יהוה YaHuWaH / Elohim / YaHuSHuah יהושע

For many it is no longer a question that the time has come when something must be done with the originally revealed names of the Eternal and the Messiah. This is one of the important and essential turning point of the restoration, or let us rather speak of the reform.

Many people also know that Hebrew letters have numerical value. Thus, each word and each letter present in the Holy Scriptures has its place and its very precise weight. It is forbidden to remove or add to them, because they form a perfect unit. This unity is a truly powerful source of life and blessing to all who read and follow it. Thus the slightest modification or retrenchment automatically has harmful spiritual repercussions on the people who act in this way.

It is also obvious that the father of lies, Satan, falsifies everything. Thus, when translating the Holy Scriptures into foreign languages, one of his main objectives was to mistranslate the texts and particularly the names of the Eternal, of His Anointed and sometimes even of His Spirit in order to distort and plunder them of their content and their spiritual power. The enemy is thus trying to infiltrate the very heart of Salvation in order to blow everything up by doing a kind of nuclear fission.

YHWH / יהוה / YaHuWaH

The rejection of the name also dates back to rabbinical Judaism. Judaism emerged during the Babylonian captivity when the so-called oral laws were formulated by men still considered to this day as the wise men of the nation. The second commandment, that we shall not take his name in vain, also did not escape this distorting work and in order to ensure that this commandment will never broken, they decided that YHWH should never be spoken again. The name of our Elohim, Yahuwah, was thus simply erased from the collective consciousness. Other expressions are used as substitutes when reading the Torah. This is how we can hear words like: HaShem (The Name) and Adonai (Lord).

One can find many teachings on the internet on how to pronounce his Name, why it is important to return to it urgently in light of the prophecies and the spiritual impact it has in our lives. Maybe I’ll explain all of this myself in more detail later. Now, however, before we fall into the trap of going back to the letter and developing a new theology or denomination,

we must first and foremost refer the matter to the exclusive guidance of the Holy Spirit/Ruach HaKodesh

May this article be in his hands, from its formulation to its reading. May He guide us to know what to do and how to use his original names, lest we fall into vain human efforts lacking the deep spiritual content of the topic. Let us never restore anything for self-interest, or to make ourselves appear to be better Christians. But let’s restore things in order to walk in obedience on the path to sanctification. We must stop the enemy continuing to ridicule us by twisting/stealing to the very names of the Most High.

Everyone knows very well that the spoken word has its weight in the spiritual world. How could it be otherwise with the names of the Almighty?!

The Hebrew letters also have a numerical value. Even the Jewish sofers – the copyists of the Torah, at the slightest error, they simply destroy the entire sheet or even the entire scroll and start copying from scratch. Each word has a numerical value, which, like a kind of perfect mathematical equation, brings the Scriptures to life.

The names of Elohim are those which contain the most this vivifying power

therefore, if we alter or replace them, we prevent them from bringing their beneficial effects.

See the article: YHWH is genetically coded into us

YaHuSHuah HaMashiah

In the Tanakh (Old Testament) we come across the name Yahushuah several times, which has been transliterated in English as Joshua-Jehoshua. Both names appear as one name in the original translation: יהושע (YHSHWH YaHuSHuah).


He actually received this Name from his earthly mother at the time of his birth, on the instruction of the Archangel Gabriel. Therefore, in this given context, it was intended that He would save His people from their sins, as we read in Matthew 1:21. However, for us who have been born again in the Messiah and received the Ruach HaKodesh, this name should no longer be used in its future form, because the promise has already been fulfilled in us.


It seems incomprehensible to me that anyone could have had the idea of removing this letter ה (hey) from the Name of our Saviour which was later revealed to us! Especially since we know from the case of Abraham that this same letter ה, was precisely the one Abram received in the middle of his name as the sign of his Covenant with Yahuwah. What could have made anyone think that

this same letter ה (hey) can be removed from the name of the SAVIOUR?

This is how YaHuSHuah finally remained simply Yeshua, a name that only appeared once in this form in the whole Old Testament and who’s meaning is He Will Save. I think that those people who does not know Him yet, can indeed call Him this way and we also can use this precise form of His name when talking about him to people we are evangelizing. But for us, who are born again in the Messiah and received Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit, this name shouldn’t be pronounced in its future form since the promise had already been accomplished in us.

