And wherever you live, you must not eat the blood of any bird or animal. Leviticus 7:26

The Bible explains the reason for this prohibition. Blood is nothing but the vessel of the soul.

The Jews are very meticulous about the preparation of the meat. They have infallible methods to extract the slightest drops of blood from raw meat before cooking and eating it. (it is soaked in warm, salty water, or it is roasted over an open fire, etc.)
The ban on the consumption of blood is primarily aimed at avoiding the spirit of violence.

Vision and constant contact with blood is likely to open doors to savagery and the escalation of violence between men and also towards animals.

It is well known that the consumption of blood is the main gesture, the culminating moment of pagan cults aiming to get in touch with the spiritual world.

Everyone also knows that it is better to avoid feeding dogs with raw meat, lest they become aggressive and uncontrollable.

What is blood?

Any superstition set aside, we can affirm that the consumption of blood represents a kind of fusion with the animal or the person the blood is coming from. This is the reason for the ban. The pagans used this method consciously to acquire the characteristics of the living beings whose blood they drank. It is an act of spiritism and witchcraft. The consumption of blood is nothing less than the demonization of the person who drinks it.

Organ transplantation is a similar case. Nowadays we know of many testimonies from people who have undergone organ transplants and who tell us how their tastes have changed since a foreign kidney was implanted in their body, and what strange memories have entered into their minds after undergoing a heart transplant. Often, the culinary tastes, and in many cases, even the memories of the donors – whether they are still alive or not -, continue to live inside the person who received the given organ so that their life should be saved.
Here also we can see that, unlike the human sciences, biblical revelations once again turn out to be the ultimate truth. Sciences have tried to make us believe that organs are simple inert cellular tissues, cogs of a purely physiological mechanism deprived of any metaphysical function. Now we have once again the proof that Bible was right about this subject as well. In the Word of Elohim we can read that He searches and examines the hearts and the kidneys. It seems obvious here that these organs are not considered as simple pumps or other biological filters, but they also fulfill a very specific spiritual function in addition to their physical work:

I, Yahuwah search the heart and examine the mind – or the kidneys in other translations -, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve. Jeremiah 17:10

It seems obvious that these are not simple symbols emphasizing the deep and omniscient character of Elohim’s work of inspection, presenting him as someone who is capable of seeing and examining us even so deep as in our internal organs. But these organs are specifically the centers of the physical desires and psychical thoughts of the human being. We know that the kidney stimulates sexual desire when it is touched or caressed from the outside. According to reports, the heart seems to be one of the centers of human memory, beyond the brain!

Based on the observations and research of secular scientists, it has long been known that the stomach works in direct collaboration with the brain. Scientists have discovered that the same neurons and synapses exist in our stomachs that were already known to exist in the brain. Thought and cognitive activity are operating the same way inside both organs that are constantly in communication with each-other. This is why it is so important to pay attention to what we eat and drink, and the link between fasting and purification of the spirit thus makes perfect sense.

What does this mean for us in everyday life?

For those who view the Law, that is, the Torah, that is, the Old Testament, as fundamentally outdated and obsolete, even in light of Paul’s misinterpreted words, the prohibition of the consuming of blood is one of the most fundamental laws that everyone must obey, regardless of their spiritual age, whether Jewish or Greek, Christian or not.

It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us not to burden you with anything beyond the following requirements: You are to abstain from food sacrificed to idols, from blood, from the meat of strangled animals and from sexual immorality. You will do well to avoid these things. Acts 15:28-29

This message is addressed to these newly born again brothers, of Greek origin and who were pushed by the Jews to obey the law of Moses at once and in a Pharisaical way, that is to say by conforming to it according to the letter.
Paul protects these children in spirit from any harshness that would not be appropriate to their young age in spirit. However, he underlines the importance for everyone, regardless of our spiritual maturity, to abstain from the things listed above, which also includes the consumption of blood!

Besides avoiding eating black pudding, fried blood, omelettes mixed with blood and other similar foods, is there anything else we should pay attention to? Is it worth it to prepare meat the way religious Jews do by soaking it in salty water for a few minutes before preparation, etc.?

I think it is indeed worth it and would not harm us in any way! There is, however, a much more insidious and serious version of blood consumption, which, apart from Jehovah’s Witnesses, escapes the attention of virtually all Christians. Even if they think about it, they cannot resist the temptation to put their trust in doctors and science besides their faith in Elohim. Here I am indeed talking about these cases when the blood is not ingested orally but injected directly into the blood vessels – intravenously -through what is commonly called: blood transfusion.

