarted if the population of the Earth is accustomed to a likely phenomenon such as those extraterrestrial ablutions as described earlier and to which the enemies will have accustomed the world population well in advance by having orchestrated this kind of deception. So; scientists, experts and perhaps even the demons themselves, will simply come and pretend to be E.T.s and explain that we, the Bride, have been kidnapped by them: the aliens.

Either because we were threatening the peace of the world and so they thought it best to remove us from the game, or on the contrary, because we were such good and pure people that they judged us worthy of being transported to their own planet as a reward for our faithfulness to “God”. They may even go so far as to claim that their planet is called: Paradise and perhaps they will go so far as to add that if you also wish to get there some day, it would be better if you agreed to take the mark of the beast.

The rapture of the Bride of Yahusuah HaMashiah will be a very dramatic sign and testimony to the created world

and in the eyes of the Jewish People. Satan knows this very well and will try to break, undermine and dirty this sign with a false explanation.

Let’s look up to the sky but always keeping an eye on the prophecies

I write all this so that when the people of Earth seek us after the Rapture and when the servants of the enemy will explain our disappearance to those who remained here saying that we were abducted by vulgar aliens with green heads, then you wouldn’t believe them!

Because the antichrist and his false prophet, who are already in the world and will soon reveal themselves, will bring down fire from heaven to deceive many. This fire may also possibly involve the appearance of those demons who once appeared in the days of Noah, those sons of Elohim who soon seem to return to us in the guise of extraterrestrials, in order to provide false explanations for the fulfillment of the Yom HaTroua prophecy. When, according to the promise, the sound of the shofar will sound and the Bridegroom will take his Bride to their eternal home. 1Thessalonians 4:16.

They will no doubt also appear in order to reveal the identity of the antichrist whom they will claim to be one of them, or even their prince and who appeared in the world in order to save it from destruction.

Many of us have already recognized this tool of deception and we are warning the world so that when you see us disappear, don’t believe them. And if you are still not in the One we are in, maybe you can now understand what is happening and finally realize that

there is no other way to the Father than the Son, the slain Lamb Yahusua HaMasiah

Now is the time for you to settle this problem and enter into a covenant with the only SAVIOR who does not have the head of a lizard, who does not resemble that ancient serpent, but who is Yahushua: Yahuwah Who Saves, the Son of Elohim, the snow-white Lamb who died for our sins, wounds and sicknesses.

After the Messiah has come and took us for Him in the first round, there will certainly be a time extension for those who did not recognize Him at first, so that if they did not seal their covenant in time with Him, they have at least the strength and the possibility of refusing the seal of the antichrist, in order to be able to survive the devastation that will come over the world at the second advent of Yahushua and pass into the period of the last 1000 years of the earth when only the Messiah will reign above all.

Our disappearance from this world will be a SIGN for all.

Let no one then believe in E.T., but believe in YHWH

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