At his birth he was given the name Yeshua, and when he appears before the heavenly court after having died on the cross when he is dressed in garments defiled by the sins of the world, in accordance with Zechariah’s vision, he is called Yahushua, because: It is done! Here, we are no longer in the promise, in the future, but in eternal, constant, present time: Yahuwah saves and has saved. Here Salvation takes effect and shifts into eternal mode.

Each Hebrew letter not only has a numerical value, that is, a mathematically calculable weight when it is pronounced, but it also has a meaning of its own. Thus the letter ה means: Behold Sign Covenant. This way His original name was simply shortened from the following meaning:

HERE is the Lamb of Elohim, which is the SIGN, that is to say the seal, of the COVENANT.


Another important and interesting letter that appears in the name YHWH to form the name of the Saviour is the letter ש (SHin). Among other things, the meaning of this letter is “destruction”. The necessity of the death of the Son is indicated by ש so that the ה – the Covenant – could take effect. But ש does also serve as an abbreviation for one of Yahuwah‘s names: El Shaddai (The Almighty), as it is often found on mezuzot at Jewish homes.

How much more expressive and complete is YaHuSHuah‘s name than when we simply utter his name as the promise of a future saviour. Because indeed, He is the Saviour, but he is also the Sign of the Covenant by the Blood of the immolated Lamb and moreover, HE is also ONE with the Father, being El Shaddai himself.

YaHuShuah, the name of the Lamb of Elohim must necessarily merge with the name YHWH, because its meaning is: YaHuWaH Saves.

But to go a bit further and beyond Yeshua which is a correct form although incomplete in some cases. A further big question is: How can anyone think that the names He gave us to name himself can be translated into all kinds of languages, that is to say distorted and replaced by expressions often derived from the names of pagan spiritual principalities such as Zeus for example? Where the names of (Theos/Dios/Deus Je-Sus/HeilZeus) are all coming from. And we’ll soon see how problematic is also the word God used by the English and German speaking world.

Nobody translates people’s name when they go abroad. This would be considered as a lack of respect of the other and a source of vexation. If we are able to understand how important is to be respectful toward’s our neighbour’s name, why do we still not see how much more this is important in the case of Yahuwah our Elohim!?

However, there are two instances in the Bible where foreigners erased Jewish names with their own seals:

  1. The first was Joseph, one of the main precursors of Yahushua who received the name of Zaphnath-Paaneah from a pharaoh who, although being very friendly towards the Jews, only knew Elohim in a very superficial way.
  2. The other was the later Babylonian power, which after having taken the Jews captive – following the destruction of the Temple and the taking away of its vessels by dedicating them to their own pagan gods – changed the names of Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah to Belteshaszar, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego.

The same imperial spirit, let us call it Egyptian or Babylonian, but who is essentially the Roman daughter of these latter ones, simply replaced Elohim by Theos (God) and Yahushua by iesus, in order to continue to honor their former main idols through them.

It is interesting to note that the work of falsification did not stop there. For the worship of their other lesser idols also continues, but in their case it is perpetuated through the use of Jewish names after which they have been renamed. This is how Aphrodite and Venus became the Virgin Mary, Mars, Saturn, Hermes and the other Greco-Roman divinities were canonized as “saints” and thus inherited the Jewish names of the main characters of the Bible: (Saint Paul, Peter, John and the others).

Here we can see the process where the righteous ones are paganized and where the pagan idols are “hebraized.”


It was a real shock to me and I was almost discouraged from continuing the ministry when I discovered that even this widely use form of the name of the Saviour contained the seal of the antichrist from the time of the first translations of the Gospel.

Because you may be familiar with this theory that the translation of YaHuSHuah‘s name in Greek is nothing more than the greeting “heil zeus“. At first sight, this seems a bit forced to me, especially since those who promote this theory base their explanations on the Spanish pronunciation of Jesus (with the Spanish strongly pronounced Jota). However, when the Greeks invented the term Jesus, the Spanish language did not even exist. But anyway the phenomenon is indeed suspicious enough to give a serious chance that this is not a coincidence, and knowing the style of deceptions the enemy often uses, I can easily imagine that he is also hiding behind this as well.

This good human intention which tries to bring the name of the Saviour closer to the lips, that is to say to the mother tongue of the new converts, is used by the devil to defile and blaspheme by his own names the Name above all names. As the saying goes:

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

Satan, among others, has mastered the art of using human goodwill and pure intentions to hinder the plan of YaHuWaH, of Redempting humankind by becoming YaHuSHuah.

