Crossing the Red Sea

We often experience the providence of the Almighty to such an extent that we have the impression that seas are opening before us. During our life as a disciple, there are situations when we are simply extracted from a certain situation and those who persecute us are simply drown in their own anger while on our side, we continue our path on dry ground. Meanwhile,

the world with all its dangers stands on both sides of us like hermetically sealed water walls in a terrifying spectacle,

but without being able to reach us. For a young believer, Egypt and Pharaoh are often their own incredulous or just religious family as well as old friends and other acquaintances. They do everything they can to prevent you from going out into the wilderness to present your offerings to Yahuwah: the sacrifice of our own person. So the Almighty separates us from them in a spectacular way and hostility ceases, as if these Egyptian armies were thrown to the bottom of the sea. We move forward and reach the other side where a new life can finally begin.

However, there is another story in the Bible implying water and the sea. This is where our Master appears walking on the water in the middle of a storm. This is a protection where, having reached a certain spiritual age, Yahuwah demands that we too take our part of responsibility. We must contribute by our own human strength to overcome certain hardships. Here, the sea is no longer separated on our sides, and we do not walk on a very stable path anymore, but by a bit more “simple”miracle,

we must learn to walk on the waters ourselves.

If you no longer belong to the world, this world must no longer be pushed aside so that you can go from one point to another. You must already be able to know how to mix with this world without falling back into it. You have to understand more and more what the word of the Lord Yahushua means when he sais that you will not be removed from this world, but you will be preserved (Jn 17:15). You must take responsibility to preserve your spiritual life.

On our path of disciple, the Almighty offers us his providence according to our degree of experience, strength, vision and spiritual wisdom. As long as we are small, weak, or unexperienced, He intervenes more dramatically. This is how we see drastic solutions in our trials. If later similar difficulties come up again, the Messiah calls us to reach out to Him and put our feet on the water. I am with you, you must be able to walk on the water, there is no need to open the waters before your face anymore.

When we see a problem arising, we often stop on the shore and wait impatiently for the sea to open and we are surprised to see no response from Yahuwah as it has been before. Why does our life as a believer stop after a while without anything happening? The answer has just been given here. He has already taken you out of similar situations, now it’s your turn to play, you know the way, put your feet on the water and start. We are stagnating like the generation that came out of Egypt. This people was unable to move forward because it spoke against Yahuwah and Moses at each new trial they had to face although having witnessed countless spectacular miracles in the near past. They always received food and water, but became unbelieving once hunger and thirst arose again among to the people. The consequence was that this generation was condemned to die in the desert without ever crossing the border of the Promised Land. This promise could only be fulfilled with the next generation.

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