You shall not plant for yourself any tree, as a wooden image, near the altar which you build for yourself to Yahuwah your Elohim.

Deuteronomy 16:21

Is there a Christian church in this country where a decorated pine tree would not be visible at the altar on the next Bacchanalian or Saturnalian holiday, today known as Christmas?

I think that there is no need to say too much about the dark side of Christmas and its pagan roots, since only those who do not want to know the truth and who thus consciously rebel and persist in not hearing the message revealing the true demonic nature of this false holiday.

For those who still see Christmas as a Christian holiday, should they at least be disgusted by the unbridled secular revelry that rages around the world from mid-November to its peak on December 25. Surely there are such people, and perhaps they think that the pagans, i.e. non-believers, dishonor Yeshua‘s birthday by doing so. In the meantime, they don’t realize that this holiday has always been pagan and it is theirs, so they are rightfully rejoicing in their materialistic delirium. We should clean Christ’s testimony and the story of His Advent into the world from this dirt and talk about it in a different way, at other times.

Christmas has nothing to do with the birth of Yeshua,

because he was not born then, we don’t know when, although we can guess quite precisely as I described it in my teaching called “New Year’s Day: When the Messiah was born!” which is in the beginning of the month of Nissan.

But it is certain that he had to be born on a biblical holiday, since the great events of salvation history all took place exclusively on such original holidays. But in this case it is not important to know which one. Yahuwah apparently did not reveal the time of his birth, so we do not need to worry about it. Elohim did not think it important to preserve the memory of this event, so that we do not get stuck with the image of a baby Jesus, a human heroe making an idol out of the Savior, who, although he appeared as a man, He is no longer to be considered as so for us today:

Instead we must see Him as the resurrected Yahushua HaMashiah, the High Priest and the Anointed Eternal King.

Christmas is nothing more than the “Christianization” of the main pagan holiday. It is one of the main manifestations of the blending policy of the Roman Empire. Their greatest tool to persuade more easily the different peoples of their empire to accept the new religion. It happened just the same in the case of the conversion from Shabbat to Sunday, or the replacement of the names Elohim and Yahuwah/Yeshua/Yahushua with Theos/Zeus/Deus/Dios/Dieu/Goth/Ishtar/Isten/Iesus/Jesus and other pagan spiritual principalities.

It would be worthwhile for believers who still celebrate Christmas to stop for a moment and ask our Lord the Messiah to put these questions in their proper place. Because although it is still not a question of Salvation, as long as the person is misled and ignorant thus doing it with a pure heart, although

we still need to grow up in spirit sooner or later.

by putting aside all our beliefs in santa clauses and other saint nicholas.

In other words, we must allow Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit to continue the sanctification and reformation in us by gradually restoring the original order in our hearts.

If we don’t deal or don’t want to deal with such “little details”, we start to live in a mixed spirituality. In such cases, the filling from the Holy Spirit is slowly replaced by a different kind of filling from a different kind of spirit, which may even seem to be the original, but leads far away from It. This is how we can see people speaking in tongues at the foot of Christmas trees with their hands full of gifts.

And the Spirit of Elohim does not use force and power to influence our free will. When there are no more ears to hear, no more eyes to see, He steps back and waits. And if you stick to your human traditions and ideas, you open the door to the principalities that operate them, who will make you believe that the Holy Spirit is still leading you.

It is therefore crucial

to declare and accept the unique rule of the Messiah in and over ourselves in every moment of our lives, so that the Reformation can continue and be finally fulfilled!

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