Greeks did not keep the -wah ending of Yahushuah, since the -a ending is the sign of the feminine form. Greek and also Latin language words ending with -a are generally feminine. Thus they could really feel having a good reason to make some change in it, since they did not want to associate Yeshua to feminity, but the problem was that the masculine ending form added -us, is directly coming from the name of Zeus, who was the quintessential male being the father of all gods, the first male of the world according to their former beliefs. This resulted in the birth of a name whose sound fully includes the name of their zeus when pronounced: iesus. Something that should have seemed just as problematic to them as the original form and its feminine connotation. But this little detail did not really bother them quite obviously.

Moreover, the matter does not end here. Because when the Greek translation, iesus, was later adopted by the Latin speakers of the Roman Empire, they simply kept it without any modification. Here the question arises as to how a Latin-speaking believer could have had the guts to keep this name in this form and pronounce it when speaking of the Messiah, since the word sus in Latin was an existing and common expression which meaning is none other than pig or swine!?

And if all this wasn’t convincing enough why it is problematic to refer to the Messiah with this Greek word and all the names derived from it, it is also worth mentioning that

according to the Greek gematria, the numerical value of the letters that make up the root of the word Iesus is nothing but 666.

More precisely, the name Jesus is articulated arround the three Greek consonants which result in this number. It was precisely these three consonants that John used in the book of revelations when announcing the number of the beast: χξϛ (chi xi and stigma). Later on, vowels had been aded to these three letters and also the graphism of greek letters had been modified through time in order to reach the final result Ἰησοῦς, as you can see it in the greek texts. It is thus very hard to see the resemblance with the original satanic root.

A separate study could be written about how the antichrist appropriated the role and person of our Savior to endow Him with his own false name? It can also be expected that when the Antichrist finally reveals himself within a few weeks or at most a few little years, he will argue with this well-prepared phenomenon in order to deceive many into saying that the real Messiah, Yahushua of Nazareth who walked the earth 2000 years ago and who was renamed “Jesus”, was actually the prophesied “antichrist” since having the number of the beast included in his name, and from now on he is of course the “real” one. We can eventually also prepare for this kind of deceptive propaganda as well.

I know it is shocking to read such things and that it is almost unacceptable. We would almost start to get angry with the Almighty for having let the enemy steal even His names from us! Why did He let the devil go so far in falsification?

But we could also turn against ourselves. Let us not fall into the temptation of accusing or even condemning ourselves for having been using impure names so far, let us instead recognize once again that we must look forward, not backward. There is a time of ignorance and there is a deception into which we have all fallen in spite of ourselves.

Certainly we have been deceived, but we were not aware of it and our devotion was pure and that is why it worked anyway.

Many of us have been baptized in the name of Jesus. Yet, we are indeed born again and have received the Holy Spirit and all the gifts resulting from it together with the promise of the Eternal Life. We even healed people many times in the name of Jesus and it perfectly worked! But why then, if the name would really be false? Because we called him so out of ignorance, but in the bottom of our hearts He is the true Messiah to whom we said “yes” and whom we invoked and thus who we truly met.

It is important to emphasize this fact, because the time of Grace is still ongoing. And I am sorry to see once again, that those who preach the return to the original names of the Eternal do often fall into the other extreme. They do fall in the trap of accusing, or at least insinuating, that those who use the names derived from Zeus: Theos and Jesus are the sons of perdition. This condemnation is a serious sin and even a worse attack on His Name than the use of the falsifications against which these people raise their voices. We must preach the truth with love and not execute the dying ones before time.

Of course, in the other hand, if following the recognition of the need to restore the original names, someone persists in the use of the fake ones, then a new era will open for such rebels which will gradually shorten the time of grace granted to them. Thus, we must draw everyone’s attention to this danger.

Let us rejoice that the time of Grace still lasts. Let’s be happy that Ruach HaKodesh goes on guiding us. Let us give thanks for always having the possibility of asking to have an increasingly humble and obedient heart so that we can accept even what may still seem unacceptable today. Let us be happy of still having the true names available to us so that we can live with and by them.

