You are to be my holy people. So do not eat the meat of an animal torn by wild beasts; throw it to the dogs!

Exodus 22:30

The ban on eating carrion flesh has several aspects.

  • It is known that the meat of putrefying animals becomes quickly the nest of a mass of microbes that can cause serious infectious diseases. We also know that the dying animal produces harmful hormones that are not or hardly produced during a ritual sacrifice. Indeed, the slaughter is being done so quickly that the animal does not have time to realize that it will die.
  • In addition, and arising from Commandment of the animal found death, unless it is itself a wild animal, is still owned by someone.

One should never rejoice and never profit from the misfortune of others.

Since otherwise, we wouldn’t be in communion with our neighbor but we would be in some ways the allies of the beast who committed the crime since it did the “dirty work” that we are now enjoying.

  • Another aspect is precisely about work.

That the one who does not work neither should he eat.

Why would I take advantage of anything that is not the result of my own work? This logic is very alien to Jewish thought and is absolutely not in the will of Yahuwah. Such an act opens the door to parasitism and laziness. I would work less or even stop working if I went to gather animals that fell in the forests or the fields. After a while, I would go further by fastening the process and taking a rifle to go for hunting, which is also closely related to pagan rites. In the end, I would not even flinch from stealing if the opportunity arises.

Let’s be holy !

What one eats must exclusively be coming from the Lord and be strictly consumed on his altar by giving thanks to him. The Lord himself never gives us half-rotten waste to provide for our needs. He always gives us the best (although in times of crisis or war, survival prevails over any culinary ban and we are actually provisionally allowed to eat meat normally prohibited by law, such as pork).

Spiritual food can be rotten and unhealthy the same way. The law is therefore also valid for all the teachings given in haste, without preparation, without prior sanctification on the part of the servant. Accepting such food excludes the possibility of sanctifying ourselves. So do not just pick up messages here and there, because Yahuwah wants to give you the best.

If it is not exclusively from the Almighty that I expect my salary should it be at the physical, psychical or spiritual level, I am like the stray dog betting its life on luck and living on rubbish abandoned by some predators.

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