I was recently contacted by a Christian who runs a website with links to Jewish messianic teachings. He is a very conscientious Christian who does not want to publish anything anti- biblical. Knowing the teachings present on our site, he trusts us and asked me to verify the purity of the teachings of some Jewish messianic communities. He is among those who feel that the time has come to leave the rotten roots and return to the original sources of the Word of Yahuwah.

While browsing the sites, I immediately identified a serious and recurring problem!
Although they were Yahushua following communities believing in the New Testament, most of their teachings were based on Rabbinic Judaism. Beyond the Tanach (Old Testament) and the New Testament, other “holy books” were listed.

What does this mean exactly ?

When something starts, when the fulfillment of a prophecy occurs, when the undeniable signs of grafting and grafting back arise, the enemy does everything it can to divert things and to falsify the original offering a well-crafted counterfeit to deceive a maximum of people of good will and good faith by leading them to superficiality to the detriment of the spiritual content. It is incapable of destroying the Almighty’s project, but it is able to delay it and mislead a large number of people.

You are there, in the middle of the wilderness, just coming out of your own egypt, on the verge of dehydration, as the lifeholding teachings lack in Christian circles, you start to seek the source and satan sprinkles you over with this fine rain of superficiality of certain religious practices, so that you do not feel the thirst and you do not reach the source. You put the talit and the kipa, you observe the Jewish holidays and you feel better. You do not even feel the need search for the original source and you stop on your way. You delay the encounter with the Messiah, the only source bringing life, this source from the book of Genesis to the Apocalypse and which the Jewish people received first.

Beyond the superficial use of religious implements or even worse, the adoption of a false identity which is not yours, a very big problem is still hidden in these communities called messianic.

What is the Jewish root ?

A number of texts are available on this site dealing with the subject, thus I do not want to dwell on the details about Judaism. For Judaism is an antichrist poison for those who are not born in it, but a lifeline for Jews threatened by 2000 years of exile with all the dangers of assimilation that entails.

What is judaism ?

An extremely complex set of teachings and guidelines that takes its root in Yahuwah’s Commandments given to our people on Mount Sinai by Moses, but which has been lengthened over the centuries by a number of rabbis and especially as a result of the exile of Babylon. These rabbis sought to improve the fulfillment of the commandments by dehorning them, adding to them, explaining them, etc., to ensure that the 613 commandments of Moses will be respected so that they will not have to endure any more exile because of their sins. They have gone so far as to claim that these laws were also divulged by Yahuwah to Moses, but that they were not to be written down in the Torah. This is what they call the Oral Torah or teaching that was passed from father to son from the Alliance on Mount Sinai. It is these added laws that make up the Talmud, the Mishna and the Guemarra. It is none other than these famous pharisaic laws against which Yahushua himself raised his voice when he faced the high priests of his time.

Then some Pharisees and teachers of the law came to Yahushua from Jerusalem and asked, “Why do your disciples break the tradition of the elders? They don’t wash their hands before they eat!” Yahushua replied, “And why do you break the command of Yahuwah for the sake of your tradition? (Matthew 15, 1-3)

It is precisely these laws that make up the famous veil of which Isaiah speaks, by which Yahuwah placed His people in “quarantine” for a time (because they put their trust in human laws), in order to open the door towards others peoples, towards the nations.
This is the Judaism that in the rough seas of human history serves as a lifeline to all those who already wear it around the abdomen, but which is a deadly weapon for those who sink although they should to know for long how to walk on the water, because our Master is there in front of us and calls us constantly. He wants us to walk on the water and not that we clown about with our buoys of all kinds. Let’s not forget that lifebuoys were originally made of very hard wood, which were thrown at the shipwreck victims and could easily knock out or kill those who they were supposed to help.

A pint of vodka has a considerably different effect depending on whether it is consumed by a Bedouin living in the wilderness or a Russian cossack living in Siberia. The first would not sober up even after several days of rest since genetically lacking the enzyme needed to treat the molecules of alcohol. The second on the contrary will be more likely to survive the cold weather of his environment with this small dose of poison without feeling the slightest sensation of drunkenness, because he is used to it, his ancestors have been drinking it for centuries.

Judaism was against the will of Yahuwah, however the Almighty beside of being indulgent allows his people to remain in its spirit until the time of the nations fulfills. Indeed, the “tradition” is such a strong link, that it is at least able to maintain the Jewish identity alive until the time comes when the Messiah Yahushua finally reveals himself to his people. Judaism has the positive effect of not allowing the flock to scatter and be lost. It serves as a temporary fence until the Pastor returns to restore the original and definitive enclosure around the People.

Satan attacks by two fronts. He wants to remove the Jews buoy that keeps them alive in order to launch it hardly at the head of the sinking Christians. He wants Jew to cease being Jews by assimilating them to a church, an assembly, an ideology, or political party; and on the other side, he tries to prevent Christendom of being grafted in the original olive tree by leading them towards superfluous and useless laws and taking on a false Jewish identity.

Judaism is the ideal tool to achieve this evil plan.
One could also mention the often strongly spiritualistic character of Judaism which is manifested mainly in the use of the Kabbalah. A Christian who falls into the trap of Judaism is still a fault that can be cured, but if he falls into the temptation of the Kabbalah, the spirit of rebellion will obviously have taken control over the person.
As we approach the Feast of Passover, when millions of sincere faithful around the world are preparing to celebrate this great feast of Yahuwah in a superficial way, I wish them all to find their place around this table of Seder that is set up to welcome everyone, Greeks and Jews, men and women gathered under the unique power of Yahushua HaMashiah in the Kingdom of Yahuwah.

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