And now let’s ask the question in our hearts to the Holy Spirit: Does the Eternal really want us to come back to His original names again? Because if He is inviting us from within to do so and if we still do not make the right decision, then very different and less glorious times will be opened up in our lives.

Elohim / אלוהים

Instead of ELOHIM, the names of false elohim(s) are used in every language.

Let’s take a look at a few languages of the world, in which billions of people to this day address the Almighty using totally different expressions to the one He first revealed to us: Elohim.

Theos / Zeus

Among the epistles included in the New Testament that were actually originally written in Greek, we can find today the term Theos instead of Elohim. This is very likely a later transcription of the original term or title. When the texts began to be copied, the term Theos, easier to interpret for the Greeks, came in as a substitute the original word used by Paul. It is not necessary to have in-depth theological, historical or linguistic knowledge to recognize the origin of this term: TheosZeus.

From here comes the later Latin form Deus which by transliteration has become Dios/Dieu, etc. in languages derived from Latin, including French and Spanish.

The origins of the two following names are not really clear and are much more difficult to figure out. However, whether either theory turns out to be the correct one, that would make their use quite problematic.

ǥuđán / God

The English and German word God/Got could come from two different places: First we have the Babylonian deity called Gad who was also worshiped by some Jews during the captivity and which is mentioned in the book of Isaiah in chapter 65.

But according to some opinions, God may simply come from the Germanic people of the same name, the Goths. For in the Germanic world, where the concept of übermensch (superior race) was always prominent long before the Nazis, the Gothic tribes were considered superior among the all the other Germanic tribes. Indeed, the Goths were the Germanic superheroes, the strongest warriors considered invincible and therefore endowed with a practically divine reputation. In a strongly anthropocentric English-speaking world where people are mostly descending from Anglo-Saxon/Danish-Viking thus Germanic tribes, it can easily happen that God is quite simply the expression of the man who elevates himself to the rank of Elohim. At the time of the adoption of Christianity, this term designating the supreme spiritual authority, was adopted to name Elohim, the Almighty.

Isten / Ishtar

The Hungarian word Isten (pronounced ichten, equivalent of God) is perhaps the most interesting and also the most dramatic of all at the same time. Here again, the origin of the word is not very clear. According to some linguists, the word comes from the Persian language, others say that it is Finno-Ugric and still others claim that it is of Sumerian origin, and means “ancestral“, “one“, or “unique“. So far, it wouldn’t be such a big deal, since we are really talking about the Elohim who is Ancestral, One and Unique.

However, the sound of this term is surprisingly close to another phenomenon also of Persian and Sumerian origin, which is none other than Ishtar.

She was considered the goddess of love, fertility, sometimes also of war, identified with Venus, the morning star. Among the Canaanites and Mesopotamians, she is better known as Astarte. Its symbol is the eight-pointed star. She is a deity who was held in such reverence even in Babylonia that the very gate through which the Jewish people entered the city during the captivity bore her name. The remains of this gate are still kept in a museum in Berlin, right next to Satan‘s throne by the way.

Unfortunately, this vecinity with the devil is not only limited to the berliner museum. Another disturbing phenomenon can be observed if we write this word in Hebrew: אישטן, form almost identical not only in its sonority, but also in its spelling with the name of שָׂטָן (STN).

Even if the situation was not as serious as just described, and the resemblance to Satan’s name would just be a mere coincidence, the almost identical sounding of the words isten and isthar raises the question of whether is it wise to use this term when talking about the Creator?

Moreover, it is not surprising to observe such a phenomenon in the case of a people whose first decisions when their State has been founded more than 1000 years ago, was precisely to offer the country to the Virgin Mary. From here on, giving Elohim the name of a female deity is not surprising. After all, Ishtar was not only a female deity, but was also called the queen of heaven. According to historians she was also named Astarte by other peoples, but she is also a direct predecessor of Aphrodite in Greece and then of Venus in Rome, herself later renamed Virgin Mary by the Christianized Romans (coming form the original name Miriam, the Jewish mother of YahuShuah).