During my last hospitalization, a few years ago for a minor operation, I refused to sign this famous declaration that doctors use to give us before any intervention and which consists of giving our agreement to undergo a blood transfusion, which means receiving foreign blood in case of complications. He immediately asked me if I was a Jehovah’s Witness? After saying that I have never had anything to do with this sect which denies the divinity of Yeshua, I pointed out to him that, unfortunately, apart from them, no other Christian movement demonstrates legitimate behavior regarding this particular subject. The question of refusing blood transfusions should no longer arise in the lives of the disciples of the Messiah for a long time.

Same thing in the case of organ transplantation mentioned above. The lack of faith and the excessive trust that people place in science has a very clear limit, a very red line, the red color of blood and of organs which under no circumstances should be transferred or transplanted from one body to another.
These things are the exclusive properties of the individual who received them from the Creator. Any intervention at this level is the direct trampling of the Creative work of Yahushua. The donation of an organ in order to save a human life in a human way is also the trampling of the Redemptive work of the same Savior who made the gift to all humanity, not only of one or more of his organs, but of his whole Body and Blood and of his whole person. This sacrifice which was made not only in order to forgive our sins, but also in order to heal from any illness, according to His will and if the faith of the sick person and his family is strong enough.

We have reached a very painful point here, but I can declare with full responsibility that anyone who finds themselves in such a situation should under no circumstances accept any of these solutions. If our prayers to Elohim, our requests for healing and restoration in the name of Yeshua, through the laying on of hands, do not free us from our mortal state, even if we are in good standing before the Father and it is not a question of a trial or consequence of any transgression, then we must bow and accept that Elohim has given, now Elohim is taking back our own or even our beloved ones’ life!

Not to mention the fact that who has the right to declare that a person is dead and at what point is it irreversible? Because the organs are extracted from the deceased very shortly after their brain death before final biological death, precisely in order to obtain the freshest product possible – if I may put it that way. Here too man becomes judge and gives himself the right of life and death over others. And also do not forget the fact that removing anything from the body of a human created in the image of Elohim is an act similar to the act of cremation which is a violent and destructive intervention in Elohim’s creative work, in the Crown of Creation which is the human body. Here again, man appropriates the right to destroy and reduce to ashes his own body, which is an infamous act that even most so-called Protestant Christians do practice till today without any problem of conscience. It is pure suicide and even worse than a simple murder, since it is the destruction of this body which must be awaiting resurrection, in order to appear before the celestial court. Thus in a symbolical way, the act of burning human bodies after their physical death is like the expression of people to send their deaths directly to the second death as to annihilate them definitively.

If you are born again, your blood has been purified by the Blood of the Lamb and it is Ruach HaKodesh that flows into your body. Introducing another blood into your body that has become the temple of Ruach HaKodesh, the blood of swine and other foreign spirits, or even the blood of another born-again brother, would result in its direct desecration. Yes even in the case of another born again brother, since he is also an separate soul distinct from your own person.

I even went so far as to wonder: what if we put aside a few doses of our own blood, in case of a possible later emergency? So apart from the fact that the very thought of such an act would be the testimony of a huge lack of faith – this is why I have only allowed myself to examine the question on a hypothetical level – our own older blood also bears the imprint of our previous psychical and spiritual state, a state from which we have hopefully already evolved since then, through the process of sanctification. Even in this case, we would re-infect ourselves with our own previous, therefore more impure blood and we would fall back into a former spiritual state.
Here is a typically Jewish reasoning which could be worthy of finding itself in the Talmud (may Elohim preserve us from it, there is already enough nonsense in it to add more), but which clearly illustrates that accepting foreign blood or any other parts of the human body is in no way a viable solution in the case of the disciples of Yahushua.

The bottom line is NOT to do it, as Paul warned us all!

What should we do then, when we are in trouble?

Turn to the High Priest!

There are also very specific laws in the Old Testament regarding what a person should do when he becomes ill. Even at that time, there was no mention of any form of doctor or medicine! It was the high priest who was to be consulted when any form of leprosy appeared on people, animals, houses or other objects.

