Joseph the shepherd among shepherds

From the beginning of his story, we learn that Joseph was reporting bad news to his father about his brothers born to the maids of Leah and Rachel. This may not seem very positive at first sight and we might think that Joseph was a spoiled child who deliberately denounced his brothers in order to discredit them and to strengthen his own image in the eyes of his father. However, it was Jacob himself who sent his son to fulfill this mission and it was not a question of making false accusations, but of keeping a benevolent eye upon the sons who, without any doubt, really needed it.

Jacob has made a lot of mistakes in the past, because he was a man, a young man full of vitality and hormones who often rejected the fulfillment of the divine will in his life. Nevertheless, we have come here to a period in Jacob’s life, where his own person begins to step backwards giving more and more the way to this Israel that Yahuwah has always wanted him to become. Now, we read about an older, a more experienced and a much wiser Jacob than he was before. We see a man who is getting aware of the nature of his calling and those of his sons, especially in the case of Joseph. In my opinion,

Jacob did not make any mistake by preferring Joseph to his other children.

He did not only like him more because he was born from that particular wife whom Jacob truly loved, but because Joseph’s election was not based on a human decision. He made no mistake by making him a beautiful robe and by sending him “spying” on his brothers. This preferential treatment was indeed in the will of Yahuwah. The election of Joseph among his brethren, like Jacob’s compared to Esau, was the Almighty’s will and absolutely not the result of human feeling. It was not Isaac and Rebecca who decided that Jacob would be Yahuwah’s favorite. In the case of Joseph, it is the same. Joseph is a separate figure among the 12 sons of Jacob, an envoy among the messengers having a pastoral call to fill among his brothers.

Shepherds do also form a flock, Yahuwah’s Flock, where the members are often scattering leaving the flocks assigned to them without supervision or protection.

This is how the Father sent his only Son to watch over his people, to bring him news of their behavior and ultimately to gather the spiritually bewildered flock. Yahushua HaMashiah was also hated by most of his brothers for the same reasons as Joseph, because He had a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Father, He wore a more beautiful garment, He had a more valuable calling.

Jacob did indeed act according to the will of Yahuwah by favoring his son Joseph and sending him to his brothers in a particular garment. This was done precisely in the interest of the ungrateful brothers, so that they do not disperse and they do not ruin the family’s heritage. This was the providence they refused by rejecting Joseph.

Joseph’s dreams

Joseph has two dreams, one of which goes so far as to anger his father. One shows sheaves and the other stars. The sheaves of his brothers bowed down before his, and the sun, the moon, and eleven stars did also bow down directly before Joseph.

The fulfillment of these prophecies will occur very soon. In fact, the famine broke out fairly quickly and

the eleven brothers were crawling at the feet of Joseph dressed as a prince of Egypt.

The sheaves of the brothers did bow to Joseph’s.

However, only the first dream is realized here.

Jacob, is still not bowing down to his son and his mother Rachel even less since she died long before he dreamed anything.

How is this second dream realized, when the sun and the moon, that is to say, his father and mother glorify their son? The fulfillment of this prophecy does not occur in the visible world. It is an event that takes place in spirit

when the souls of Jacob, Rachel and the eleven brothers meet Yahushua and recognize him as the Messiah and Redeemer.

Meanwhile, the eleven stars are not limited to Joseph’s eleven brothers, but they stand for the entire descendants, the famous 144,000 saved souls of Israel who has the promise to recognize the true identity of their Messiah and who will bow down at the feet of Yahushua HaMashiach that is going to occur within a few years on the day of the Ultimate Yom Kippur.

From the human point of view, it is indeed scandalous to hear a child say such things about his parents, especially in the historical and moral context of the Middle East at the time. Jacob is offended, but he keeps this story in his memory, as we read it, which means that deep inside he feels that what his prodigal son said should become true some day. It is at this stage of the story that

we can understand the contradiction of Yahushua’s words to the Pharisees when He claimed to be the son of David and his Lord at the same time.

Mark 12: 35-36

The parallel is identical. Just as Joseph was the prefiguration of the Messiah, so his calling is so elevated that even his parents must bow before such a power. Although being physically the descendant of King David according to his family tree, the Messiah is similarly reigning over everyone and everything in spirit even over David himself.

Numbers of biblical characters are the prefigurers of Yahushua HaMashiach, like Moses. However, few show as much purity and innocence as Joseph. He was the one who best embodied the holiness of the most Holy One. Joseph was one of the biblical characters in whom the human side was the most absent. No trace of insubordination or human error in his case.