Allah / Elah

It is interesting to note that in the case of Allah, quite the opposite happens. Because it comes directly from Elah the contracted hebrew form of Elohim taken over by Arabic which, as we know, is also a Semitic language. This name had been adopted by the arabs in times where neighter Islam nor Christianity existed yet. But the Arabs indeed already existed and many worshiped the true and only Elohim, as we can see in the case of Jethro (Yitro) father-in-law of Moses. To this day, Arab or Coptic Christians use Allah, this abbreviated and Arabized version of Elohim as a word to designate God. It is therefore not the name of a foreign deity who would have been slammed on Elohim, but quite the contrary. Here, it is the original name which is taken over by a foreign spirit. Thus Baal reveals himself to a false prophet by usurping the abbreviated version Elah and simply calls himself Elohim by billions of people.


All these cases show that there are still basic things that still need to be restored in the Church. Whether we accept it or not, even if it is shocking, we must face the fact that:

the Bride uses the names of her exes to call upon her Bridegroom!

And I expressed myself with great restraint. Because the former idols are not just ex-boyfriends, but pure pimps. What name should be given to a wife who names her husband after his old macks in your opinion? Can we still speak of Wife? Or is she still a prostitute or at least in a mixed spiritual state, in adultary? Could this fundamental phenomenon explain the reason for the pitiful state of Christendom? Could this not be the root of all deviations from the straight path? Because the Latin word curba means deviation/curve. This word has been taken up in the Slavic languages as well as in Hungarian in the form kurva which means prostitute in its more vulgar version. This refers to many biblical prophecies where Israel and Judah were referred to by similar adjectives by their Husband Elohim. Today, there is a third woman, the Bride (Ephraim or the Nations) who, let’s face it, is not much better than the two others.

In the interest of real and effective reform, we should perhaps go back to basics so drastically:

In what terms do we speak of the Creator, the Almighty, the Eternal, our Savior and even somtimes of his Spirit?

We are not talking about Jewish roots here. Still not. Much more serious and important things still need to be restored, which go far beyond the Jewish roots and compared to which these are practically insignificant.

Because there was not yet a single Jew on earth when mankind had already been calling on the names of Yahuwah and Elohim for a long time. Then the Jew came with all his self-righteousness and man-made artificial laws and veiled the name of YHWH. And this false tradition has been endorsed and perpetuated by Christianity until today.

And now, as a Jew believing in the Messiah YaHuSHuah of Nazareth, should I also have to teach Jewish roots in the name of our Savior by continuing to use distorted or alienated terms such HaShem/Adonai and even God, Dieu or Ishtar as many others do? No thanks, I do not want to take part in that kind of circus anymore!

What would you say if your wife/partner/girlfriend called you by the name of one of her ex-boyfriends? How long would you endure such an offence before sending her back where she came from? This is where we see how incredibly patient Yahuwah is compared to us.

On our part, however, let us recognize the problem and do not grieve His Spirit any further by behaving like harlots and not like a worthy and obedient Bride.

For the Bridegroom is at the door. Is there any oil in your lamp? If so what kind of oil is it? With what names have you anointed the Son and the Father? Because the names we give are anointings and carry deep meanings. And the Spirit of Yahuwah/Elohim/Yahushuah did not authorize anyone to point to Him with these profane words. Realize that there are still some wise virgins who can still give you real oil today in case you happen to still be part of the camp of the foolish ones.

For when the Day comes, it is the one you have called on the name who will appear to take you. (Romans 10:13). May no one have any bad surprise at that moment!

Did Paul also use Theos?

The question may immediately arise for many: why would the term Theos instead of Elohim appear in the original Greek New Testament if there were actually problems with this term on a spiritual level? This expression appears throughout the epistles! So if Paul didn’t have any conscience issues as a result of using this term, why should we have them today?

Could this phenomenon indicate that the New Testament was ultimately not written in Greek, that the documents presented until now as original are only later translations? Several biblical scholars have emerged in recent years who claim that the original text was written in Hebrew or Aramaic and that the Greek is only a later translation. This would explain why Elohim could transform into Theos.

For my part, I am convinced that some parts of the New Testament were indeed written in Hebrew, but others were really written from the start in Greek. Just as the promise of Salvation was transferred for a time from the original Hebrew people to the Greeks, that is, to other Nations.

I am convinced that the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and John could not have been originally written in any language other than Hebrew.

After all, the Gospel was addressed first and primarily to the Jews. It was therefore necessary that it was published for the first time in the world in the language of the Jews. Furthermore, these people were not known for their knowledge of Greek. They were simple fishermen who probably did not know the language of the oppressive power to such a level that they would have been able to write such far-reaching stories in a language alien to them. This is true even if Matthew and Mark came to some extent from Hellenized Jewish families, as their first names attest.

