Appoint judges and officials for each of your tribes in every town Yahuwah your Elohim is giving you, and they shall judge the people fairly.

Deuteronomy 16:18

Today in the Messiah, the law of appointing judges is simultaneously and automatically fulfilled in a person’s life when he is born again and receives the Holy Spirit.

In every town: i.e. in all areas of your life.

It is inseparable from the following commandment:

You must act according to the decisions they give you at the place Yahuwah will choose. Be careful to do everything they instruct you to do. Act according to whatever they teach you and the decisions they give you. Do not turn aside from what they tell you, to the right or to the left.

Deuteronomy 17:10-11

The Holy Spirit is our judge, He guides us, in such a way that He operates the law in us, so that we cannot break it. This requires our obedience. Obedience is simply respecting the rules we already know and behaving in accordance with our spiritual age, no more and no less. Let us consciously obey what we have learned from the Messiah. Consciously obey what we have learned from the Messiah. Although the entire Law has already been engraved in our hearts, not all articles (or mitzvos) of the Law are yet activated and not all are consciously functioning. We just have to be attentive to the Judge, to the Holy Spirit who will activate in us and at the right time all the laws according to our level of spiritual maturity. This is the essence of the Sanctification process.

What we do not yet know, because we have not experienced it, or because according to our spiritual age the time has not yet come for it to come to the surface, there the Holy Spirit intervenes in a more concrete way. He is opening and closing doors according to His will and our good, sometimes even in spectacular ways. He opens ways before us or obstruct them if we should not go there.

In the place that Yahuwah chooses: in the Messiah our own heart as the center of our temple.

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