He prefigured that Yahushua HaMashiah of Nazareth who, like him, was rejected by his own brothers and sold not for 20, but for 30 pieces of silver by one of them. He is the Mashiah at the feet of which Jacob and Rachel are permanently prostrating in the spiritual world, in the Kingdom of Heavens.

From Jewish to Egyptian, from Egyptian to Jewish

Joseph was born, as we would say today, as a “Jew”, but more precisely, he was born as an Israelite. (The term Jew coming from the descendants of Judah and other remnants who were expelled from Israel during the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE).

Because of the sin of his brothers, however, he was forced to endorse a different identity for a while.

Joseph was a gift of Yahuwah to his family and brothers in particular so that through his visions, faithfulness and virtue he could watch over and serve them.

On the other hand, they rejected this providence. For this reason, the Almighty has entrusted his servant to a foreign power for a certain time. The Egyptians saw and accepted the supremacy of Joseph to such an extent that they practically raised him to the rank of pharaoh. Egypt wanted him and bought him for 20 shekels to use and exploit him for their own purposes. Although it was out of personal and community interest, the Egyptians loved and respected him. He was so much praised that the supreme pagan sovereign designated him as his right hand.

Following Yahushua HaMashiah’s rejection, the same process began. Yahushua has been adopted by a spiritual empire where He received a privileged place alongside or rather a notch below the pharaoh. In this empire which is now more powerful than ever, his name is invoked with love and respect among many other alien deities. We know who these pharaohs are and what this empire is about. From the demon of the false virgin Mary through the horde of “saints” and other human institutions named churches, we finally lead up to the person of the pope and other “pastoral” authorities and churches who, invoking the name of the Messiah, arrogates the right to govern on billions of human beings.

Like Joseph, another outfit, another face and even another identity was granted to him. (For ex. by simply changing his name from Yeushua to iesus!). Let us not be fooled, because this is not simply about the Catholic Church, although the latter is the conductor of this evil symphony. We are talking here about a larger movement which goes beyond the borders of Rome and which embraces all spiritual currents, even many “ultra-reformed” Christians. Icons, statues and other often charismatic manifestations of the bearded, pale-faced god are all falsifications of the true person of the Messiah. (such as the various actors embodying our Savior, particularly films going beyond the Gospel into a sort of Christian Midrash such as the Chosen series for example). Ecumenism is undoubtedly today the greatest obstacle to the recognition of the essence of the person of the Messiah especially from the Jewish point of view.

In short, we see in Joseph a Jew who became the supreme authority of Egypt.

It was through Joseph that the people entered Egypt.

Later Moses will be the one who will bring them out of it.

Joseph was born Israelite and became practically a pharaoh, Moses will begin his life as almost being a pharaoh himself to finally become an Israelite again. A similar story took place about 2000 years ago. When Yahushua was sold to the Egypt of the time, to Rome who used it largely for purposes that were alien to the will of Yahuwah who He incarnated. But the Almighty intervenes in everyone’s life and sends his Holy Spirit to open peoples eyes in order to distinguish the original from the fraud. It is in the will of Yahuwah that the worship of idols is transformed into true redemption and deliverance. That when those who unconsciously turn to the falsifications of our Savior, recognize who He really is.

Yahuwah wants everyone to move from the worship of the crucifix and other bearded idols to the rule of the Real Messiah.

On the other hand, the purple robe that he wore before his death was given to him by the Roman soldiers. His colorful garment is white as snow according to the prophecies.

Today’s Jews see Yahushua dressed in a Roman robe and consider Him as the sovereign of a pagan empire.

For them, He remains a stranger inspiring fear since it was mainly in His falsified name that they have been persecuted for many centuries. However, the famine is more and more turning their eyes into His direction. The voice of Jacob, in other terms, the voice of our Father is already telling Jews that they must go to meet him if they don’t want to die of hunger. Thus let them go and see this Jewish brother who became an “Egyptian” ruler, because He is indeed the only one who is in possession of the grain of life. This Food is now consumed only by the Egyptian subjects, mixed with blood, pork and other unclean substances, but if you finally make it yours also, you will be able to make kosher food from it again, so that the Egyptians can also cleanse themselves of their mixed spirits.

The word of Yeshua recorded in the New Testament foretells the fulfillment of all the prophecies and promises made in the Tanakh (Old Testament) that are awaited by the Chosen People for thousands of years.

Jacob did not send his sons to Egypt to become Egyptians, but to keep them alive and to be able to come back and recover their place among their people in their identity. When they finally bowed down before Joseph in humility, he revealed his identity before his brothers. At that moment Joseph became an Israelite again, the Joseph he has always been. He has fulfilled his call and has regained his identity. This is what Yeshua is waiting for. So Jews hurry to meet him because the time of hunger is very near!


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