Luke, on the other hand, was Greek, a converted proselyte. His Gospel could very well have been written in Greek from the outset, since it was not only his mother tongue, but at that time, due to the rejection of the Messiah by a large part of the Jews, Elohim had already begun to transfer the relay of the History of Salvation in the hands of the “Greeks”, that is to say the Gentiles, for a certain time until their number is reached. Thus, and in a symbolic way, by formulating one of the Gospels in Greek, Elohim was able to send a strong signal to humanity, indicating that from now on the door will also be open to non-Jews.

Paul, unlike his evangelist predecessors, was a very educated and cultured person. Not only was he a Roman citizen, but he also spoke the language of the eastern part of the empire, namely Greek, perfectly well. Let’s just think rationally for a moment: When such a man begins to write letters to assemblies whose members are mostly non-Jewish and whose mother tongue is Greek, there is no doubt that he is not going to start writing to them in Hebrew, thinking that the brothers and sisters will manage with online translation software or someone else interpreting on site to decode his messages. Adherents of the theory that the New Testament was written exclusively in Hebrew should think a little about these few small details. It is obvious that he will use as a mediator the language that they all speak and understand in common.

Therefore, the two theories that the New Testament was written only in Greek or only in Hebrew are two extremes that must be rejected. The truth again lies somewhere in between.

Thus, I believe that most of the New Testament was originally written in Greek, but not only in Greek.

However, the manuscripts where we find the term Theos instead of Elohim in the original Greek must necessarily be later transcriptions.

Let us remember how Paul reacted when, after entering Lycaonia with Barabbas, where the inhabitants, as soon as they experienced the miracles and signs performed by the two apostles, called them gods and identified Paul with Hermes and Barabbas to Zeus, and prepared to sacrifice animals in their honor. Paul then tore his clothes in front of them as a sign of mourning. He destroyed his only possession, his only means of protection, which protected him from the sun, rain, wind, sandstorms and evening frosts, because pagans, therefore young children in spirit, through ignorance and in good faith, instinctively wanted to elevate to the divine rank the people who did them good.

How could a man so zealous and disgusted by anything related to paganism replace Elohim with a term that is clearly derived from Zeus?

It is completely stupid and irrational to imagine that such a righteous and faithful servant of the Messiah as Paul would ever allow the primary title of the Almighty to be degraded to such a level, just in order to please new converts.

From the moment you recognize the true Creator and Redeemer, you have the duty and obligation to use the names that He Himself was willing to reveal to you from the start. Man has never been given the power to decide for himself what titles and names he can afford to use regarding the Creator. The animals were the ones that Adam was allowed to name and baptize according to his choices and certainly not the Father.

A spiritual child can name the Father according to the purity of his heart whatever he wants as long as he does it out of love and especially out of ignorance. But as we grow in spirit, we must gradually abandon all our childish babblings and behave as responsible and obedient adults as a sign of respect to our Father.

Therefore, everyone should know how old they are in spirit. This message is a call to those who are spiritually mature and stable enough to understand the meaning of the original names so that they can use them truthfully while abandoning the false ones they have been using so far. I would like to encourage you to openly and courageously accept what you feel from within, even if you know that the countercurrent is very powerful, that very few people will congratulate you, and that brothers may even begin to persecute or reject you for reverting to the original names.

I do not condemn those who use God and other such terms, if they do so out of ignorance and with a child’s heart. But like all other laws, the time must come when, on the orders of Ruach HaKodesh , the use of the original names must also be restored.


In conclusion and as further encouragement, it is worth mentioning that a process has emerged over the years whereby millions of believers across the world are returning to the use of the name Yahweh.

Although I think there is no doubt that the original pronunciation is Yahuwah, we are still saying the same thing, since the 4 consonants, those that have a numerical value and thus weight in the spiritual realm, are pronounced in both cases. Yahuweh, Yahuwah, the difference is really just one final vowel. Above all, let’s not make a fuss of it in a stubborn and Pharisaical way. I am happy when I hear them pronounce the Name in this way.

Thanks to Elohim, not only are we not alone, but for the majority of African and American Christians, the original name has been in constant use for decades, and perhaps there is hardly anyone among them who is still scandalized at hearing this name. It unfortunately seems to me that on the European continent, there is still a long way to go in this direction.

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