These illnesses always appeared when the given person, family or community was not in order with the Commandments of the Father. Therefore and I would say, as a visible sign of the spiritual illness, the disease also appeared on the physical level, so that they can realize the need to put themselves in order above all on a spiritual level. We can also observe in the Old Testament that disease and famine were direct consequences of the rebellion against Elohim of the people and their leaders. When a particular king of Judah or Israel walked in obedience before Yahuwah, the kingdom was spared from all forms of evil (diseases, poverty, wars, etc.). This is a promise made in the Torah that lawbreaking, disobedience, and rebellion bring with them plagues as described in Deuteronomy 28:15-45.

Since the social system and legal order of the Jewish people of the Old Testament is the direct model of how the Body of Christ should fit together and function today, but in its final and perfect version by the direct action and Rule of the Holy Spirit (Ruach Hakodesh) and according to the order of Melchizedek, the message is the same today as it was then and even more, since now that we know the Messiah in person:

If there is a problem, we can only turn to our High Priest Yahushua!

Sometimes we are only in transgression to the extent that we stop at a certain spiritual level from where we refuse or cannot or do not see the need to take the next step in our process of sanctification. Illness and other plagues can thus prove to be a true grace in these situations. For if for some reason, internally, we are momentarily unable or unwilling to perceive and hear the spiritual messages that Ruach HaKodesh wants to communicate to us, then the latter, not wanting our loss, offers to send the message to a lower level and makes us feel and see with our own eyes on the physical level what his will is. Because at this level, on the surface every man is capable of perceiving that there is a problem.

Only after this, after we have put our relationship in order with the Father, can we continue to receive the blessings as they can be read in the preceding part of the same chapter 28 of Deuteronomy in verses: 1-14.

And now let’s see how the turning to the High Priest functions:

Let’s drink blood anyway!

In the Bible, there is still another command:

Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day. For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink. John 6, 54-55

The words of Yeshua in the New Testament are clear and seem to contradict the Father’s command that it is forbidden to consume blood. It has always been forbidden to drink even the blood of the Passover lambs which were foreshadowing Yeshua HaMashiah.

Indeed, the blood of Yahushua, the Lamb of Elohim is truly the one and only blood that can and has to be consumed, otherwise the gift of eternal life would not be possible. Drinking His blood is prescribed so that we can merge with Him, so that His Holy Spirit may impregnate us to be cleansed from sin and the death that follows. The Holy Spirit is the only one with which we all must fusion.

Not to be confused with the transubstantiation sessions perpetrated by some Christian churches that do anything but remember the Messiah’s unique act of redemption. It is a sacrilege in which pagan priests allow themselves to reiterate the sacrifice of Yahushua in an arbitrary and illegitimate way. They act as they were little gods. This infamous act falls naturally into the category of seances as any other pagan worship.

Science knows the case of exchange transfusion, when there is an incompatibility between the blood group of the mother and her newborn. Then the babies undergo a complete exchange of their whole blood in order to survive. This happens very rarely on the physical level. But we must know that spiritually, we are all born that way, with unclean and incompatible blood with that of the Father. We bear the sins of our ancestors from our birth and we inherit the promise of death made to Eve and Adam.

However, we have the possibility to undergo this exchange transfusion by the Blood of Yahushua.

When we are born again in spirit, it is exactly this “medical” intervention that is happening. This operation is now realized at the spiritual level and is what we call: Rebirth followed by the process of Sanctification.

When the Spirit of the Messiah comes, the Holy Spirit begins to flow in us, gradually emptying the unclean spirit, the old intoxicated blood, to take its place and revive us. When the Messiah judges us by his Commandments, He gives us forgiveness and regain power over the given part of our being by sending the Holy Spirit over it who starts injecting its purified blood for revival. This is how he gradually clears the power of Satan to regain his rights over all sections of our lives. This is how the old man becomes a new creature, which himself grows matures.

Following the baptism with water, comes the baptism of fire, then baptism by blood, when the handover of power is fulfilled.

This is the one who came by water and blood – Yahushua HaMashiah. He did not come by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit who testifies, because the Spirit is the truth. For there are three that testify: the Spirit, the water and the blood; and the three are in agreement. 1John 5:6-8

In a broader sense, this blood transfusion/replacement is nothing more than the process of grafting in and back into the cultivated olive tree. See the whole chapter 35 of Ezekiel and the words of Paul in Romans chapter 11 verses 24 and 25.
Once the branch is grafted or grafted again, the sap from the root gradually pushes out the old, the foreign sap accumulated in the branch, in order to take its place so that the branch can live on it from that moment.

This is the process of the rebirth of individuals, the renewal of Christianity, and of gradually becoming more and more like our Master Yahushua.

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